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Spring 09

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted.

Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent.

Don't forget that short explanation too . . . thanks.

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All the best for New Year to you both.

Been following your walks all last year, looking forward to this years pics

Ben (the dog) is too old now to walk too far

but he had fun in the snow today on the Wirral, Cheshire.

All the best Philip Corley & Ben

Hi Roger & Happy New Year.

Just a few pictures of Great Gable on december 29/08 under cloudless sky's.

I got back from Wales last night after walking up Cadair Idris, again under cloudless sky's.

One is me above the Great Napes, one is of a geocache I accidentally found on the summit. Seeing something glinting in the sun under a boulder & thinking it was rubbish I dug it out to take down & found it to be a geocache.

Another is of the summit, the last is of the Planet Venus above Seathwaite fell where the head torches of walkers can be seen against the fell.

Regards from Adrian Strand (Whitehaven)

Above the Great Napes.
Gabble Summit.
Summit Geocache.
Venus and head torches at Seathwaite.


I came across your photo’s posted on the web and was pleased to see Burnmoor Lodge for the first time.

My Grandfather William (Bill) Foster was Gamekeeper to the Walker family of Wasdale Hall (now the YHA) for many years. He introduced Red Grouse to Burnmoor and during the rearing season in spring and summer he lived at the lodge.

The second coincidence is that for several years my cousin Tony Foster (also Bill’s grandson) was the landlord at the Burnmoor/Boot Inn.

Thank you for sharing your pictures, the telephoto lens shot of the lodge was great.

Regards Alan Spedding

Do you know any more about the current owners ? . . . Rmh

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Hello Roger . . . thanks for responding . . .

To answer your query, I know absolutely nothing about the current owners or recent history of Burnmoor Lodge.

I was brought up in Santon Bridge but left in 1969 at the age of 21 to follow a career as a civil engineer around the UK, but mainly on Tyneside. However, I still have family in West Cumberland and visit from time to time.

Since my retirement in 2008, we have found more time to go out walking and one that is planned is Irton Pike (we were always up there as kids) and on to Burnmoor Tarn. I had expected that the lodge would be a ruin now. It was quite a surprise to see your pictures last night and quite a lot of other information on the web.

The current owner appears to be a Jon Foote . . . if you click here there is quite a recent discussion on " Outdoors Magic Forum " about the lodge.

We all knew about the Miterdale Murder legend as kids and were told that the victim was a tramp.

I think we will have to do the walk sooner rather than later!

Regards Alan Spedding

4th of Jan 2009
We are down to the last 28 of the Wainwrights and chose Knott rigg and Ard Crags as they didn't look to bad and this was the first walk for me for 2 months following a minor op. The walk it self was really nice , but the views at Crummock water were something else.

The first is of 4 climbers were slowly threading their way up Moss Force.

The other photos were from the side of the road, near to where the pine trees.
I think we each took about 40 photos of this area, as it was the first time I had seen the waters so flat

You might just see some bright orange leg warmers, well add in the same for gloves and hat and you get the picture, I did get some funny looks but it was the first walk of the year and I would have been seen for miles. You can just see Martin my walking companion going for the arty shots in the back ground.

My last Wainwright is to be Loughrigg fell.

Planning to get the partner and kids up and make a day of it.
Just got as few small rounds to do such as 3 behind Skiddaw, 2 at Wast Water, 3 in the Hardnott Pass area, 3 near Silver How, and the final push will be the Ennerdale Round . . . just waiting for slightly better weather

Glenn Pike

This was the frozen waterfall

near the Newlands car park at start of the walk.

4 climbers were slowly

threading their way up

Moss Force.

Crummock Water fence
Across to Scale Force and Mellbreak

Roger and Ann.

Really enjoyed the pics from the Sheffield Pike walk.

Sorry, can't tell them apart (could it be Harry?) but it looks like one of your two in the pic are having a good laugh at Hilton's intentional slide!

The video is priceless - HOW old exactly are the ladies?

Looks and sounds as if they're acting their shoe sizes and let me tell you, I'd be doing exactly the same if I'd been with you on this one!

