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25/26th December - Harewood for Christmas

Loes has kindly invited me to her new house in the Village of Harwood, just north of Leeds. I arrived less than an hour after leaving Sheffield, with the prospect of a few days relaxation and a measure of that Christmas spirit, plus the chance to explore Harewood itself.


The weather on Christmas Eve was perhaps the opposite of the day before, so before I drove an hour north to Harewood for Christmas I had the chance to join with Jenn and Matt for a walk out on one of the grit stone "edges" for which the Peak District is famous.


22/23rd December - Sheffield and Hardwick

Twas the night before Christmas, actually a couple of nights before Christmas when I had the opportunity to visit Sheffield, to stay with and exchange Christmas presents with my family. I was guest of my daughter Jenn and her partner Matt, plus young Emily of course.


14th December - Winter walk and Christmas

A great little walk to get out an appreciate more of the cold weather.  I make a break and head up for a walk up Mellbreak, In the smallest of backpacks are a snack, a small drink but importantly my winter spikes. These pictures mark  the start of the Valley Christmas Events.


14th December - Lorton's Old Mosser Track

Another walk in this lovely winter weather, such a change from the poor weather of Autumn.  Loes and I planned to climb Sale Fell but because of the cloud we head up the old Mosser Track in the midday sunshine instead.


8th December - Frosty Crummock Water

After the long wet Autumn the weather systems have changed and we have a Winter high pressure over the country, bringing cold winds from the north, clear days and bright, bright mornings.  (Today's walk was an early one and so delightful I've posted it out of sequence)


4th December - The Mob Christmas Walk

I've managed a few walks with this long established local walking group.  As time goes on people's capabilities differ and often walks are catagorised A and B, based on how strenuous they are.  Today however the December Walk was open to all as it was a "Christmas Event" to round the year off.  I join in as one of twenty walkers.


27th November - Crosscanonby Walk

With Loes and her friend Lill from Cockermouth, we head out to the coast for a change and head for Maryport Golf Club.  A nice round walk would include the village and church of Crosscanonby, which I haven't been to since 2016.


23rd November - Ennerdale Lakeside

Today's walk was as a result of the fine skies, but we got to see more skies than we had bargained for on this familiar walk. The larch disease is forcing the forestry guys to fell and cart away thousands of trees and so alter the views of some of my favourite places.


15th November - Cockermouth Riverside

A damp day today in the middle of this very changeable month. We opt for a town walk as part of the day's activities, but once we leave the tarmac the going under foot gets decidedly soft and muddy. Plenty of interest however as we meet the old railway line.


13th November - Castle Crag Remembrance

November has crept around and it is time for a classic walk up to Castle Crag for the Remembrance Service at the war memorial at the top.  We meet up with friends and it feels like the years have rolled back and nothing has changed.


12th November - Fangs Brow to the Gate

A shorter walk but with the nice weather we can't stay at home.  As it is the afternoon and the days are shorter now we opt for a location that has views to the north and west in order to maximise the sunshine during this very damp November.


9th November - Buttermere's Two Bridges

November lives up to its reputation of being a very wet month.  Wave after wave of low pressure systems barge across the country after gaining moisture from their journeys from warmer climes. This year is no exception as the rain swells the rivers and fills the lakes.


28th October - October Ramblings

This poor chap's busy life continued a pace, but I'm not complaining as it has been a great time. A visit to Newcastle found me exploring old haunts from fifty years ago, I had family to stay, the weather changed from good to bad and back, but the month ended on a real high


= to follow =

1st October - Greek Flotilla Holiday 2022

= to follow =


30th Sept - September Ramblings

A busy autumn period started with September and hasn't stopped. Lots of lovely guests enjoying the Summer sunshine, but by the end of the month Autumn had arrived and skies had turned cloudy and the wind blustery.  Here are a few pictures from the month's activities.


Sometime back I said to Chris Howarth to give me a shout when he walks his last Wainwrights. Chris had his last two of his "Wainwright 214" to finish but also would like to see the Eskdale Needle, so we better set off and get the whole thing up sewn up !


For this 14th superb edition we have been looking back at the year  to bring you twelve months of Loweswater pictures and Lakeland scenes. Good looking, practical for planning your year ahead or to give as presents . . . and it's on sale now !!


Final preparations were done, entries sorted and arrangements made for the 2022 Loweswater Show which was held this week in the Lorton Valley.  The well tested routines fall into place so let's hope the weather holds for a  day out at this premier Valley Show.


Tim and Meile, who were over for his sister's wedding Celebrations, also wanted to see some of Britain and Europe before they return home to Bogota in Columbia.  A few days in the Lakes would be appreciated and perhaps "a chance to do a little fellwalking" ?


