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Time and place : 18th of Sept 2003.

Occasion : The Loweswater Show

Walk details : A gentle stroll around the field today - several times.

Lunch at the refreshment tent . . Refreshment at the beer tent !!

Weather : sunny to start, but overcast and cooler than of late. Fortunately the rain held off until the very end of the day.

This was the 129th "Loweswater and Brackenthwaite Agricultural Show" and took place on the School Field at the top of Loweswater village.

Due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak the event has not been held for the last two years, so we're all hoping for a fine day, a good turnout and plenty of competitions to boost spirits and advertise all that is good in the valley.


The day was overcast but fine as we made our way to the Village Hall. In the field below the Craft fair, there was a demonstration of log sawing, making planks and timber from an old Oak trunk, for a local Cumbrian furniture maker.

The Craft Fair and Spinning demonstration in the village hall adjacent to the field.

Many of the local farmers had spent time preparing their animals so that they looked their best for the judging.

The Texels dressed were tinted brown, the Herdwicks with red ochre, but these Swaledales (I hope I've got that right) needed no "make up" to look their best.


Two prize winning bulls on display.


The delightfully named "Industry Tent held all the exhibits lovingly prepared ready for the day.

There were classes for cakes, flowers, pictures, knitted items, photograph, limericks, paperweights, and many more.

In the children's section, handwriting, decorated biscuits, animals made from fruit and veg, to name just a few..

On the showground there were competitions for everything from Heavy Horse to Shetland Ponies . . .

. . . with equestrian events and Carriage Driving competitions.


A highlight of the show was the Fell Race. A junior competition had over twenty entries and took a shorter course.

The seniors set off to climb Low Fell in the distance - out through the crowded showground, past the sheepdog trials, a short road section, then it was straight up the front of the Fell itself.

While the were on the race itself, the commentator discussing the progress of the runners with Derek of Cockermouth MRT (they provided the safety link for the race) and then less than 20 minutes later they were back.


The winner No.434 collected his orange drink and Mars bar, and (small) cheque.

Once home the others relaxed and waited for the tail end runners to return.

Children's Fancy Dress Competition.


The Grand Parade and Prize Giving, in the main arena, with the classic backdrop of Mellbreak Fell behind.

A good crowd gathered at the Cumberland Wrestling arena to watch some excellent good natured sport.

The classes were under 12's. under 15's, under 18's and All Weights.


Entries were accepted on the day and partners were drawn from a hat, resulting in one or two rather mis-matched competitions. Well, if he can't lift him, he can always try and butt him in the kneecaps !!

The rules seem to be that each competitors must maintain linked hands behind their opposite numbers back. You must then try to pull your partner off balance and make him hit the ground first. The winner is the best of three falls.

The senior (all weights) semi final was a great battle, with the smaller guy refusing to be thrown . . .

causing amusement of the crowd, the wrestling judge, and the other competitors,

one of whom was exhibiting a rather fine traditional Cumberland Wrestling costume.

His semi was against a member of the beer tent fraternity, who received full marks for a gallant try.

The final was a foregone conclusion but humorous and good natured nevertheless.

" I wish he would stop holding my leg and fall on the ground like he's supposed to! "

Finally, with the clouds getting lower and a hint of rain in the air, the final show jumping event of the day.

The stalls had sold their last piece of china, of fudge, Cumberland cheese, or bird feeder, the last local cleared their decorated spoon entry from the industry tent, and the doughnut man had fried his last doughnut of the day and sold it to my son.

Prizes, cups and rosettes were packed into Land Rovers and taken home for the mantlepiece for another year.

It was all over . . . Roll on the third Thursday in September 2004 !


Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed . . . with a programme, on sale from the Secretary's Tent priced £2.

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