Lesley Kemp.


Oh my, what lovely photo's . . . I have changed my wallpaper.

I still have Harry on there though . . .

the one with him looking down into the valley.

We have a huge series of storms passing through the area.

I've just phoned to cancel our golf game for today, too many nice days to be bothered playing in a deluge.

I'll bet our mountains are a real sight to see when the storms have passed, the forecast is for the snow level to be down to the 3,000 foot level, Mt Baldy stands at a little over 10,000 feet with a lot of peaks well over the 8,000 foot mark. Mt Baldy is the mountain on the 17th hole, the peak at the far left, it's 19 miles from our house to the ski area on Baldy but because it is south facing, the snow never lasts too long on it, now on the other side of the range, it's a different matter, that's where I ski most of the time but that's a 50 mile drive, around and partially through the Cajon Pass.

My photo's are at the golf course where we usually play our Monday morning round, Upland Hills Country Club, Doris is a member of the Ladies Club there.

We managed to get a round in today with a break in the storms. As you can see the latest storms has made the mountains a sight to see.


Anyway, thanks for the great photo's, keep 'em coming.
Have a nice day...Dave & Doris in California.


Such beautiful photos of a beautiful area.

Thank you for sharing them with us. We long to be there again.

Pat and Graham Burgess

Just looked at your Aira Force walk.

Thought you might like to see these . . . I went last wednesday and took these shots with the ice on the walls.

Phil Corley


Thanks Phil, I commented at the time that there didn't seen like much ice.

It seems that what there was had melted by the time of our visit . . . Rmh

Hello there,
Just a note to say thank you for your most excellent Site, which I only discovered a short time ago.

Between yourself and Tony Richards I can enjoy the sweet nostalgia of the Lakes on a daily basis. I have lived in Mississauga, Canada for thirty years now but used to spend most weekends in the Lakes, particularly in and around Borrowdale but just about everywhere over the years. Much of the time was spent climbing with a friend from Keswick - the late Ray McHaffie and I sometimes regret not seeing somewhat more of the less vertical scenery! At least you are compensating me now for that very serious omission!

I am now 82 but still tottering along the trails out here complete with camera. Used to be in Rossendale Fell Rescue, skied, climbed, ran etc. so your site is doubly precious to me. Thank you for sharing your expeditions, including your family and the 'twa dugs' who also evidently enjoy their lives to the full. Keep up the good work.

Bill Sutton.

and subsequently . . .

I tend to forget that many years have elapsed since I last was in the Lakes and many folks of that time have since departed this mortal coil! That was when Bonnington was just getting going and Don WhilIans and Joe Brown were the 'tops'. I attach below the Guardian obit on Mac (Ray McHaffie) which will give you some idea of a very worthwhile man. We still correspond occasionally with his wife, Margaret, now living in the Orkneys; his son is one of the modern 'Ace' climbers and an outdoor pursuits instructor, I seem to remember.

I do indeed know Fisher's - still on the corner?? I remember the marvellous photos by the Abrahams Brothers in the window. They were MEN in those days with their massive plate cameras and other gear! Like you I prefer today's nice light digital stuff, though as a lad I did have smaller plate cameras and of course a Box Brownie! If I remember correctly I later used to hump an early SLR around with me when climbing which was my one and only at that time - don't know how it, or I, survived!

I have just spent a very pleasant half hour looking at some of your Photo Gallery pictures, you have some very talented folk showing their stuff there. I'll try to get something together when I can get out in the future milder weather. Otherwise all my photos are of past days. I do have a Mac Web Site but it is mainly dedicated to Pollination Biology and other botanical subjects though with a fair sprinkling of just fine flowers for general pleasure. This time of the year I haunt the local Greenhouse setups where one can enjoy Tropical delights at no cost and little effort!

Enough of my babbling, Keep up the good work, you bring much pleasure. God Bless. Bill.

God Bless. Bill Sutton.

If you love macro photography of insects, do check out his website . . . Thanks Bill . . . Rmh

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