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" The 138th Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show "

" The Loweswater Show "

Held on the 1st Sunday of September each year

in the fields opposite New House Farm, Lorton Valley, Cumbria, UK.

courtesy of the Hope Family of Corn How, Loweswater.

Details : One of the classic Lakeland Agricultural Shows with events and entertainment both on and off the field.

Attended with : Ann, our friends Jo, John and Dee, our dogs, plus somewhere near 2.5 to 3000 other show-goers on the day.

Weather : An blue sky day, more sunny than last year ... a great day for a valley show.

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The 138th Loweswater Show turns out to be another classic,

with fine weather, more entries, more stalls and more people than ever before.

A great day out in the valley but a very busy one for us this year as I had been asked to take extra photographs for the local paper.

No problem I thought, I'll use the website ones, but will the pressure tell on this amateur reporter ?

The day dawned clear and bright with lovely blue skies over the valley.

The forecast was for a fine day with light winds . . . just perfect for the Show.

I arrived early (9.15 am) and the field was already a hive of activity.

Stalls were being erected and produce laid out for display, the caterers were opening their stalls and preparing for a busy day.

Here our valley neighbour Ann stops for a chat before setting up the NSPCC Stall.

The competitors for the Horse Sections were busy preparing their charges for the ring.

Three of us set to and erected the First Responders mini-marquee ready for our show visitors.


- - - o o o - - -

The First Responders offer fast local response in an area where the Ambulance Service cannot usually match the timing necessary to respond to 999 calls, particularly for heart attacks and the like.

Heart Start and CPR resuscitation advice was on offer to visitors to the tent.

The green box on the table is the new public Heart Defib machine which has been funded by, and will shortly be sited on the Craft Cafe in Buttermere.

This will be available for use by any member of the public and the key code for entry will be given when anyone phones 999 for an ambulance.

- - - o o o - - -


Also at the back of the stand was the new Loweswatercam Calendar for 2015. 

£2 from every sale made at the Show was donated to the First Responder team.

Hold your cursor over the Calendar picture . . .

it won't do anything but at least you'll remember the 2015 Loweswatercam Calendars are now on sale . . . !

Time to wander across the field . . .
. . . where the horses were being prepared for the show.

Proud owner and rider, Miss Mallinson with Hardendale Rosie II.

First call was at the Sheep Dog Trials . . . what a lovely view to look at while we wait for the sheep to be released.

The dog and handler worked the sheep around the fences and into the pen . . . or at least that was the plan.

Sometimes sheep had different ideas !

Local Chris Todd and his dog Tess entered and won a second prize.

Chris was a TV star on the "One man and his dog" where he won the national competition several years back.

Unable to drive now, but still very active, he arrived here on his Harley Davidson look-alike, carefully polished for the show.

Tess travels happily on the running board to the farm and to today's event.

Over to the sheep pens to see the competitions in progress . . . a popular place with the spectators.

Looking their best, the mixed breeds are lined up for judging.

Serious work . . . farm reputations and sheep values are often enhanced by a class win.

The Herdwick pens.
Judging in progress.
A Chariollet sheep winner.

The Armstrong girls pick up the plate for best group or three grey-faced gimmer lambs (the other two were in the pen).

The Melbreak Foxhounds classes were being judged in the ring.

Individuals called to the podium . . .
Winners were recorded . . .
and the classes move on to other breeds.

A great turnout for both Border and Lakeland Terriers.

To one side, the sheepdogs have their turn.

Sam Roger collects the prize for the Best Looking Sheep Dog and Bitch.

I seem to remember him being successful last year as well.

Out in the main ring, the children bring their Pet Dogs for the judging competition.

I don't envy Show Chairman Kenny Bell the task of sorting out the winners here.

In the adjacent ring the Horse Competitions were progressing well,

first with the miniatures and then the classic Shetland Ponies.

Some competitions were led, some were ridden ponies.

It is all serious competition . . .
. . . no matter what age the competitors.

As the competitions progressed, so did the size of the horses.

These were the magnificently turned out Clydesdale Classes.

There's a larger than ever selection of trade stall this year

boosted by the Show's reputation and , no doubt, the fine weather.

Fruit and flowers . . .

Handbags and glad-rags (as the song lyrics go).

The St Johns Ambulance team members were out spotting for . . . hopefully a lack of patients.

A stall full of Country Flavours.

To one side there was a children's fun space . . . take your shoes off first,

and at lunchtime, junior games and sports to entertain.

The Under 11 Fell Race participants race home.
Under 11 Winner (70 Liam Bond) and the runners-up.

While I waited for the next race there was time to look around the Vintage vehicle and machinery displays.

Vintage Stationary Engines were up and running.
Secondary equipment often showed their original purpose.

