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" The 141st Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show "

" The Loweswater Show 2017 "

        Date & start time: Sunday 3rd September 2017,  10 - 4 pm.

        Location : Opposite New House Farm, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 156 240)

One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows is held here in the Lorton Valley

with events and entertainment both on and off the field.

Walked with :    Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan, family, friends and about 2,500 other people.

Weather :           A poor forecast, but the rain and winds stayed away till later in the afternoon.  

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One of the older and premier Cumbrian Agricultural Shows

is held in the beautiful setting of the Lorton Valley, Cumbria, each September.

This will be the 141st event, the show spanning back over nearly 150 years,

holding a wealth of tradition, yet still relevant in modern times.

The Show is held amongst the stunning scenery of the Lorton Valley.

The backdrop of the show ground is the woodland of Redhow Crags, with Mellbreak, the Loweswater Fells to the left and Low Fell to the right.

The building in the forefront of the photo is the New House Farm Country Hotel and the Barn Tea Rooms.

Behind me, completing the scene are the high fells of Whiteside and Grasmoor.

The events in the main ring are already underway as I arrive to place my entries in the competition tent.

The commercial stalls are being set up, ready to welcome the many visitors today.

Perhaps a glass of something to wet the palate ?     . . . Thanks but maybe later in the day.

In the Industrial Tent . . . the trophies are polished and on display.

The busy Show officials (including Jenny and Sue) are helping display the exhibits . . . pass the tape !

The marquee and the tables are starting to blossom into colour

as the various show entries are brought in, labled and displayed.

The "Doorstop" competition is well contested and behind, Jan is running out of picture hanging space.

[ Whereas most categories are based on "all your own work", there are a few that also allow ready-made items to be entered.]

The ten-fifteen deadline is passed and the tent doors are closed so judging can commence.

Chance to have a quick look around before the family come down to the show ground.

The weather forecast was poor . . . so a quick run round now meant that I would at least get a few sunny pictures of the show today.

The judges watch as this young lady . . .
. . . puts her pony through its paces.

Other competitors get ready as they wait for their event.

Here the young Miss Barlow and Miss Oliphant attend their pony, Derwentside Danny.

That's them in the middle of the line up in the main ring.

- - - o o o - - -

I consult the programme and make my way across the field for the judging of the sheep section.

These competitions are again well supported 

and it seems the younger members of the family are joining in more and more.

This is a fine looking Jacob's Sheep

They have a mottled fleece and double sets of horns (two up, two curved down).

These sheep are Blackface ewes I believe.

These are definitely Herdwicks . . . and the judge has the unenviable job of picking out the "Best Ram".

Strong, powerful animals and dressed in their show colours (ruddled) to impress the judge.

Barbara Stagg enters her Herdwick.
The winner ties his rosette on the pen for all to see.

A full list of winners is available on the Loweswater Show web site later this week.

In the field behind . . . "Making hay while the sun shines"
True for these guys, even on Show Day.

I take a stroll up the fell running course for this photo of the show ground

before I drive home to fetch the rest of the family.

 - - - o o o - - -

On the left, Ann and our granddaughter Abi, but we've been welcomed by Steve and Kath Monk, website viewers.

plus Kath's sister Clare, her husband Martin, and their two dogs.

After often reminding ourselves of the beauty of the Lake District over the last 8 years or so by keeping up with the excellent photographs you regularly post on your Loweswatercam website, it was great to bump into you both with members of your family at the Loweswater Show yesterday.

It was kind of you all to take time out to come over to have a chat with us and Kath's sister Clare, her husband and their dogs. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the show (before the rain eventually came) and that you were successful with at least some of your entries into the various competitions in the craft or industrial tents.

Steve and Kath Monk

Thanks Steve . . . read on !

The other two members of our family here today were Paula (in the dark top and jeans) and her son Tom.

They hadn't seen the sheep so we walked over there once again.

This time the judging is over and trophies and rosettes are on display.

These are Beltex sheep . . . looking in top condition for the show.

Swaledales of various classes on the opposite side.

The Herdwicks are always an attractive sheep to look at . . . and are the masters of the high fells of Cumbria.

Youngsters . . . like us they start dark and go grey with age !

Ann says hello to this magnificent gentleman.

Paula and Tom admire those in the pens opposite.

 - - - o o o - - -

Close to the sheep pens is the dog ring

. . . and this young lad has a good view of the competitions whilst enjoying an early lunch.

There are two pages of competitions for dogs in the Show brochure.

All varieties from Fox Hounds to Collies, Terriers to Gun Dogs . . . plus a children's pet dog competition as well.

This would appear to be the Foxhound competition in the ring.

Suitably placed at the corner of the field was the Beer Tent . . . you could see it from most places.

The arrow encourages you . . . this way to the Loweswater Gold . . . initially brewed in the village, now a champion beer,

still brewed by the Kirkstile Inn but in their larger brewery centre in the south Lakes.

The Cockermouth Mechanics Band

were here to entertain.


Sadly as I approached there was a drop of rain in the air

so the band adjourned to the beer tent

in order to play their music in the dry

(physically and metaphorically)


Sadly I didn't get back over to listen to them this year

and the sound was not amplified across the field.