Ian, who lives in Bedford captain Tom's village of Marston Mortaine, has a son who's a commercial pilot, but who also has shares in a light aircraft. Mark wanted more seat-of-the-pants flying time and offered to fly his dad to Cumbria so Ian could go fell walking.


27th August - A Bog House Walk

The walk today starts 12 miles from Cockermouth and just one mile from Keswick, but there's no point driving past this sign as the road ends here. I'm in Portinscale with Loes and we've parked at the old road end, where the suspension footbridge now crosses the Derwent


A composite of three walks, two historical and a third noting a point in time in the valley.   A visit to Egremont Castle on the way back from St Bees was a short walk that has been waiting to be done for so long. The other walks were similar but very different in aspect.


More of a family album this one, so that I can have a record of the many and varied events this summer.  However, there's some nice scenery in there and a variety of locations, as well as people.  Hopefully it will be of general interest to both family and friends.


12/13th July - Stuart and Hazel Rowe

Two walks, the first up Hen Combe with Stuart and the second, the following day, with both Hazel and Stuart climbing up the front of Mellbreak and over to Scale Force waterfall.  Stuart and Hazel were staying at the Kirkstile while they were here in Loweswater.


9th July 2022 - Carlisle, Orient and Dacre

A combination of outings, all rather different, brings a selection of photos from the weeks after our return from holiday. Time near Penrith buying a new car meant we walked in areas that we don't normally travel to.  Add two Village events and the set is complete.


2nd July 2022 - Whitehaven & Harbour Fest

Loes and I wanted a walk in a slightly different location today, so we headed to the coast near Whitehaven. The weather was overcast and very windy so we decided to walk towards town rather than towards St Bees lighthouse.


June 2022 - The "Make it 2 million" Competition

June 2022 - The '2 million' Results

14th June 2022 - Holland with Loes

Loweswatercam was on location in June and for the first time in ages I crossed the sea to Europe.  After Covid, this was the first opportunity for her to go back and see her family. I took the opportunity to join her, share the driving, see the sights and meet the relations.



6th June 2022 - Summer in Loweswater

Time to move forward into summer as I gather all the photos of non-walks and smaller outings and post them in a sort of medley of summer activities.  In between big walks and a first holiday abroad for years, I have found many days of enjoyment through friends I've met.


A weekend of celebration here in the Valley, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary

of Queen Elizabeth II as The Head of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.


Plant a Tree for Jubilee

at The Grange Hotel

The Loweswater Hall Village


The Loweswater Discussion (Farmers) Group traditionally meet during the winter months for beer and a conversation. At this time of year the group also tries to have a day out in order to visit someone else's farm and also include a place of general interest, with a few beers and conversation along the way of course !


Today a Cumbria Magazine walking article encourages us to the countryside around Caldbeck and Hesket Newmarket. Loes has been here before, but I haven't walked this area and neither has our third member today, Sheila.


18th May 2022 - We Wander to Wonder

This is a walk we've done before but in rather different circumstances. It is chance to maintain long standing friendships and to revisit familiar places. It is also chance to introduce Loes to an area she doesn't know in quite so much detail as our "local guide".


15th May 2022 - Great Mell Fell with John

John had contacted me some time ago as he was holidaying in the Lakes.  He fancied a walk near Keswick to start the week, before moving down to Langdale to meet regular fell walking friends there. A meal at the White Horse afterwards would compliment the day.


10th May 2022 - Rannerdale Bluebells 2022

The sun has been shining, we've had some recent rain and the bluebells in my garden have been in bloom for a week or so.  Conditions should therefore be right to enjoy the display in the Rannerdale Valley once again this year.


7th May 2022 - Morecambe Bay Crossing

I had the opportunity to "Walk the Morecambe Bay Sands" on May 7th this year, something I've wanted to do for such a long time.  Friends of the Lake District announced that they were organising a Walk so I signed up to take part and also raise money for a good cause.


1st May 2022 - Dean Scarecrow Festival

There's a tradition in many parts of the UK to have Scarecrow Festivals where a village gets together to decorate their homes and gardens with scarecrows and make-believe models. Dean Village led the way and organised a weekend of events covering the four neighbouring hamlets.


25th April / 5th May 2022 - Blencathra - Twice

 Far, Far away in land across the sea, the north Atlantic tectonic plates moved and the Cumbrian silt stone crashed into the volcanics of Borrowdale and the Northern Fells were born.  Millennia later an aeroplane left Canada and crossed that same sea and brought people to Cumbria who wanted to climb those fells.


24th April 2022 - Newlands and Goldscope

There are several social groups in the valley, some based on walking, some based on exploring local history, or of many other interests. Today two of those interests combined to provide the opportunity to walk into the 'history' of the Newlands Valley.


