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Autumn 08

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted. Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent. Don't forget that short explaination too . . . thanks.

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Hi Roger

It was good to meet you in Fishers again last week and thanks for showing Colin all those nice shiny toys.

This was how Wastwater looked on Wednesday when you had spent the day "catching up with things". Only a cheap camera and we don't have the photographic skills of the OFC members but it gives you a flavour.

We had walked up to Illgill Head then on to Whin Rigg, returning by the same route. A magnificent walk and one to be repeated when we have the luxury of doing what we want rather than being steered by the few (7) remaining Wainwrights!

Best wishes to you & Ann
Jenny Booth

" Britains Favourite View "

Wasdale Sunset from the Brackenclose path

Hey Jenny, don't knock the camera . . . they are two great photos.

Do let us know when you are intending to fnish the seven AW Fells and on which you've kept till last . . . Maybe we can join you ? . . . Rmh


Hi Roger, hope you are both well.

Just got back from your neck of the woods(25/10/08) . . . talk about the weather.

The water pouring off Helvelyn was frightening but we got through. There were cars stranded all over.

We drove over Newlands pass on Friday, cars and tree branchs everywhere.

The Horse and Farrier did a good trade that night. Just a few photos.

All the best Joe Boyle

Landslide on the Round Buttermere path.
Sue taking to the fence as the path and stile were flooded.
Lakeside storm damage
A sunny stop at Castlerigg but the ground was damp.

The Horse and Farier seems to get your thumbs up Joe. Thanks for the photos . . . Rmh


Hi Roger,

Glad to hear you like the drawing - I took up some art classes in Kendal about 4 years ago and had never been any good at drawing or painting at school - still aren't in my opinion but it does give me something extra to do and has been very therapeutic for me and sketching outdoors is fantastic (or rather the idea of it is ... the reality of doing it the last 2 summers has been very, very different) - you can post it if you want

I can't remember when I took the photo but there is artistic licence in the drawing in that I have missed out the path with the 2 figures on it!

Ii had a big 'thing' with Buttermere about 20 years ago and nearly 'took' a job as an Assistant Warden at the youth hostel (wasn't actually offered it but I felt at the time as I got on well with the warden that it was mine for the taking) I was just about to start a 6 month course and was talked out of being an Assistant warden by parents and friends ... long story, long time ago.

Your picture entitled "Again, this time from next to Sour Milk Gill", reminded me of my original photo and subsequent sketch !

Ian in Kendal

You took a picture of my border collie Amber

in front of the 'Raindrop' on 19/9/08.

I have just found your card in my walking equipment and wondered if the picture was good enough to put on your website.

Linda Day


It certainly was Linda . . . and thanks for the loan of Amber

I think she looked btter than her reflection . . . Rmh

The Drop at Keswick

"This site best viewed with . . . the Arts Council phone number to try
and get some money for a project of my own."

Well said! What flipping planet are these people on? Obviously the
same one that decided not enough one-armed black lesbian single parents
were using the TICs and therefore shut most of them down.

It annoys me so much - perhaps I should apply for funding to create a
series of giant inflatable sheep droppings around the Park and call them "A
Cumbrian Rural Art Project"


Re: Fisher's Walla Crag Walk and Gear Test

Lordy that was a wet walk, wasn't it? Right now (8.35) I can't see a damn thing
in your direction except Brigham - I can just about make out Cockermouth.
Wonder if the Scaffel walk is going ahead?

Anyhow, what I wanted to say (with my gear-junkie head on) was 'cor, that watch looks nice'.

What was your non-published opinion? Do I want to put an X10 on
my Christmas list?

The watch for the fellwalking woman who has everything . . . Rmh

Hi Roger.

Re: Pin Mill Visit Aug 08

Enjoyed your family shots and just for your knowledge database, it's a min' till' cultivator! (We agrics do have our uses occasionally!!)

It's basically a machine for making a seedbed in a one-pass operation, and thus avoid compaction (which has a negative effect on crops for a variety of reasons) and at the same time, reducing costs. It's an abbreviation of minimal cultivation.

I do hope you get a bit more walking in soon, we are missing the updates!

Hope you are both well - you certainly look it!


Rachel Bastow

Hello Ann and Roger, thank you for your response to our email.

We found your website after our first visit to the Lake District. When we got home I started surfing around for pictures and so I stumbled upon your site. Since that day I am a daily visitor. I also follow David Hall, Striding Edge with Connie and the dogs and Andrew Leany.

The firt year we came, we were very impressed by the nature and the people. Everywhere we went people were so friendly and kind! The landscape from Belgium is nothing compared to the mighty Lake District. Now it is the third year we come for our holiday.

The first year we stayed a week in Keswick. We've been to Fisher's a couple of times. The second week of our stay we went to Santon and stayed with Ian and Madeleine at the Hallflat Farm Cottages. The second year we went back to Ian and Madeleine for 2 weeks. That was the year that Wasdale won the competition for Britain's Best View. Madeleine used some pictures we took for her paintings and as thanks for that we came home with a painting from the Squeeze at Side Pike! It still hangs in our livingroom and everytime I stop and look at it, a smile comes on my face :-)

This year we are staying in Patterdale at the Patterdale Hall Estate. Since we have all the walking maps, I have lots of walks planned but I'm afraid the wet part of the weather will change the long daywalks to afternoontrips... I hope your order for sunshine comes true.

My husband has looked on Googlemaps and it seems that Keswick is only a 25 minute drive and Loweswater 45 minutes so maybe we come and say hello.Now it is just counting down untill Friday and the best two weeks of the year can start again!

With kind regards, Ans

P.S. sorry if my English is a bit strange. I hope I haven't made too many mistakes.

Your English is perfect, and nice to hear you enjoy the fells too . . . Rmh

Roger and Ann,

After our week in Rose Cottage going back to work has been a real drag. After browsing your site for the last few years it was an honour to meet a 'Webmaster' in the flesh and the true stars of 'Loweswatercam' Harry and Bethan. Many thanks to you both for your hospitality.

The attached are just a handful of the many images captured during the week. Feel free to do with them as you please. Hopefully we will see you again some time and maybe we'll get to conquer Jack's Rake or at least sink a few in The Kirkstile.

Stay fit and healthy both of you. Richard and Mary Blossom

Ourselves at Crummock Water.
Oak Cottage plus Mellbreak behind.
Slater's Bridge, Langdale.

Fishermen on the pier at Whitehaven

Crummock Water
Low Ling Crag and Rannerdale Knotts

Glad you had a great time. You seem to have taken good advantage of the weather . . . Rmh

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