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" The Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show 2011 "

4th September 2011. (10 am to 5 pm.)


Location : New House Farm, Lorton Valley , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Details : The Show runs all day with events and entertainment both on and off the field.

With : Ann and many of our friends, plus all the other show-goers

( Harry and Bethan stayed at home for this one )

Weather : Lovely weather after a damp night, the ground dried nicely and the sun shone all day.

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The first Sunday in September is the date of the local agricultural show.

A classic local event with animal judging, main ring events, fell running, Cumberland Wrestling and the industries of local folk all on display.

Join us as we walk around and try to catch up with all the events of the day.

The Show is held on the fields of Corn How Farm, opposite New House Farm and Tearooms

on the Loweswater Road out of Lorton in Cumbria.

The field has a beautiful mountain setting surrounded by the fells of Grasmoor, The High Stile Ridge and Red Pike, Mellbreak and Low Fell,

with the wooded knoll of Red How across the valley from the main field.

We parked on the field and walked over to the main area and the show ring.

The blue ropes give the horses access to the judging area.

Beautifully turned out dressage.

Fell ponies and one of the ladies in the Saddle Classes.

Registered Fell Ponies . . . with an appreciative audience of exotic animals behind.

First stop on this lovely morning was the sheep pens

where the local farmers have put in considerable effort to present their animals in top condition.

Classic Herdwick Sheep

Dark wool for their first year getting more grey as they get older . . . a bit like us really !

Short stocky legs and a fine set of horns on this winning Herdwick.

The ruddled red colour is equivalent of dressing them up in Sunday best.

Our friend Dee gets up close and aquainted.

Swaledale, now becoming a popular sheep for this area.

They are a hardy fell breed, almost as hardy as the classic Lake District Herdwicks.

A fine, close up portrait with perhaps just the odd grey hair out of place ?

There were six main sections with thirty eight different class awards.

A prize winning Texel gentleman.

Prizes for the best sheep and the best group of four were on offer.

Jacob Sheep . . . an ancient breed . . .
. . . with very distinctive markings and four horns.

At the head of the pens was another group of Texel sheep.

Over the back , two very well presented goats.

The would go forward to the Grand Parade at the end as prize winners.

Alongside the Sheep Section was the Vintage Cars.


I met up with an ex-colleague John, his wife and young lad Tom


who was obviously enjoying his turn at the controls of the

lovingly restored 1943 McCormick - Deering tractor.

A restored 1972 Vandem Plas Princess.
The owner's photo archive about the work he did.

A group photo of show-goers admiring this miniature car.

A beautifully restored Austin Healy "Frog Eyed" Sprite

Today's winner of the Vintage Section, No 4. Mr DW Boow, with his Greeves 1960's Scottish Trial Bike

fully restored and in full working order.

Next we visited the Poultry Tent
The first guy looked quite relaxed about the whole event
where there was plenty of waterfowl and poultry on display.
but this tall duck was wishing for a cage just an inch bigger.
There was a competition for a selection of Three Eggs . . .
. . . and for a single Supreme Egg

These were judged on size and overall shape.

Prize Winner in the poultry section
Prize Bantam and "Best in Show" winner.

Out on the field the Terrier judging is in progress.

Next to them, two hounds in the working dog classes.

Lovely blue skies for the show today.

On the field and attracting visitors, the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team Land Rover.

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It's hard work all this show going . . . time for a refreshment.

Ann, Dee, John, John and Hilton to the right, Ian & Mike (Smith) and Judith in the queue to the left.

The show also has many Trade Stands - fancy some honey . . .
. . . or new and hardly worn clothing ?

Pots of marmalade, jams and jellies of all sorts were available.

The Plant Stall

Our First Responders display amongst several local community based information stalls.

Doing good trade with all the visitors who have come to the Show today.

Piping hot and ready to eat.

The Cockermouth Mechanics Brass Band providing the music
Today's gentle wind requires pegs to hold the music in place.



