Hi Ann and Roger

The apricot sweet was called " Marillenknoedel " (apricot dumpling).

It is made from fresh or frozen apricots (you may replace the stone by a piece of sugar, using the tip of a wooden spoon), covered with a dough made from potatoes, eggs and flower or, alternatviely, from cream, eaggs and flower.

Mix all the ingredients together and knead with your hands

The fruits are completely covered with about 8 - 12 mm thick of dough and placed in boiling water - where they sink down at first, then they start to swim.

After about 10 minutes of cooking, they are taken out of the water and, still wet (that means: immediately) immersed in a pan with hot crumbled white bread, pre-roasted with a bit of oil (or butter) and small amounts of sugar until it gets brown.

Enjoy it!




The dough: 750 g potatoes, cooked and peeled, chilled, pressed through a narrow sieve to make a smooth mass.

225 g flour

2 eggs

Small amounts of salt