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" The 137th Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show 2013 "

" The Loweswater Show "

Held on the 1st Sunday of September each year

in the fields opposite New House Farm, Lorton Valley, Cumbria, UK.

courtesy of the Hope Family of Corn How, Loweswater.

Details : One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows with events and entertainment both on and off the field.

Attended with : Ann, Jenna and our friends Jo and Ian, our dogs, plus somewhere near 2000 other show-goers on the day.

Weather : An overcast day, less sunny than last year, but cool and dry ... a good day for a show.

" The Loweswater Show 2013 " at EveryTrail

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There's a tradition in Cumbria, as there is no doubt through the rest of the world, to organise a local social gathering,

to celebrate what people do best, to compare and to compete in a friendly way which brings folk together to celebrate the community in which they live.

The Cumbrian Agricultural Shows are no exception and at the end of each Summer they are held in various villages and towns around the county.

The first Sunday in September 2013 was the date for the 137th Loweswater Show

so whether you be a farmer, a local tradesman, a child, a pensioner, a local or a visitor to the area come along and enjoy "The Show"

and through these photos and sound archive, see my record of the valley's day out together.

Please use the car park entrance along the way and join us at The Show . . . there's plenty to see.

People have already started to arrive from all over the county.

Last minute refreshments for the entrants.

Dressed in their best for the day.

The show ground is in Lorton Valley . . . opposite New House Farm . . . but you've found yourself here already . . . well done !

First event to go and see for us was the Sheep Dog Trails.

The three sheep are released from behind the blue pen

and have to be persuaded to complete the course by the shepherd and his sheep dog.

Gentle at times . . . speed is essential at others.

One last careful move and they are in the final pen . . . success at last.

The spectators look on . . . enjoying the display.

Martin Tatnall (of Bothel) and Dave Micklethwaite (visiting from Australia) and 2 members of the” Two-Headed Sheep” Morris Dancers.

- - - o o o - - -

On the main show ground we walk over to see the Sheep section.

Farm vehicles of all types have brought the animals to the show.
They were judged early on and now sport their rosettes.

Classic Herdwick . . . ruddled red for the show . . . more suited to the tough life on the fells.

Class 70 (I think) . . . A group of Herdwick Gimmer Sheep . . . winners Grave & Watson.

Please don't ask me for the full results . . . see The Show web site for those please.

Classic Herdwick colours . . . like us they start dark and go grey with age !

In there somewhere are the Goat Classes.

Cross-Breeds and these Texels make up the rest of the display.

The winner gets an official photo call . . . I sneak a side view as he gets ready for the official cameraman.

I believe this was Sam Roper, winner of " the best looking dog and bitch and pair" in the sheep dog section.

Over to the Foxhound judging.

Some are more reluctant to leave the ring than others . . . offer one of those treats Edna !

In the next ring to the hounds are the other classes . . . Terriers, Gun Dogs and pets.

The commentator asks each their name . .
. . . and the name of their pet.
What a character . . . and he's won a 2nd.

That box of treats is in fact a box of rosettes I think . . . get the right one Ken.

Elsewhere on the field there is entertainment of every type.

This is Old English Morris Dancing . . . with classic costume, dance and music.

The origins of Morris are steeped in the history of time.

Having won . . . perhaps the goat is looking for his prize . . . or does she just fancy one of those nice looking veg ?

Sam  Moore, in red, seems to have his handful with this one.

Next door is the Poultry Tent . . . with a wide range of Chicken and Ducks on display.

Poultry have their own catalogue so I can't quote a winner's name.

In the tent was a table display of eggs too, like you've never seen before (unless you were here last year !)

The Show is an opportunity for people to display and sell their wares . . . as here in the Craft Tent.

We grab a few chairs from the car and take time out to watch the horses.

The judge observes the Shetland Classes.

A winner on the day . . . if you know their names do let me know.

Judging is a serious business . . .

. . . but it doesn't have to be devoid of conversation.

Young riders out to impress.

The larger horses enter the Turnout, Saddle and Fell Pony classes.

On this side of the show ground we can visit the trade displays.

" Would the lady like a pretty scarf from the show ? " . . . a tradition stretching back to Rogue Herries days.

Modern techniques create pictures out of wood.

Local veg that would had of done well if they had entered in the competition.

The First Responders had a stall where you could chat and learn or practice resuscitation skills.

Expertly manned (and lady-ed) by John and Gill.

It is well past lunchtime so Ian finds a handy pancake stall . . . and nice they were too !

- - - o o o - - -

The Industrial Tent has always been a source of intrigue to visitors at their first show.

Where are the great machines of Brunnel or exhibition of farm equipment ?

No . . . this tent reflects the industry of the local people through their crafts and hobbies . . . do come inside.

It is one o'clock, the judging is complete and the tent is open to all.

Alison offers help and information on the Rugs and Knitting competitions.

First for "Class 1 - An article in Fell Wool" . . . Rose Ostie
Best exhibit in "Felt Work" goes to Lana Norman.

Class 17 and Best exhibit in Needlework . . . Ann Kemp.

A quicker class to enter . . . the Limerick . . . winner Alison Hewitson.

Old Farmyard Scene . . . ( not necessarily your own work).
" Conversations " . . . Harry and Bethan won a third !

For the youngsters the chance to build "a Farmyard Scene on a Tin Lid"

Well done Jessica Walker.

Excellent effort from Beccy Armstrong . . . deserved a commendation if not a prize this time.

Catherine Chrichton won a first with her Owl.

