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" The 144 th Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show "

" The Loweswater Show - 2023"

One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows is held here in the Lorton Valley

with events and entertainment both on and off the field.


Date & time: Sunday 3rd September 2023, 10 am - 5 pm.

Location : Opposite New House Farm, Loweswater, Cumbria, UK. ( NY 156 240)

With : Loes and the dogs, Dougal and Dylan and about 2,000+ other people.

Weather : The start of an 'Indian Summer' with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.


Their Show Website can be found here


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It's that time of year again, when folk in the valley and beyond look forward to a day on the Show Field here in Loweswater.

Some come for the competitions and prizes, some come for a day out in the countryside and some,

especially the locals, look forward to a day out with friends and neighbours.

It's going to be a great day for the weather, as the forecast is for wall to wall sunshine, warm temperatures and a gentle cooling breeze.

Everything is in place for a successful day on the field.

- - - o o o - - -

But let me first take you back a day . . . because none of this happens by magic !

A whole committee of show people and volunteers organise the tents and the animal enclosures, the classes and the catering.

We turned out on Saturday when the tents needed their tables, banners and table cloths.

Out in the field the temporary sheep pens are being erected ready for the arrival of the animals tomorrow.

Even the 'Glen Tubman Sound' system needs organising . . . set up and operated nowadays by Glen's son.

- - - o o o - - -

Back to the present and it's Show Day and the gates are open . . .

The Horse boxes of competitors arrive.
The sheep trailers of local farmers deliver their precious cargo.

The animals are gathered in the pens, here the Herdwick rams both young and mature.

The Herdwicks have red ruddled coats . . . dressed their best for the day.

These Texels seem to prefer a more yellow look, perhaps even tending to orange, a throw back to their native Holland ?

The goats . . . well they just look good as they are.

Last minute haircuts make sure they look their best for the judges this morning.

- - - o o o - - -

The first deadline of the day is to get all the exhibits into the "Industrial Tent".

We're not talking Heavy Industry but the general industry of the local people back in their own homes.

The prizes and cups need to be polished, the tables need to be labelled and made ready.

People bring their exhibits ready for the judging.

" 6 Runner beans, 4 tomatoes or 3 of your best onions."

On the Rugs, Knitting and Felting section . . . articles of clothing, artwork and this rather magnificent felted Herdwick.

Your best -  Soft Toy, not knitted -
An amazing Class 5 - Article in 3 or 4 ply wool -

Let's celebrate  . . . with a Class 58 Celebration Cake.

No country show would be complete without a display of three scones - savoury here or plain on the next table.

Class 48 - six white or coloured Hens Eggs.

. . . and a display of your best Cob Loaves.

Produce of the local hedgerows and orchards . . . a competition for a Home Made Gin Liqueur.

Some of the many flower displays . . . from 4 single Stems, to Mixed Garden Flowers and a Single Rose.

The marquee is now full and ready for the difficult job of judging.

- - - o o o - - -

Out on the field, or should I say fields, the events of the day are already underway.

The Pony Classes are in full swing . . .

The Fell Ponies are being judged.

The next competitors get ready for their time in the ring.

Turnout of three classes of horses based on Hand Size.

The Shetland Ponies take time out between events.

Some magnificent Heavy Horses are prepared for their turn in the ring.

I take the opportunity to venture into the next field where the "Sheep Dog Trials" are about to begin.

No court of law . . just a field and a group of sheep for the dogs to 'try' and gather into the final pen.

Ready for his master's instruction.

The sheep are manouvered around the gates and obstacles that are spread across the field,

then to be gathered into the last pen and the gate finally closes.

- - - o o o - - -

Back on the Show Field there's a display by the local Fire Service this year.

Our local Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team have also come along to show their skills.

On the opposite side of the field is the Vintage Section . . . with its display of Classes 114 to 118.

Here two beautiful Kensington Minis with posh seats, walnut interiors and air conditioning . . . nothing like the basic Mini I had as a lad !

All the way from Lamplugh . . . an American Lincoln Continental next to a classic Bentley.

My eye was caught by this sleek road car . . .
. . . a classic Fraser Nash in British Racing Green.

The age of the car was reflected in the polished brass work, yes brass work, of the instruments and dash-board fittings.

All polished and decorated for the show, this David Brown Tractor.
Farm engines from the days before tractors were common.

They were used as motive power for water pumps, threshers, blowers, cream churners

and whatever you could invent back in the day.

- - - o o o - - -

All the while the sheep judging had been going on . . .

Prizes hopefully for this grand looking Herdwick.

Prizes and Rosettes are handed out to the winners.

It's not just the pleasure of winning, prize animals have added value when it comes to breeding and sales.

The judges are busy considering all aspects of the breed.
. . . and farmers all aspects of behavior of their charges.

The crowds were out enjoying these black headed variety of sheep (sorry don't know every breed).


Hi Roger,  I thik the black faced sheep are Suffolks.

