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7th April 2024 - Ashness and Lodore Falls

The plan for today was to walk High Seat via Watendlath, a walk that I had reconnoitered two weeks ago. With stunning weather that day, today's walk would probably not be as good but I didn't expect "Storm Kathleen" to come crashing through.  Time for a quick re-think.


31st March 2024 - Workington's Slag Heaps

When Loes suggested this walk, my first thoughts were the same as yours probably, but then I had heard of others that had walked here and thought, why not, it's a fine day and probably the best time to visit this less than salubrious place . . . how different it all turned out !


30th March 2024 - Stan's Thirlmere Walk

The Cockermouth Striders are out again, under the leadership of Stan and Frances Leigh. the route today took us alongside Thirlmere and back under Helvellyn on the path above the aqueduct. Stan's walks are often full of history, and today was no exception.


24th March 2024 - Watendlath & High Seat

A grand day in prospect and also a walk with a purpose. I stuck my head over the parapet recently and got volunteered to lead a Mob Walk up here in two weeks time so I thought I had better go along and see what the new path conditions were like.


19th March 2024 - Holme Woods Tree Planting

There's been a lot of felling of timber in Holme Wood in the last year due to Larch disease. As a consequence there are gaps in the woodland that need replanting to maintain the woods for the future. Today I received an invitation to help on a Community Planting Day.


15th March 2024 - Brundholme Woods

The fine weather takes us out of the valley and over to Keswick, where we park at Spooney Green Lane for a walk towards Latrigg.  For a change we head off right, into the woods, on a gradually climbing path along the side of the fell on a new route for us.


15th March 2024 - St Bees Priory Light show

The big cities of the land have special events to draw the crowds and entertain the masses.  Today the village of St Bees was punching above its weight when the Priory was host to a light show to rival the best.


4th March 2024 - Honister Drum House Walk

An easier walk with not too much climbing was required for Loes and Dylan, so I let her pick a location and a route.  Honister would be great as she could walk in the view of the snow, but little did we expect to climb up the mine track all the way to above the snow line.


3rd March 2024 - Whiteside Snow

A morning walk around the valley with both dogs, but the snow covered fells looked so inviting I headed out again after lunch for a simple ascent of Whiteside from the valley.  Carrying the smallest of packs plus microspikes and we were off.


2nd March 2024 - Buttermere Round the Lake

With snow blanketing the high fells and the sun shining beautifully, it was time to head up the valley to enjoy the spectacle.  With a slightly poorly dog and a companion with a slight limp too, we stay low and headed off round the lake.


29th February 2024 - Smithy Beck Trail

Spring has sprung in Loweswater and the world is a little more colourful.  These are a few of the photos taken of the local flowers in recent days. I've included photos from a trip over to Ennerdale where we walk the old Smithy Beck Trail, much changed in recent times.


22nd February 2024 - Silloth Foreshore Walk

Some days we head to the hills and other to the coast.  Today the forecast was better in the Silloth area north of Maryport so a gentle stroll along the foreshore from the Lifeboat House to the old lighthouse and back for a cuppa in Mrs Wilson's would suit the day well.


21st February 2024 - Rowrah Trackway Surprise

A walk can be great for many reasons, height, length, scenery, a surprise along the way and today fell into that latter category.  We set off on a reasonably level walk along a railway cycle path and ended up with a tour through the industrial past of the Rowrah area.


11th and 18th February 2024 - Mob Raven Crag

A great walk which Peter and I did twice in a week. Peter was leading the walk for the Mockerkin Mob group, so wanted to 'recce' the walk the weekend before.  The second version was anti-clock wise, which made sorting the photos rather more difficult !


10th February 2024 - Catbells Terrace

An extended walk over to and along the Catbells Terrace path, returning via the lakeside including passing Lingholm for the second time on the way back.  We didn't take lunch so a slight diversion at the end was an added climax to the walk on this beautiful day.


6th February 2024 - Stanger Holy Well, Lorton

Waited in for the boiler man to service the heating just to find it had a fault and he had to come back the following day.  I therefore had the chance to head out on a local walk after lunch. Haven't walked to to Stanger for several years . . . time to do it again.


27th January 2024 - Surprise Mellbreak

There we were, laying the table for breakfast after a leisurely morning lie in and the phone rang.  Were we free to join in on a walk up Mellbreak in half an hour's time . After a quick breakfast we set off from home for this walk with the extended Archbold Family.


23rd January 2024 - Burns Night Supper 2024

Technically Burns Night is celebrated on the 25th of January, but that doesn't stop Loweswater 77 Club making an early start this year.  Tuesday was the convenient day for us to celebrate the Scottish Bard, very close to Rabbie Burn's official birthday.


18th January 2024 - Cold, Sunny, Hen Comb

Another glorious winter day with brilliant sunshine and a cold feel to the air.  The snow of last weekend still survives on the tops but has turned icy in the below zero temperatures of the last few days.  Dougal joins me on an afternoon walk up my local fell.


9th January 2024 - Matterhorn Rock and Local

A week of changeable weather as we wait for the forecasted snow.  The high pressure brings cold dry winter days which are a delight but it won't last.  This is a selection of very different walks and weather which had characterised this week in Loweswater.


7th January 2024 - Mob Walk - Grasmoor

The local village walking group is out again and the weather has come up trumps considering that the walk was planned two weeks ago.  An 'A' walk up Lad Hows to the summit of Grasmoor is planned  and at over 2,750 feet high, it should give us great views.


6th January 2024 - Buttermere - Figure of Eight

The first day of predicted fine weather arrives on cue and Loes and I head up to Buttermere to enjoy the views.  A Long How walk to Crummock Water hardly seemed enough, so we added a stroll to Buttermere (lake) and the Spindle Tree before it was time for lunch.


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