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December 07

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted. Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent. Don't forget that short explaination too . . . thanks.

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Hi Roger

Just a quick email to say how nice it was to meet you last week,I followed your advice and we had a lovely walk up Causey Pike.It was a bit hazy but we still had a great day.
Thought I would send you a photo of my wife Pauline and daughter Jessica (who you met in the shop with me) and the route ahead.
Great photos of the Nov 11th walk by the way,once the clouds lifted that is.



Jennifer and myself



Hi there Roger,

It was nice to hear from you again. My email is now in your guest book, which is so nice of you :)

How's your dogs now? Are they fine? I just love them so much. They look really intelligent and cute :) cant believe that they love swimming. Doggy in Malaysia are always afraid of water. I don't know why. Malaysia is so hot, they should love water right? Not like your dog. I always want to have a dog, but my brother don't allow me to have it as Malaysia is too hot to have a dog.

Well, here are some of my pictures. I didn't travel as much as you do :) I hope I would be like you one day. Do keep in touch yeah. Do take good care always :)

Cheers! ShuhYih.

Malaysian Wedding


Hi Roger, hope you are all well.

When you were in Ilkley Sue and I were in Keswick. Probably the last thing you need is a photo of the lakes but here you are.

Take care and keep up the good work . . . Joe Boyle

Many thanks Jo - you've caught the Lake at a time I don't normally get to see it.

Great Shots, Thanks again. RmH

Click here for Jo Boyle's Flikr web site

Hi Roger and Ann
Thank you for such a wonderful morning last Friday. The Sale Fell walk was absolutely superb, we could not have asked for better weather and it made for a very memorable birthday for me.
We viewed the photos and your very apt comments! The Brewery Tour was the icing on the cake, for Roy especially. He buys Jennings beer whenever he can find it down here.
Many thanks,
All best wishes to you both, and the dogs,
Ann Whithear

The Sale Fell and Jennings Walk

Thanks so much for the excellent photographs and commentary,

adding to our memories of a wonderful day!

All good wishes to you and Ann


Thanks for your reply to my e-mail. The pictures are forwarded by a friend and neighbour. I used to do a lot of walking many years ago before I became so arthritic - all I can manage these days is a gentle hobble down a towpath when we are on holiday! I sadly think of the days when we used to go up Scafell for an evening's stroll! Your pictures bring back so many happy memories and I have to content myself with thinking "I used to do that in my youth!" (I'm nearer 80 than 70) I seemed to grow old when I stopped being able to walk a friend's dog - I'm a great believer in the healing power of animals. I just love your dogs!

I hope you all have many more walks together.

p.s. My re-mail address is derived from the name of my cat, who when he was a baby used to creep into the bedroom and bite ears, noses, chins, cheeks etc! He is now an old man (14) and fortunately has stopped that! He was named after the old Handley Page Hermes 4 aircraft which used to operate from Manston in the early 60's, He was like quicksilver running round, and another name for that is Mercury. Mercury is a messenger of the gods, Hermes messenger for the other lot . (I can never remember which is which). He was silver-grey, and the aircraft colour was silver, hence - Hermes and my sign on Hermesbites !



First let me congratulate you on your beautiful web site. The photography is spectacular and you choice of subjects to post is marvelous. Having visited the Lakes District just once and for far too brief a time, I have envied you residents of the area ever since. I was blown away by the scenery and the vegetation and the stonework, etc, etc. Your Rhododendron 'trees' astonished me as my 15 year old rhododendron is just 3 feet tall. Anyway, enough drooling. A friend and I were on the phone yesterday and browsing your 17th December 2007 pictures. We were going through them one at a time, admiring each one. After about ten minutes, she noticed something that neither one of us understood on the "Our next door neighbours forage the hedgerows for food". Thus the question: What is in the tree above the sheep?. It looks like a bunch of bug fuzzy things attached to a vine or rope.

It was a beautiful set of pictures and the frost just enhanced everything.

Here in southern Ontario, Canada with our flat land and straight road and lack of truly 'old' buildings, photographic opportunities are far more limited. Old here means 150 years old and we are rapidly losing most of our old barns and farmhouses. It is such a shame that we lack the appreciation for these beautiful old structures.

Enjoy what you have and keep supplying those us who can't be there with our Lakes District "fix".

Thanks for another wonderful year of photos.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and your blond companions and a Happy and Successful 2008.