Great phtos and great show,  Bill Wilson in Canada.        [ Thanks Bill, RmH ]


These I know are not sheep . . . but are part of the Goat Classes,

brought to the show ring by both experienced and novice handlers.

Intent on selling your wares . . . why not take a stall in the Craft Tent.

The Loweswater Village Hall display . . . a venue suitable for weddings, lunches and evening do's . . . Hiley recommended !

Also recommended around lunchtime were the many stalls offering food and refreshments.

For those with a sweet tooth . . . perhaps a bag of 4 freshly cooked "doughnuts".

Take away some local produce from the Stanner Farm stall, or cakes and jam from here, the NSPCC Stand.

A tent full of chairs yesterday . . .

. . . becomes home to the Cockermouth Mechanics Band today who entertained the crowds

to a rich and varied programme of music.

- - - o o o - - -



The  musicians accompanied the local Church's

"Blessing the Show" service earlier in the morning.


- - - o o o - - -


This afternoon they entertain

with their own repertoire

from classics to pop.


Click here for a short 2 minute video of the "Sound of the Show"

alternatively right click and "open in a new window"

(Make sure your PC speakers are switched on)


- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -


The Junior and Senior Fell races have been started

from the small field on the right

close to New House Barn.

[Sadly no photos]


In the mean time the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling

got underway in Ring 1 in the main field.


It started with the junior classes

and progressed up through the ages.



- - - o o o - - -

It's all official, a referee and two judges to adjudicate on the falls.

The Dog Classes had got underway earlier, with the Pet Dogs in the main field

and the hounds and terriers here in the smaller dog ring closer to the Beer Tent (not that that was relevant !)

Always a favourite is the Carriage Driving.

The competitors had to complete the course in the fastest time, without knocking the tennis balls off the top of the bollards.

Speed is great, accuracy is even more important.

Often the smaller horses are good at this event and this young driver had two to contend with.

- - - o o o - - -

There was Hound Trailing advertised from 1pm so I made my way across the road to the back of the overflow car park . . .

This class of hound is dedicated to following scent trails, not foxes.

An aniseed trail had been laid in advance and the dogs would follow it around this part of the valley.

All lined up and eager to be away . . .

The flag is dropped, the signal given and the greyer number three makes an excellent start.

Across the field following the scent.
Out across the fell wall and up onto the lower slopes of Dodd Fell.

They will level out and follow the green grassy band across the face of the fell.

It's a hot day and they'll be working hard today.

Soon all eyes turn to the home straight as the dogs cross the last but one field.

Welcomed home by enthusiastic owners and a bucket of their favourite food.

The results are mulled over, even bet upon, by followers of the sport.

- - - o o o - - -

The winners of several events join the Grand Parade around the ring, accompanied by the appreciation of the visitors.

This was a beautifully turned out Fordson Tractor.

This aerodynamic bike could be a BSA, but I'm quite prepared to be corrected.


Regarding your picture of the vintage motorbike, on enlarging the picture it looks like a VELOCET

from the badge on the fuel tank. That's a bike of my era !   

Doug, from the flat landscape of the Fens at Fridaybridge.        [ Thanks Doug, RmH ]


92B was a glorious old SAAB motor car, followed by the prize-winning Bentley convertible.

- - - o o o - - -

Time to make my way across the field once more, stopping to talk to friends outside the Fell Falconry display.

A Eurasian Eagle Owl (?) in beautifully camouflaged plumage.

The Snowy Owl, ideally coloured for its natural habitat.

The classic local Barn Owl . . . watching every movement of the people who came over to view.

- - - o o o - - -

Time moves on and I return to the Industrial Tent, now open after the judging . . . who will be the winners ?

- - - o o o - - -


An animal made from a fruit or vegetable

always brings out imagination in the competitors.


The crested cockatoo has been beaten to first place today

by the simplicity of the Killer Whale !


- - - o o o - - -

A Home Made Wooden Item . . . a model of Hudson Place farmhouse
. . . turns out to be a practical and prize winning Egg Box.
Success in the bread section for me . . .
. . . both in the 'machine made' and the Cob Loaves

Not such great success in the photos, but the misty sunrise picture at the top did manage a second prize.

"Photo with Humorous Caption" and "In My Garden" illicited numerous entries.

- - - o o o - - -



At the end of the afternoon it was time to go and collect my winnings.

At 25p an entry, it was not the prize money that was important,

more the taking part and being successful.

- - - o o o - -

In the main tent the cups and prizes were awarded, speeches made and thanks given.

It just remained to draw the Show Raffle and publish the winners.

There were a large number of prizes from hampers to vouchers for evening meals at local hotels and pubs . . . well worth a gamble.

Outside the Young Farmers were still busy organising Children's Games . . .

And those not still involved in competitions had time to adjourn to the beer tent for a well earned rest.

I'm sure they must have sold out of Loweswater Gold by the end of this glorious sunny day.

- - - o o o - - -

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