If you wish to hear their music

please check out last year's Loweswatercam 2016 web page.


- - - o o o - - -

Making our way along to see the Industrial tent we stopped at the Craft tent

where you could buy all manners of hand made crafts and goodies.

Next to them was the Poultry Tent.

- - - o o o - - -


Inside there were competitions for hens

and ducks of all shapes and sizes,

along with competitions for best eggs.


When I went in it was early and relatively quiet

but later Martin Tatnall went in

and was amused by this star of the show.



- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -

Out in the field it was dry again

and the crowds were being entertained by a troop of local Morris Men (and women).

Wonderful handmade costumes . . .
. . . with their own music to dance to.

A stick dance . . . the origins of which go way back in time.

At the side of the main rings were the commercial stalls

where you could buy everything from food and drink, flowers, garden ornaments, green energy systems and even holidays.

Nearing lunch time so the coffee . . .
. . . and the Scotch Egg stands were doing well.

You could even buy local produce to take home for the family.

- - - o o o - - -

It's 1pm and the Industrial Tent is open.

Space inside is always cramped so the dogs have to wait outside.

It would be just too complicated to allow them all in !

The displays have been judges, prizes awarded, and everyone flocks in to see who has won.

" Celebration Cakes" . . . the third, second and the winner (beyond the flask).

[ The strange photo effect is caused by the protective cellophane cover over the food ]

" A Favourite Sweet."

Best knitted "Twiddle Muff" . . . a calming muff for restless hands.

In this photo the prize winning entries are held, but not necessarily made by Alison Hewitson (Chairman of Industrial),

young Charlotte Hewitson in the middle and Catherine Armstrong (Secretary of Industrial) on the right.

"House Plants" offer the judges quite a variety to chose from.

Five entries for the "Mixed Garden Flowers in a Jug"

The winner of the "Holiday" category.
In the children's section, "Seaside on a Tin Lid".
Section 12 - "An Article of Clothing"
The "Drawing" is local Cumbrian for The Raffle.


The children's section again . . . "A Model made from Junk"

. . . and so to our family fortunes . . . a first prize for the Limerick Competition . . . "The Rainbow"

A third prize for a white loaf . . .
a third again for my Brown Cob loaf . . .
. . . and a bonus for the "Third Best Door Stop" !

Sadly my photos for the "The Sunset" photo competition

were not appreciated by the judges as much as some of the other entries . . . but I love the first prize photo with the mottled sky.

- - - o o o - - -

A big thank you for all the members of the Industrial Committee who have organised the marquee this afternoon.

- - - o o o - - -

The industry of the competitors will remain on display for the afternoon

so we leave the tent and continue to enjoy the show outside . . . fortunately the expected rain is holding off nicely.

This is the "Heavy Horse" competition . . . always a favourite.

As is the "Carriage Driving" . . . its Derwentside Danny again by the look of it.

A fine ride by the older of the two girls in the "Cone Driving" competition.

Could that be a victory wave . . . it is certainly a big smile !

The Carriage driving was followed by the "Fancy Dress" competition.

2.30 pm now and time to see the runners away in the "Senior Fell Race".

A good field of runners for this event, run under the Fell Running Association rules.

Photo courtesy of  Steve Monk whom we met earlier.

The traffic is halted for the start of the race.
A full field . . .
. . . including several lady runners.
That should be everyone away from the start !

The race will take them up to the crag

halfway up Dodd, where the Ladyside skyline meets the heather,

and the target time to beat, there and back, is about 23 minutes.

The chap in brown (No 90) was the eventual winner.

- - - o o o - - -

While the race is on I walk back across the show ground to admire the Vintage Car Competitions.

There were classes for cars, motorcycles and tractors.

There was a beautifully maintained Bond Bug three-wheeler.

A Land Rover, well maintained but for sale and ready for renovation if you fancy your hand.

Stationary Engines . . . often the workhorses of older farms in the last century.

Here they are displayed alongside water pumps or more modern, entertaining displays.

The children were entertained with field sports . . . and here The Ferret World Roadshow.

These amazing little creatures would run down the plastic tube . . .

. . . and compete with the children who would do likewise through theirs.

- - - o o o - - -

Towards the end, after the Grand Parade, it was time for the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling.

Six categories from under 9's to 'Ladies Open' and 'All weights' for the stronger men.

Sadly the rain could hold off no longer and the going was getting a little damp underfoot.

Several folk adjourned to the beer tent now the band had vacated it . . .  still refreshments were on hand for the brave.

Sadly we had to leave the show . . . but we'll be back next year for sure.

- - - o o o - - -

A big thank you to all the officials,

Chris Harris - Show President, Gordon Graham - Agricultural Section President,

Alison Hewitson - Industrial Chair and to Rachel Moore - Show Secretary.

To the Hope family who loaned the field, the many committee members who organised the events

and to the numerous volunteers who make the whole thing possible . . . a big "Thank You" from this resident of the valley.

- - - o o o - - -

We were also graced with a page in the local Cockermouth Times and Star Newspaper.

Just one last thing for our web site viewers . . .

The Loweswater Show

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- - - o o o - - -


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