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" The 140th Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show "

" The Loweswater Show 2016"


One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows is held here in the Lorton Valley

with events and entertainment both on and off the field.


People : Myself and Ann, our friends Hilton, Jo, Dee, John and our three dogs,

several Loweswatercam viewers who've come over and said hello,

The Show Committee and volunteers

and somewhere near 2,500 to 3,000 show-goers, all here to enjoy the day.

Weather : A lovely blue sky day after a cloudy start.

Held on the 1st Sunday of September each year

in the fields opposite New House Farm, Lorton Valley, Cumbria, UK.

courtesy of the Hope Family of Corn How, Loweswater.


It's that time of year again and after poor weather the day before, all eyes are on the sky for an ounce of consideration. 

As it happened the weather was better than forecast and rain coats soon gave way to sun hats as the day progressed.

Everyone and everything is in place for another classic show.

At the start of the morning the field was quite damp but the sunshine and gentle breeze was quickly drying the ground.

Full marks to the army of local volunteers, without whom the show would not be possible.

Why not start with a caption competition ?

" Could you park it over there please . . . you're hurting my foot ! "

Temporary parking arrangements for these guys whilst arrangements are made for the sheep dog trials.

Our initial companion for the day is Hilton who's staying with us for a few days, though we would meet other friends as the day progressed.

A "smile for the camera" elicited two as a lady competitor passes by.

My initial duty of the day done (I helped erect the First Responders's tent)

I leave Les ready to chat to visitors to the Show.

Just along the way the loud hammering of metal on an anvil attracts our attention.

Nathan has set himself up as a mobile Farrier.
A gas forge in his van enables him
to practice his trade wherever required.

The mechanisation of farms in the early 1900's saw the end to the two blacksmiths in this valley,

but there are still horses about and it is nice to see how technology has adapted to keep this craft alive.

Now for a stroll across the show ground to see the sheep section.

On the way we pass through the parking and exercise area for the horses that have been brought to the Show.

Getting ready for the big day . . .
. . . some a little more laid back than others.

On the field the horse and pony events are already under way and first awards are being made.

Behind the Secretary's tent are the pens of that hold the entrants for the sheep competitions.

In this one Willie Richardson seems to have won a few rosettes for his prize Herdwicks.

Beautifully ruddled . . . dressed to show.

Herdwick classes for the older ladies and gents . . . the real face of experience.

Those rugged and squat features are classic of this mountain breed.

Three gentlemen of . . . Loweswater.

Youngsters looking at youngsters . . . possibly both the same age too.

First year Herdwicks have a much darker coat . . . they go grey with age . . . a bit like us !

A first and second prize for these Texels . . . sturdy looking animals mainly raised for their meat not their wool.

A sheep of a hardy, hornless breed with a heavy fleece, originally developed on the Dutch island of Texel in the province of North Holland.

Shorter and squatter . . . rectangular with a leg at each corner,

the Belgian Texel sheep or 'Beltex' for short . . . shown by Jack Hird.

The goat classes . . . with a strong showing from L Norman.
His/her efforts have won prizes . . . hoisted high to stop the goat eating them !

There were competitions for the best looking dogs in all sorts of classes,

from young to old, fox hounds to shepherd's dogs.

Two regular show-going friends. . . Alec and Margie . . . no prizes for recognising their faces if you're local.

In the main ring, more dogs on show. 

There were classes for the best pet dogs . . .

. . . and a class of best non-canine pets.

This year's entries were a chicken, two hamsters and a horse . . . you try judging that one !

[ The rosettes went to the two smallest entrants . . . the hamsters.]

The heavy horses attracted a good crowd of spectators for their judging.

In the ring at the other end there was a carriage driving competition.

This particular little pont was reputedly 31 years old and still going strong.

Talking to the judge towards the end of the competition.

Hilton managed to catch four photos of the fell racing . . . here the start of the Junior race.

Full of smiles as they set off on the shorter course.

The Seniors race took the competitors out of the field and half way up Hopegill's Dodd and back in about 23 minutes.

- - - o o o - - -

Back over at the ringside, thoughts turn to lunch . . . but perhaps something more savoury.

There's a queue at the Fyne Fish tent where they are making up rolls and sandwiches.

The slight wait was well worth it . . . and the pancakes from an adjacent stall went down well too !

After lunch Hilton and I indulged in a little retail therapy . . . but we both fancied the same pair of binoculars.

No problem, Lamberts of Lancaster have a good mail order service and my set arrived two days later by carrier.

- - - o o o - - -


Hilton studying the West Cumbria River's Trust stand.



The oversize O.S. map on the floor

made technical sense of local river schemes

much clearer to understand.


- - - o o o - - -

Over now to the Poultry tent where they had an excellent display of  . . . yes . . . poultry.

There were competitions for many different classes of birds and also for 'best eggs' too.

The more usual . . .
. . . and the more unusual.

Smaller birds . . . pullets as a general term.

Sorry  . . . not a lot of detail as they had their own programme so classes were not detailed in the main show guide.

Photos by Hilton and Ann as they had closed the tent by the time I got there . . . so much going on at the show that you can't always see everything.

- - - o o o - - -

After the morning judging the large 'Industrial Tent' was open to view.

The industrious folk of the valley have been making and baking all week to create their perfect entry for the show.

