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May 07

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted. Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent. Don't forget that short explaination too . . . thanks.

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Hi my name is Jan.

I’m a watercolorist from Australia. I would like to ask you would you mind if I could use some of your photos as reference for painting. Many of your wonderful photos would make for a nice painting. I wouldn’t use any of your photos without your permission. I have sent you a couple of pictures of the type of paintings I do. I look forward to hearing from you. Jan

I am delighted to think that my pictures have inspired you. Painting is a talent I have, unfortunately, not been able to acquire to my satisfaction, so I am envious of your ability to represent those scenes in such a beautiful way. Your pictures were delightful. If you do chose one of mine I would love to see the finished version. If you wish, I could post it on my site along with the original, and also post your contact details alongside it. Who knows, it could inspire a whole new section on the website !! If your artwork makes you a fortune . . . remember me, the poor photographer, so far away across the world . . . . . . . . :o)

April 2007

Jan has subsequently contacted me to say she has also made a painted copy of this photo but can't remember who took the shot in the first place . . .

Anybody out there got any ideas ?

Thank you for showing your web page of your trip to Gigha

Sir James Horlick was a cousin to our family, so I was pleased to see the glass window, dedicated to James, stunning ... his grandson tells me that he did not re invent the gardens, but designed the garden.

One of the flowers was named after his wife Mrs James Horlick

Thank you once again,

I have placed for you attachment a news report of a funeral at Cowley Manor in Glos, England, once the seat of the Horlick family.

Very Best to you

Roy Horlick


Thanks for the email and your photo.
We had a great trip to Gigha and were also blessed with fine weather when we were there. A great place and quite a different feel about the island compared to many of the others.

Embsay Crag
Comming back down from Crookrise Crags
The view from the top of Embsay Crag
Waterfall on Waterfall Gill Beck

Hi Roger, Ann, Harry & Bethan
Congratulations on some wonderful photographs recently, your family and friends certainly keep you busy. It would be easy to think you actually enjoy being out on the Fells most days.
I have attached a few photgraphs from our recent walk on Embsay Moor to celebrate my complete (hopefully) recovery from back trouble.
Whoever names places and objects on maps must have run of inspiration in Waterfall Gill but it doesn't spoil the enjoyment of the view.

All the best for now, Dave and Josie from Silsden

Hello again Roger & Ann; I really enjoyed your recent climb of Striding Edge, although I've never done that climb, I have had the opportunity to look down on Striding Edge from the top of Helvellyn. My climbing buddy Brian Burke of Preston took this photo on one of my trips back to England and the Lake District.
We have a mountain range just to the north of us, the San Gabriel's, which contains the second highest point in southern California, Mt Baldy, at a little over 10,000 feet as well as some other formidable peaks which your climbing visitors may find interesting....
Have a nice day....David Hughlock
Los Angeles, California

Was just looking at your Haystacks pics. When I got to this one.

I thought you might like to see what it looked like about 10 years ago (can't remember the exact year offhand!)

Ahh, the memories!!! Hope you're keeping well ... Les :)

Thanks Lesley - it takes you back doesn't it - next thing you know I'll be posting my old pictures as well - Heaven forbid !

I have been looking at your walk on the web around Burnmoor Lodge.

In 1977, myself and 3 others took a party of boys from Birkenhead to Burnmoor Lodge. We stayed there for a week and we walked everywhere. We parked our cars in the Ratty Car Park at Dalegarth and had to carry our food, clothes and everything we needed to the Lodge, from there every day we trekked around that area, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Walking up Yewbarrow, Great Gable and even Scafell Pike, tired though we were, all of us, boys included, always had that sense of achievement. Although it was exhausting, the boys and the leaders were always eager to go back again, which we did.

Bearing in mind that it was 30 years ago, memory tells me that the Lodge itself belonged to a Dr Foot, (whether dead or alive now, I do not know) and as we were a Christian group, Dr Foot allowed us to use it to take boys from grimy Birkenhead to wonderful Burnmoor for holidays.

I tell you this because the photographs brought back so many good memories of those days.

Yours sincerely, Eric Escott.

Thanks for the email. It's nice think my pictures can bring back happy memories for you.



The following has been received from Joe Tomlinson

via Gillian Hornzee and Sean at Striding Edge.


and below from

Roger Kidd recently.


Hi Gillian,

Saw your message on

Burnmoor Lodge is owned by my wife's uncle, Jonathon Foote, and formerly by her grandfather John Foote.

Fantastic place isn't it, we walked up there last week, although I entirely agree about the mattresses! How did you come to stay there? Do you know the Foote family? Would you like to be put in touch with them?

Kind regards, Joe Tomlinson.

I have read the comments regarding the owner of Burnmoor Lodge.

Dr Foot worked for Boots (the Chemist) at their head office in Nottingham. I met him just once. When I stayed for a week in about 1965, the lodge was used as a bunkhouse for (about )16 teenage boys usually connected with the Covenanters Christian Youth Organisation.

Walking up from Boot in the setting sun was the only time I have ever seen glow-worms!

Roger D. Kidd

Dear Roger/Ann

Re: Sheffield Pike / Hart Side Walk 21.4.07

I got a kick out of the rhinoceros rock, but watch out for the shark coming in just above the rhino.

Have a nice day....David Hughlock
Los Angeles


Now why didn't I see that ?

John and Dee Clark were in Loweswater this week and so called in to see us and to let Amber meet her younger half brother and sister . . .

Amber has the same father as our two

but came from Maryport rather than Harrington, on the Cumbrian west coast.

She is seven, ours are only two and three years old.

Dog Treats - perfect for concentrating canine minds.

Amber - Harry and Bethan's older half sister is a keen walker, but unlike Julia Bradbury in the Wainwright Walks programmes, Amber prefers to remove the topmost stones from summit cairns, rather than add an extra stone in order to be the highest.

The second picture of Amber and my wife Dee is on another well known Lakeland summit - Low Fell.

Amber - never one to miss out on a snack if she can.

Dee will have to take care, if she wants to have her cake and eat it !

" Concentration" - Amber (the darker one), Bethan, with Harry nearest the camera.

( The scar has nearly gone from Harry's face thankfully.)

" Harry the Athlete " - ball in mouth, scales the small garden wall next to the Loweswater Puffin !

Thanks both for calling in and for the pictures . . . RmH


I live in Whitehaven and enjoy walking in the Loweswater and Ennerdale areas with my family. I've just stumbled across your website and think it's brilliant. As well as walking, another hobby of mine is singing. I've attached a photo of Whitehaven Male Voice Choir (of which I'm a member), taken in 2000 prior to a concert at Loweswater village hall, plus a few local photos I thought you might wish to include them somewhere on your website.

I'm the one on the back row, third from the right.

Kind regards, Graeme Wishart.

Click here for the Choir's website. They are avalable for concerts and often support, free of charge, appropriate charity fund raising events locally.

Loweswater taken on a family walk on April 29th 2007.

Loweswater taken on a family walk on April 29th 2007.

Bleaberry Tarn and Buttermere taken from Red Pike on May 4th 2007

Crummock Water taken from Red Pike on May 4th 2007.

Hi Graeme, great shots of Loweswater and the valley in the sunshine this Easter. Unfortunately your Choir visit was just before I moved up here . . . RmH.

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