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" The 134th Annual Loweswater Show "

Sunday 5th September 2010.

Location : The Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show ground, Corn How Farm, Lorton Valley, Cumbria, Uk.

Details : The Show runs all day with entertainment and events both on the show field and in the adjacent sheepdog, hound trailing and fellrunning areas.

With : Ann and the dogs, friends, most of the valley folk and and lots of visitors.

Weather : A beautifully dry and sunny day with a slight but warm breeze.


The Show takes place on the first Sunday in September each year.

 The Loweswater Show 2010 at EveryTrail


The Loweswater Show returns with a bright and sunny day in north west Cumbria.

After two missed events, washed out by poor weather, the 134th Annual show is back on the road.

Sunshine, laughter, competitions, displays . . . it's all there.

Join us as we wander round the Show Ground and enjoy the sights.

The sign has been encouraging passers-by for the last few weeks.

The day has arrived . . it has dawned fine and dry, the breeze is warm and the gates are open for business.

The Show is held on the Corn How Farm fields, opposite New House Farm Guest House and Barn Tearooms

[ on the B5289 Lorton to Loweswater Road ]

The main ring is already up and running with some of the Horse and Rider classes already being judged.

Waiting patiently for their turn to compete.

Some delightful Miniature Shetland Pony entrants.


Everyone is dressed in their best

ready for the events of the day.


In the Dog Ring, the Terrier classes are being judged.

Further round are the sheep pens.

Judging started at 10 am and the winning rosettes are already on display.

A fine Swaledale.

The Texel Breed on show.

The Herdwick sheep have also been dressed in their best for the day.

One of many Herdwick Rams . . .
. . . and one from the Jacob Sheep Section.

The Sheep Dog Trails were taking place on the adjacent field.

The five sheep have to be collected from the far end and shepherded through the gates then successfully penned to win.

The colourful Flower Stall.

The Show also has a commercial aspect so many traders come along to market their wares.

The Honey Stall along with, presumably, Honey Bears.

Foxy Lady


( left:) Jayne and Liz browse the shoes and leather goods.


Ice Creams and Mountain Rescue.

The views of Ladyside Pike, Hopegill Head and Whiteside from the Show field are wonderful.

Into the busy Craft Tent . . .

where local handicrafts vie for your attention with the local volunteer groups' stalls.

All sorts of goodies are on offer, from towels to trinkets,

from jewellery to wood turning and photos to paintings.

The First Responders' Stall

explaining how the heart defibrillator and oxygen equipment is used during emergency callouts in the valley.

This lady tries out the Pulse Oxy-meter finger sensor

detecting pulse and blood oxygen levels to aid diagnosis.

The Mellbreak Communities Stall

bringing our four local Parish Council areas together.

Outside again to the Vintage Car section
Check out the price of a new model.

A beautifully restored Frog-eyed Sprite.

- - - o o o - - -

The afternoon also included the classic local Fell Races

. . . for Juniors
. . . for Ladies

. . . and the Senior Section.

The senior fell race involved an up and back course from the show field

round a marker on the shoulder half way up Dodd (seen behind) and back to the field in the quickest possible time.

Into the Industrial Tent . . .

When we first moved to Cumbria we thought this tent would be full of industrial equipment, but it is in fact full of

the industry of people's labours, their hobbies and skills

. . . this corner held the photo competitions.

Floral displays.
A Single Rose.

First and second prizes . . .
. . . in the Farmers' Market flower display

Loweswatercam wins a second in the Bread Section
but beaten in the scones by a bigger and cheesier competitor

Raffle tickets on sale from Betty Coulthard.
6 Hens' Eggs - one displayed for judging purposes.

Class 56 . . . A Birthday Cake . . . this one with a topical equestrian design.

Second went to the Tractor cake . . .
. . . and a second for someone in the "Show on a Lid" design.

The Hungry Caterpillar . . . " made from Fruit and Veg "
A rather fine Pineapple Owl in third place

- - - o o o - - -

There was a section for old Loweswater memorabilia or photos of previous Loweswater Shows.

An old Show Poster from 1931.
The Old Smithy at Loweswater.

Two Lakeland shepherds
The School Field Show Site of old.

Out into the sunshine again . . .

Morris Dancing displays from the "Two Headed Sheep" Dance Team,

the Cumberland Wrestling over in the small display ring, the Hound Trails in the field opposite . . . and more.

The children had several sports events . . .
. . . and a " Try your Strength " machine.

The Poultry Section

Award winning entries . . .
. . . of all sizes, shapes and colours.

The carriages line up for the Dressage and Driving competitions.

A trot around the main ring under the watchful eye of the judges.

Cones were placed for the carriage races.

A quiet and competent round . . .
. . . a not so quiet round, the two participants full of enthusiasm.

A study in concentration.

Late afternoon now and an address by the 2010 President, Mr Tommy Coulthard.

The Grand Parade of winners is under way.


And so the day continued . . .

Before you go, click on the video above to re-live the events of the day

accompanied by music from the Cockermouth Mechanics Band.

The Show is scheduled for the first Sunday in September each year . . . hope you can make it to the next one.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a prize from the competition of your choice.

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