Click above for a three minute video of the Band.

Outside the Secretary's Tent are the entries for the Vegetable Section.

- - - o o o - - -

The largest of the marquee tents is reserved for the "Industrial Section"

This is not a display of heavy machinery but is dedicated to the "industry" of the householders of the valley.

The central table features the cookery section.
Flower display based on a Song Title
Cakes, jams, quiche and desserts.
Prize winner . . . "Message on a Bottle"
"I've got a brand new combine harvester"
"An Animal made from fruit or vegetables"

Class 77 . . . a jar of home made Lemon Cheese (Lemon Curd)

Old Lake District guide books . . .
. . . and old Show photos on display.

Ann Kyle wins the best "3 Plain Scones" section.

Class 28 . . . an Agricultural Photo with caption.

A seascape wins the best "stormy Weather" award.

A win for Graythwaite in the "Hats" limerick section.

Lorna wins a prize for her "Pre 1960's Sunday Best" photo.
I think this one was in the "Best Door Stop" competition.
"Six white or coloured Hen's Eggs"
The "bread-makers" handy work on show.


Over the 135 years of the show there have been many perpetual trophies

donated to encourage and to reward the successes within the valley.


A list of some of them was on display alongside the fine array of cups.

Nearly 2.30 pm and time for the Senior Fell Race to start.

The competitors gather around near the main gate. Their route will take them across the fields and two thirds of the way up Whiteside's Dodd Fell

before racing back down to the finishing line here in the show ground.

" Under Starter's Orders "

Final instructions on the route and the rules.

Spot the winners . . . they are all in the photo somewhere !

" And they're off " . . . a target time of about 20-25 minutes to beat if they can.

Across the road . . .
. . . and up the first field.

- - - o o o - - -

Meanwhile back on the Show ground . . .

Dave and Ros stop to chat to Lesley and Keith, with John and Polly, Dee, John and Amber in the background.

This little OFC group has almost more dogs than people.

John and Polly walk around the ringside to where Ann is relaxing by the ringside.

Ian behind him enjoying a pint from the beer tent while he watches the arena.

A ringside view of proceedings.

Towards the top of the field they are holding the dog show for the Pets class.

" Heavy Horse " judging.

Junior Riding competitions in the main ring.

Competition in the Saddle Horse classes . . .
. . . and the Carriage Driving ring.

[ Look carefully at the hill side above the trees . . . the white dots are the runners climbing up the steepest part of the fell race ]

The show has been blessed with good weather this year.

The early warm breeze dried the field after overnight rain and consequently conditions are excellent underfoot . . . not a wet wellie in sight.

Lady driver at speed, racing to the end of the course.

Smile for the camera !
John Vickers (r) chatting near the hound enclosure
William Vickers and his daughter are busy with their ice cream
He is President of this year's Loweswater Show.
[Hold your cursor over the picture grab their attention.]

- - - o o o - - -

Just before 3pm :

With a fast time of 23 minutes 48 seconds the fell runners are home.

1st . . . Simon Booth, Borrowdale (23m-48s)
2nd . . . Chris Steele, Borrowdale (24m-44s)
First lady home . . . Pippa Maddams, Keswick (26m-50s)
Mike Park from CMRT completes his run, suitable pleased.

Time for the Grand Parade of Winners

Clydesdale Heavy Horse winners

Fell Pony winner.

Ken Bell leads his dog around.
Those goats did win a place on the parade.

Fancy Dress winners . . . The Gypsy Wedding.

Back to the Beer Tent for some last refreshments . . . . Oh no !!!

They've run out of Loweswater Ales . . . it's only cans left !

Note to committee . . . order more beer next year !

- - - o o o - - -

I was unable to get round to all the events and competitions.

I've not covered the Hound Trails or the Sheep Dog Trials, the Children's events or the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling.

If you have any other photos you feel that others may wish to see, please feel free to email them to us and I'll try to add them to this report.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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