Lorna Meadley beat Keith Meadley to a prize in the Marmalade Section.

[ There'll be trouble at The Grange Hotel tonight ! ]

Classy Group 35 winner from Catherine Pearson . . .
. . . with Ann Kyle coming a creditable second . . . love the shoe.
Cathy Pearson again on a classic table arrangement.
Bakery in the Quiche Section.

Chance for everyone to enter . . . a simple brown loaf from a bread maker . . . check out the second place ticket !

Class 44 winner for the "Best Brown Cob Loaf" . . . pardon me if I blush a little ;o)

We could stay all afternoon and enjoy them all . . . but we'll finish on the "Display of Herbs" . . . art and you can eat it afterwards !

- - - o o o - - -

It is getting on and they've called for runners in the fell races to gather at the start point.

Three sections . . . under 11, under 16

and a full Men's and Ladies FRA fell race.

Off to a flying start . . .

They're off . . . hold your cursor over the picture to follow the action.

The winning trio back at the finish.

Time to view the Vintage Cars before the next race.

This was a beautifully presented TR6.

Vintage tractors on display were from Tyson Garnett and D Mossop.

An old Bond Three-wheeler . . . I remember driving across mid Wales in one of those . . . and getting out to push it up the hills !

It had a kick start like a motor cycle and the engine mounted on the large black steer-able front wheel.

Familiar cars line up on display . . . Humber Sceptre, A40 and an Austin Mini pickup.

The individuals and teams are gathering for the senior fell race.

It is a race for individuals but there are several local clubs that sport their team colours . . .

Blue for the Cumberland Fell Runners and yellow for Keswick Athletic

Under starter's orders . . . and they're off.

Out of the field and across the road . . .
. . .taking the track across the fields.
They are running the whole course . . . right up there and back !
In no time at all the line of runners spreads up Dodd Fell.

They climb to the crag and then turn for home . . . target time around twenty five minutes or so.

Well inside that time and in fact in record time, the first runner is home . . . well ahead of the rest.

[ photo courtesy of Ian and his camera . . .many thanks ]

The remainder follow him in . . . to well deserved applause.

Fastest Lady . . .
. . . and fastest Man . . . Ricky Lightfoot.

You were wondering about the times this year . . . it promised to be good due to the cool conditions . . .

Ricky Lightfoot won in as record breaking 21 minutes 37 seconds . . . a full half minute ahead of the field.

Amazing . . . it would take me a couple of hours !

Thirsty work this spectating . . . is that the beer tent I see ?

Time to relax and enjoy a drop of Gold as the Cockermouth Mechanics Band entertain.

Back to the main ring . . . and there's still plenty going on.

" Carriage Driving "

" Exercise Vehicles Class "

. . . and always fun . . . " Cone Driving Event against the clock "

Time for the winners and the Grand Parade.

Waiting for their turn to re-enter the ring.

Let the little ones go first.

Step up to receive your award.

Marjorie Lowrie, Show President gives a short speech of thanks to everyone who entered, helped

and generally turned up on the day to support this wonderful local show.

One more event in the main ring . . . the Equine Fancy Dress.

The Milkmaid, the Scarecrow and the Honey Bee.

The winner (I believe) . . . this young lady and her florally decorated pony.

- - - o o o - - -

The show draws to a close with a competition of classic

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling in the main ring . . . gather round if you would.

Starting with the junior classes.

Bind together and wrestle . . it is a matter of strength . . . but also of balance and skill.

First of three falls to the lad in red . . . the event is open to the girls too.

Some competitors are equally matched . . .
. . . and some seem a little out-sized.

But the spirit is willing and the determination shows through . . . he claimed an equalizing fall but lost, two falls to one.

Junior Section Winners take the applause.

The older lads take a turn . . . first to hit the ground loses . . . you must keep your grip though.

Second section winners and runners up.

The next age group take the ring.
Hold your cursor over the picture to see the action.

That looks like a second and deciding fall . . . to the lad in grey.

The Ladies Open Section . . . full marks for enthusiasm for the girl in pink

. . . and gallantness from the young lady on the right !

That should do it . . .

A more equal match in the final round . . .

Hold your cursor over the picture to see the action again.

The deserved Ladies Finalists.

Under 12.5 Stone class weigh-in . . .
. . . and the first bout.

The classic whites and coloured shorts are the traditional dress of the sport

It is now more relaxed in local events in order to encourage more people to enter.

- - - o o o - - -

There's a contingent of French Lads over for the event and the competition today is intense . . . this one was particularly difficult to throw off . . .

A tricky customer this one . . .

Hold your cursor over the picture

to continue the bout for a while longer

. . . eventually he was the first to touch the floor

as his combatant does a roll and flip over to win.

The Under 18 finalists.

Time for the last bout of the day . . . the " All weights Men's Competition "

The bigger they are the harder they fall !

Hold your cursor ... well you get the idea  !

The three big lads carrying the traditional sport forward for another year.

- - - o o o - - -


All that remains now

is pack away the crafts and industrial entries,

tuck the horses safely in their vehicles for the journey home,

collect any prize monies due,

and to thank the committee for a great day out at

The Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show 2013



- - - o o o - - -

Hopefully see you next year . . . same time . . . same place.

- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -


Have you got five minutes or so to re-live the sights and sounds of the show ?

Relax, grab a virtual pancake from the stall and click to start the video . . . then sit back and enjoy the music.

( Click on the YouTube full-screen icon to see a larger version of the video )

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