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November 07

I'm delighted to have received pictures from viewers of Loweswatercam, so I have decided to post them here for others to enjoy. If you wish to send me a photo and some information about it, feel free to do so and I'll try to include it on this page. It needn't be just about the Lakes, it can be about anything you've done recently. Click here if you wish to email me your contribution.

I reserve the right to withhold, censor or generally edit any comments as necessary, and I accept no responsibility for photos or comments posted. Keeping photo sizes below 100 Kb would be appreciated. 10x7 jpeg or 7x5 jpeg vertical at 72 dps would be excellent. Don't forget that short explaination too . . . thanks.

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Dear Roger and Ann,

I was searching and looking for some info of England, amazingly your web site popped up and from there, I start to to view your pictures. U know, it has been few days I am in your web site. And I can just sit down for hours just to look at all your beautiful wonderful and grateful pictures :) I don't know why, I feel just so peaceful and calm when I look at them. And I actually send your web site to my family members and also all my friends.. Just feel like I have to, I need to and I must share with them.

Seriously, from all your pictures, I could feel deeply how wonderful the scenery is and very impressive. 2 words - Totally Awesome :)

Again, thanks for uploading. without this web site, i didnt know that there are places in this planet which is so cool and stunning

Cheers, Shuhyih in Malaysia.



Hi Roger and Ann,

Just wanted to say keep up the good work, I really enjoy looking at your pictures and reminiscing about times I have trodden down those same paths. I moved over to Canada a few years back and now live in Kamloops in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. As you can see by my photo it's desert like during the summer months, but today as I look out of my office window in my house it could be a very rainy misty day in Thornthwaite, with the pine trees coming down to the end of the garden, although last time I checked there were no bears in Thornthwaite.

Look forward to viewing your next installment.

Matt Cook
Kamloops, BC

Brilliant . . . Looks like a combination of Catbells and Ennerdale . . . RmH


Hello there Hileys !
We enjoy your photos immensely, and the comments that go with them, and were very interested to see the pix from backstage at the Theatre by the Lake.

We have seen a number of productions (all very good) there, but have only ever seen it all from front of house. It's a super little theatre. We do remember the original 'premises' but never actually got to see anything there.

Best wishes
Geraldine Scott
Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

Picture from their recent visit to Newlands valley

Hi there,

Although I live in Egremont with my Lakeland Terrier Abbey, and we get out and about a bit, I always check out your website each day.

Here are some shots of our walk on 1st October.

Terry and Abbey

The moon over Seatoller at 10.40 am.

Tarn at Leaves.

Grange Fell, a glimpse of Derwent Water and Skiddaw from Bessyboot.

High Stile, Fleetwith Pike and Dale Head from the cairn on Bessyboot, Rosthwaite Fell.

Abbey at Glaramara summit cairn.

High House Tarns.

"Its a bit windy here on Allen Crags Dad !"

Late evening sun on Glaramara.

Stockeley Bridge in evening shadow on the way down.

- - - o o o - - -

Many thanks for sending the photos and adding to my web counter each day.

Posting them to the site has also allowed me to re-walk the route in my own mind and allows me to recall warm breezy days on these fells.

Many thanks again . . . RmH

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