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Late Spring 09

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted.

Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent.

Don't forget that short explanation too . . . thanks.

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Having just admired your photo's of the lakeshore walk we thought you may
be interested in our photos taken Sunday 26th April when we followed Mary
Welsh's April 2009 walk published in 'Cumbria'.

It's many years since we ventured so far from Ambleside, and were really
impressed with the area.

The Sunny weather on that day made it more memorable.
We had our daughter Ruth with us for a few days.

Phil & Chris Lawrence,
Frampton Cotterell
Nr Bristol

Don't tell too many people all they's all want to come here . . . Rmh
Pet lamb at High Nook Farm.
View from the Coffin Road.
Chris and Ruth at Hudson Place.
Relaxation at the Bothy.
Boats moored at Watergate Farm


Hello Roger,
Once again I feel I should, indeed, must, thank you for your super site and to say how much I have enjoyed your recent expeditions.

Scafell Pike particularly used to be a favourite with my lot when we weren't climbing but every one of your trips has been such a great pleasure. (Wish I had spent more time hiking now!) Your up close and personal approach to your photography adds both charm and camaraderie to your presentations.

Keep up the great work. Bill Sutton. Ontario. Canada.

PS Our woods lack the gorgeous blue of 'Endymion nonscriptum', to use the older Latin name, but we do have a variety of Trilliums and other woodland flowers beginning to appear after a very long, cold, winter.

You will find some of them in my Site for April/May. Bill.




Roger & Ann,

A few photos of part of our trip to Utah.

Our recent trip to Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, found us doing the reverse of climbing the fells, for as you can see from the attached photos, we started at the top and wound our way down the winding track to the bellows of the valley below. It was a 992 mile round trip to get to Bryce Canyon and back but it was well worth the time and energy to actually see the wonders that Mother Nature has created within the park. We were gone for four days and also visited Zion National Park, also in Utah. We traveled through parts of four US states on this trip, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah and for the most part there were wide open desert spaces for as far as the eye could see.

What goes up must come down ? In our case it was .... Who goes down can hopefully get back up !!

Dave & Doris Hughlock
Los Angeles

The Bryce Canyon Park entrance.
The intricate work of Mother Nature.
A broader look down into the canyon.
Dave about to venture through the 'hole in the wall.
Doris resting on the way down the 'long and winding road'.
Looking back toward where we started.

Hi Roger,

We were pleased to recognise and meet you this morning in George
Fishers and to be able tell you personally how much we enjoy your

We live in Sheffield where I (James) recently retired from the staff
of the University of Sheffield. We have a second home in Lamplugh and
our stays there are now able to be more frequent.

Later this year, we hope to sell our house in Sheffield and move
permanently to Cumbria. Until then, your superb website provides us
with images and words reminding us what we are missing!

Best wishes,

James and Alice Underwood.

And subsequently . . .

I have also bookmarked David Hall's, Andrew Leaney's and Tony
Richards' web sites. But what I like about your website is that it
shows not only the wonderful landscape but also images of people (your
family and friends) and your dogs enjoying walking the fells and often
battling against the weather and the steep gradients! Because your
wife has a digital camera, you feature in some of the photos and
that's how I recognised you when in Fishers yesterday morning.

Congratulations to you and Ann on your recent anniversary. What a
wonderful way to celebrate it!

13th April 2009 A Grand Tour of the Northern Lakes

Many thanks for introducing yourself . . . Rmh

Hello Roger & Ann . . . and Jo.

Yesterday Chris and I went to have a look at the Daffodils at Crayke.I am not sure whether you are familiar with this village.

Situated on the edge of the N. Yorks. moors it always has a great show.

Perhaps Jo has talked to you about it or you may know it as well as we do!

Trust the two photos arrived ok.
Best wishes to all,


They certainly have done Peter.

We don't know that part of the world well at all

but it looks a nice place to visit, especially at this time of year.

Many thanks for the photos. . . Rmh

Hi there...

Your pictures and commentary are wonderful, and to me, I'd much rather see and read about people's first-hand experiences than get them from some glossy travel magazine. I really liked your Alaska pictures--- I've never been, but I lived in Labrador as a kid, so again, very familiar to me--- all that snow and especially the dog teams! I've also never been to Vancouver (unless you count the airport), although have seen Toronto many times as my son lives there.

I've lived the majority of my life in Newfoundland, and recently moved to Texas via Norway with my husband who is working in the oil industry. I like it here, but it's only temporary as we are off to Singapore next month. I guess we all have the travel bug!

Anyway, thanks for your mail--- here's to new adventures!

Take care, Heather

Keith's progress on his latest walk can be followed on :-


Hi Roger and Ann

It was nice to meet you briefly last Saturday at Doctors Bridge after we had both walked to Green Crag.

What a coincidence to find on you website that it was your friend`s 211 Wainwright as it was mine on my first round and my wife Rose`s 210th.

We have followed you website avidly since finding a link from Ann Bowker`s in 2000 and not many weeks go by without checking it out.

Also a coincidence that my relative (by marriage) Beatrix Heelis (nee Potter), who was my Great Great Aunt bought Penny Hill Farm close by where we met and gifted it on her death to the National Trust.

We had a wonderful short break in Eskdale covering Whin Rigg, Illgill Head and a circuit of Wastwater on the Friday, Yewbarrow and Green Crag on the Saturday and Sleight Side on the Sunday, a fairly full weekend, but just leaving some of the classics of Harter Fell , Brim Fell and Bowfell to complete our joint round hopefully before the end of the month.

Thanks for including us in your group photo for posterity at the end of our walks.

All the best, and hope to see you both again on these fantastic Lake District fells.

Yours Sincerely Guy and Rose Heelis

What a lovely record of your day.

It has been far too long (many years) since I
walked over that side of Ullswater.

Loved the picture of all three dogs trying

to press the shutter for Angie!


From our Guest Book :

A couple of weeks ago I e-mailed you to ask whether the Rannerdale bluebells were in bloom yet.

You very kindly e mailed me back to say that they weren't and saved me, my husband and sister a 220 mile round trip which would have resulted in disappointment, we went up Seat Sandal instead! Since then, through your website, you have kept me up to date on the 'Bluebell Front' and we plan to visit next Sunday.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Kind regards Anne

Please find attached a couple photos of the Rannerdale Bluebells taken last Sunday, 17th May 09.

Regards, Anne Huddart

Thanks Anne. They've certainly improved while were were temporarily out of the county . . . Rmh.

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