Competitions for all types of food but also many others, from traditional rug making to computerised promotional posters.

There were photos, pictures, artwork, poems and animals made from fruit and veg . . . to name just a few.

The polythene covers the open food items which is not perfect for photography but better than the old netting of previous years.

Loweswatercam loses its gold but manages a bronze in the cob loaf.
The winning "Europe" limerick by Simon Carter. 

That's better . . . a top prize for the best small white loaf.

Jessica Walker did well to produce this "Animal made from fruit and veg".

The Penguin was highly commended . . .
and the dachshund gained the second prize . . .
but  I also liked the Kiwi bear (Hiley commended ?)

This competition was for three decorated cupcakes.

We liked this one too.

A classic and very industrious garden on a tin lid.

The adult sections 28 to 32 were for photos . . . here a competition for the best "fungi" photo.

A third for us in the "Animal photo - with caption"
A "pre-1960's winter scene".

Right up-to-date with a children's competition for "a computer designed poster promoting Cumbria".

Betty requests no photos . . . but she didn't really mean it !
"An article in Fell Wool"

Ann missed out on a prize the Lemon Curd competition again . . . no explanation why but I think it is the best in the valley !

In the miscellaneous section . . . " A present from" (Bowmore Church)
. . . and a very decorative " Musical Box".

A lovely display of " Garden flowers in a Jug".

The Queen's 90th as inspiration for "The Birthday".
Close up of " An Arrangement in a walking boot"

Three winners for us this year, two breads and a photo . . . and the yellow raffle ticket that didn't win any prizes !

- - - o o o - - -

Meanwhile . . . out in the main ring . . .

Entertainment from  . . . " The Ferret Roadshow "

Jo's pictures of some of the fun and games of the afternoon . . . spot the white ferrets.

- - - o o o - - -

A visit to the show is also about meeting friends

and we set up a few chairs next to the ringside so as to enjoy the show whilst relaxing in the lovely afternoon sunshine.

Barbara and Brian came over to say hello.

Regular Lake District (and Loweswatercam) visitors we also met them at the Wasdale Show last year.

John and Hilton putting the world to right.

Harry and Dylan relaxing with Dee, John and Hilton at the ringside.

Jo  also made it over to the Show, as she was able to start her week in the Lakes earlier than planned.

She had Amber with her too.

You're my best friend . . .
. . . but you're my best friend too !

From our ringside seats we were able to watch the Grand Parade of winners.

Presentations were made by Alice Spencer, the Show President this year.

. . . ably assisted by Kenny Bell . . . the Show's regular Chairman.

After the main parade the show continues . . .
. . . with the Fancy Dress competition.

The winner was this one with the Bee and the Bee Keeper.

No Show would be complete without a brass band . . . and today was no exception.

The music was again provided by the Cockermouth Mechanics Band.

Reflections on a sunny day . . .
. . . with perhaps some refreshment while we listen ?


Click on the play button to see and hear the sounds of the Cockermouth Mechanics Band

Make sure your you have a glass of Loweswater Gold in hand to create the same effect !

- - - o o o - - -

On the way back across the field we diverted to view the "Vintage Section"

and this "Best in Show" Vanden Plas Princess 1300.

More out of the movies than the main street.
A lovely old Sunbeam Talbot on display.

My favourite . . . but then I used to own a lovely blue Mini in my youth !

A selection to chose from . . . all in perfect condition.

- - - o o o - - -


Except for this old Morris

on the back of the Moss Bay Metals

scrap metal collection vehicle.


- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -


The field across the road from the Show,

used as a very necessary overflow car park,

also held the finishing line for the Trail Hound Racing.


This is a cross country event for hounds

who follow a scent trail several miles in length,

laid around the valley just prior to the race.


One of the side aspects of the event

is the ability for a little bet on the winner

if the mood takes you.


- - - o o o - - -

The owners and runners line up in the sheep field.

The steward marks each dog with a dash of red

to make sure that those on the start line are able to be recognised at the end.

The gentleman with the scent-laying rag (on the end of the string) arrives after his walk around the course.

When he reaches the dogs the whistle is blown and the race is on.

Hold your cursor over the picture to send them on their way.

They are off down the field at full pelt  . . .    

. . . scattering the sheep who were relaxing after a busy day being herded by the sheep dog competitors.

- - - o o o - - -

The Show day closes with the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling.

It is a test of balance and strength between competitors . . . classically shepherds and working men.

In recent years the necessity of the classic white costume has been dropped in order to encourage more participants.

These two lads had a good battle in the ring.
Best of three falls is the winner.

The basic rules is that you must use your strength to unbalance your opponent,

not unclasp your hands and the first to hit the ground is the loser.

Shake hands as you acknowledge your opponent.
Take your positions and . . . fight.

The final of the " All weights " at the end of the day.

A spectacular throw ends the afternoon in good style.

Winners acknowledged. . . prizes awarded . . . officials thanked . . . audience satisfied

. . . and it is all over for this 140th year of the Loweswater Show.

- - - o o o - - -



Also at the Show

we were proud to launch the

Loweswatercam Calendar 2017


Twelve classic views of the Lake District

as featured on Loweswatercam.


If you couldn't make it to the Show

click here to order your calendar now,

for just £10 a copy

(plus post + packaging if required)

£1 of every calendar sold goes to support

the Air Ambulance and local Mountain Rescue.

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