Ron Anderson.

PS. I am attaching a photo taken out my front door last weekend. I am looking forward to some pictures from you when you finally get a nice snowfall.

Hi Ron - I'll have to enter that hedgerow photo as "Question of the Week" somewhere. In fact the 'big fuzzy things' are Larch pine cones on the tree in the foreground when I took the photo from the garden looking. They certainly seen to give the illusion of a new variety of Loweswater Oak. RmH.

Hello to you both, I just wanted to say thank you for your very interesting and helpful web site.

We moved up to Gosforth, W. Cumbria about fifteen months ago so that my husband could semi-retire; from Paignton in S. Devon. We had spent holidays up here for many years and decided it was just the right place for us to spend our later years, and what a good choice it was! We walk as much as we can, although it is mostly at w/ends at the moment due to my husbands' work commitments and I find your web site so useful for planning walks and also for grids on car parking.

I also enjoy the photographs and the pictures of the dogs. We have a fifteen year old bearded collie whose hill walking days are sadly over due to arthritis in her back legs but who is still up for a circuit of Loweswater through the woods or Crummock water or such like, as long it is level. We do miss her on our longer treks though as she has always been with us, and has walked many hills in her day, in the Lakes, Yorkshire, Wales and of course our "home turf" of Dartmoor.

So thank you once again for sharing your walks and family with us all, I expect it is nice to know that people appreciate the work you must put into it all. Have a very happy Christmas and a 2008 with plenty of good walking weather!

Cheers from Jenny & Howard Shore.

Hi there Roger and Ann,

Here are a few shots of our recent hike to Grike for the gallery.

Best Wishes, Terry and Abbey

" Come on Simon " says Abbey.

Grike behind the radio mast.

Abbey learning to skate.

Thanks for the update on yours and Abbeys walking.

Terry's full collection of photos from this walk can be seen at his Flikr web site - Thanks Terry - RmH

Hello Roger and Ann

Very many thanks for all your photographs and also for allowing us to share a little bit of your lives in the Lakes.

We only live just across in North Yorkshire - 20 minutes to either the North York Moors National Park of the Dales National Park but the Lakes National Park is still among our favourites.

Only 47 Wainwrights left to do, but we cannot see us finding time to walk them all in 2008.

Have a happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Linda and Brian Dooks.

The Hiley's,

Just a note to say thanks for the photo's on the web, I work offshore and always look at your web site when I'm away to remind myself of the lakes.
My wife and I have a caravan in lorton on Whinfell farm so I know the area's where you walk.

Many thanks,

Happy New Year and all the best for 2008

Kind regards,

Jon Dorward.

To Roger, Ann, Harry and Bethan

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks for all your wonderful pictures of The Lakes also of Harry and Bethan

Cumbria is looking great at the moment, we too have had frost in West Sussex, together with dense fog over the last week, but it all cleared up today (Christmas Day)except for the rain but at least it was easier for Alan, who had to drive to work early this morning but was back by 4.00pm for Christmas lunch or was it dinner!

I am enclosing another (I think I sent you one last year) of Vashti our rescue German Shepherd (some say she was is part collie - with her lighter colouring) she now weighs a lot more than when we rescued her she is now about 36k

Alan, Shirley and Vashti

Vashti is certainly looking very fit now - congratulations and thanks for the update - RmH


Hello Roger and Ann,

First of all we thank you for all the photos you shared with us last year.
Perhaps Roger does remember us, we were the Dutchmen in your shop in Keswick last summer.
We bought several Dvd's. Our next visit will be in the last week of February. We have sent a photo
of our neighbourhood which, obviously, is flat. There's only one thing we have in common: the weather.

A happy new year and we are looking forward to new photos of your walks,
Nico and Jan-Willem Goudkamp


Many thanks for writing and thinking about us at this time. Yours is a really nice photo - simplicity adds to the beautiful effects of the winter frost.

Many thanks. RmH.


Hi Roger and Ann,

This photo was taken when we were on holiday in the Lake District in July 2006.

My husband and I walked up Skiddaw in the dark to watch the dawn.


Anne Huddart

Thanks Anne

It's a great early morning shot from the top, not one that many people get to see.

Thanks for sending it to me . . . RmH

Anne's photo arrived after our late afternoon report on Skiddaw just before Christmas.

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