A 1954 Lister Model 'D' Petrol engine, first used on a farm in South Scotland.

A classic Ford Transit with the livery of a local Workington Scrap Metal Merchant.

A vintage lorry which saw active service until the 1970's and since has been lovingly cared for.

The cab was beautifully lined in varnished wood and they drove to the show, complete with a heavy load on the back deck.

Class winner, a beautifully restored MGA sports car.

2.30 pm and time for the classic Senior Fell Race of the day.

They're off . . . (no time to stop and pick the blackberries)

From the field they run up to the notch on Dodd and back.
Twenty three minutes later the leaders are down.
Class winner Chris Edis (23m 32s)
First lady back, Katy Moore (27m 48s)
Father and daughter, Daisey and William Purcell.

Hot work just watching the fell race . . . time to relax .

Perhaps a drop of Loweswater Gold . . .
. . . and a little music.

Cockermouth Mechanics Band provided everyone with another fine performance

as they played now and several times throughout the afternoon.

- - - o o o - - -

In the field across the road the Trail Hounds were ready for the off.

They will be following an aniseed scent across the fields and fell side until they return to this show field.

The first three home.

The winner is presented with her rosette . . . possibly one of the Westgate dogs.

In the ring, the carriage driving competition is continuing a-pace.

Here are Ann Tallentire and her groom (plus her terriers on the mudguard).


As I missed these two events I'm grateful

to Christina and Jeff (Goode) and her brother Dave

(over from Canada for a holiday)

who are keen Loweswatercam followers

and who sent me the above pictures of the events.


Nice to meet you both,

and best wishes also to the many other

"Loweswatercam" friends

we met on the field on Sunday.


- - - o o o - - -

Where was I at this time . . . I was over in the Poultry Tent admiring the display.

No 55 D McMaster - Bantam female
Unknown (but it looked interesting)
109 K Bated - 2014 Male (other breeds)

Next door was the Commercial Craft Tent with exhibitors large and small.

Presumably Jill of Jill's Jams . . . a very tempting display of preserves.

Deserving of a prize for the best trade name on a stand . . . the "Cake District".

The chocolate muffins were rather nice too.

Relaxing outside, in the shade of the large marquee, were familiar faces.

Jo, Ann, Dee and John.  Jo's son Steve was around somewhere with their dogs.

Inside that tent was the "Industrial Display" overseen by Catherine Armstrong, Christine Walmsley and Maud Vickers.

The "'industry" applies to the cottage industries of cooking, hobbies and arts, rather than the more traditional heavy industry of course.

A first for flower photography for John McFarlane . . .
. . . but also one for me on " A Winter Scene ".

In the centre of the tent, a display of the entrants in the bread making, cakes and preserves.

Success  for the Hileys on the "cob loaf " . . .
. . . and a nice win on the "best cream jug".

By my efforts pale into insignificance when placed against the flower displays . . .

Traditional arrangements, and here one of "Remembrance" and another of a " floating " flower display.

Continuing on a wartime theme . . . "Best Memorabilia"
. . . and the best "Old Tin ".

Children's classes were popular . . . here a first for Poppy Watson with " A Painted Stone ".

My eye was caught by this clever design based on a cracked and broken stone.

Awards were presented by Barbara Robinson to . . .

Most points  . . . Hilary Nixon
. . . Newhouse Farm cup  - Freddy Walker
Crochet/knitting - Margaret McCartney

Time for the " Grand Parade of Winners " in the main ring.

Kenny Bell (Chairman) introduced the proceedings
Annette Billinghurst (President) gives a speech.
and presented prizes for Best Horse in Hand
including the "Champion of Champions" in the Sheep Section.

Champion " Exercise and Cone Driver " Ann Tallentire and assistants (those dogs are still there).

- - - o o o - - -

The final event of the day was the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling.

Getting set for the challenge of strength and balance.

The rules . . . you must not let go of your hand grip . . . try and unbalance your opponent . . . best of three falls wins.

Success for the lad in the black top.
Competition in the Junior Class.

The Ladies have their own competition in recent years.

Full-on concentration in the seniors - all weights - competition.

Slightly out-matched in height for one lad.
A clean fall in the semi- final.
Wins for Abby Marston in the ladies event.
Jo Harrington presents Jack Howard with the top prize.

Well . . . a great day out was had by all.

When asked about the future the chairman remarked . . .

" It is up to the youngsters to carry on the event

and keep the traditions of the valley alive"


and by the look of it, there's a potential new chairman in hand,

Ken's grandson seems to be wearing

the badge his granddad has worn all day !

- - - o o o - - -

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this such a good day out.

- - - o o o - - -

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Nikon P520 or Canon 1100D SLR digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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