Part 2 - A Jennings Brewery Visit -

Date & Time: Friday 23rd November 2007. 1 pm start.

Location of Start : The Jennings Brewery, Cockermouth, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : We were entertained to a complete tour of the premises !

Highest point : Geographically the Malt Mill floor, by smell - the Brew Vats, by taste - the Bar.

Walked with : Peter and Barbara Penrose, their friends John and Kate, Jenny Riley, Celia Kelly, Ann and Roy Whithear, Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : The continuation of a beautifully clear, cold, crisp, sunny winter's day.


One of the celebration events for George Fisher's 50th Year of trading

in association with Jennings Brewery, Cockermouth, Cumbria.


The arrival at the Jennings Arch . . .

Following our successful walk round Sale fell, we adjourned to Cockermouth for lunch and the second half of our day.

Welcome to Jennings - the Arch and old chimney
The Malt house Tower seen from the yard.

This is a busy working environment with wagons taking beer over much of the north of England.

Our Tour started in the yard

where our guide, Jackie, showed us the Pump House

and explained the purpose of many of the surrounding buildings.


All the water for the beer,

and for many of the other brewery processes,

is drawn from their own well

sixty foot down

inside this building.


This is the first ingredient of their beer.

The second is the malted barley ~ they use a combination of four flavours of grain to make over twenty five different beers.

They used to malt their own but now buy it in commercially in order to maintain a consistency of flavour and to keep the cost down.

The Barley and hot water go into the Mash Tun for the first process.

After an hour the wort is moved to the main brewing copper

where the third ingredient, hops

are added.

They use one of four hop types at present

depending on the flavour required.

This is manually added through the opening - don't fall in - it's ten feet deep !

After a second short heating cycle

the brew is transferred by pipe to the brewing vessels

and the hops are left behind.

We walk on to see the remaining processes.

The Brewing vessels, where the yeast is added and turns the sugars to alcohol.

Through the glass - the early stages
After a few days the yeast has developed a head

After about six days the yeast has multiplied and done its work. The beer is now ready to draw off.

Take care looking into the vat, the carbon dioxide and beer smell can knock you for six.

Cooling, filtering and malt extraction
The yeast is stored and re-used for the next brew.

From here the beer is casked and a measure of Finings added into the barrel to clear the beer ready for drinking.

We returned to the bar, leaving the beer to flow out to the barrelling area.

The beer cellar for the brewery bar
Casks awaiting use. They need 24 hrs to settle.

Forward Planning - Next year's labels - including another brew of Mountain Man beer in April 08.


Our party at the end of the visit.

With thanks to the staff and management of Jennings for lunch and an excellent Brewery Tour.

Cheers everyone !


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