21st April 2022 - Burgh by Sands - The Mob

Another walk with The Mockerkin Mob.  This time the suggestion is to travel to the northern extreme of the county, in fact the northern extreme of England for a walk through history. We're promised battles, bird life and Roman remains on this very different walk.


20th April 2022 - Langstrath Black Moss Pot

Beautiful sunshine finds us on a relatively flat walk up the Langstrath Valley, but don't underestimate the walk as the going underfoot is often rocky and the path covered by river washed stones from millennia past.  Some other brave folk also took a dip in the river !


16th April 2022 - Three Walks Nine Summits

On this last full day of Easter, the family all have slightly different preferences about when and where to climb.  Abi, Cathy and Mark fancied a brisk climb of Grasmoor, the two lads opted for an early start on the other side of the valley and Jenna, Matt and I preferred a more gentle climb and a classic descent from Honister to Buttermere.


15th April 2022 - Honister Via Ferrata Extreme

My granddaughter Abi's other request for a walk this holiday (apart from Scafell Pike) was to 'do' the Via Ferrata at Honister.  Not everyone fancied the trip so we split the party and five of us piled in the car for a trip to the top of the valley.


14th April 2022 - Rannerdale from Home

The family, or a significant number of them, are here in Loweswater over the Easter Break. Abi has stayed on Cathy, three of her boys plus Mark are here and Jenna and Matt make up the nine. There's a general desire to return to Rannerdale and remember the significant one who's missing, Ann.


10th April 2022 - Scafell Pike with Abi

Abi had missed out when her older brother had climbed England's highest peak. She's staying here in Loweswater for a few days and when asked what she'd like to climb, Scafell Pike was the instant response. Living locally I had done it many times, but there was one significant walking route left that was still un-climbed by me !


4th / 6th April - Two Easter Walks with Rachel  

My niece is over for a few days over the Easter holidays so I have chance to introduce her to the delights of not only the fells but also of the coast, as we do a little sightseeing, explore unseen places and climb our local fell by the north face ! 


1st April 2022 - An Extended walk up Gavel

    Today was such a beautiful day I thought I would chase the snow with a walk up Hen Comb.  By the time I set off most of it had melted so I changed the objective of the walk, to climb Gavel Fell, the only one of the Loweswater group that I hadn't climbed this year.


23rd March 2022 - High Nook with Jane

Once again my walking companion today is my ex-colleague Jane from George Fishers who has driven the short distance from Cockermouth so that we could walk to High Nook Tarn at Loweswater in the lovely sunshine on offer today.


19th March 2022 - Longlands and Cleator Moor

Loes suggested a walk out west to explore Longlands Lake near Cleator Moor. After enjoying the lake we just kept on walking and ended up exploring the old railway tracks that encircle Cleator Moor.


18th March 2022 - The Sunshine Returns

After a wet few days the forecast is for high pressure, bringing cooler weather but beautiful sunshine to start the week.  These photos are a collection of events and places that filled my time while I try to get a little fitter for the impending arrival of the younger generation over Easter.


17th March 2022 - Scale Force - Cafe to Cafe

There's no such thing as bad weather, it's just being out on the wrong day !  The changeable conditions however, bring their own joys and we need the rain to keep the lakes topped up. Today the bad weather arrived early, but also left early which was the bonus.


13th March 2022 - Mockerkin with the Mob

Chance to walk with fell walking friends again, members of the local Mockerkin Mob.  A fortnight ago the weather was fine, the planned route more gentle and there were nineteen walkers that day. Today the weather forecast was poor, the route much steeper and the numbers of walkers lower, but it was still a great day out.


12th March 2022 - Brougham Castle Walk

An invitation to join a different walking group today . . . the Cockermouth Striders. The walk is more historic than extensive, more gentle undulations rather than steep ascents, but it reaches back over time to the Neolithic the Romans, the Middle Ages, and even has a nice cup of tea at the modern cafe, in a place visited by Winston Churchill and ourselves!


8th March 2022 - Drigg Sand dunes

A day over on the west coast with Loes finds us south of Seascale, in order to explore the Drigg seashore. After failing to find a local pub for lunch we drove a short distance inland to Santon Bridge before returning to the coast and spending an hour exploring the dunes.


5th March 2022 - Hollins to Hope Beck

Loes suggested a walk along the fell wall below Whiteside as somewhere to walk without much altitude to climb. I prefer not to do out and back walks, so between us we we devised a route that took us along old valley tracks to join the wall for the return half.


1st March 2022 - The Gasgale Valley from Home

Loes and I make an early start for this extended local walk.  Loes is unsure of rocky ground but also unaware of what lies ahead so it is up to me to judge the route. The valley offers a gentle but surprisingly tricky climb due to the erosion after years of flood events, but fortunately the return is easier.


28th February - The Spring Garden

With the fine weather showing its face there is the incentive to make a first cut of the lawn and tidy up all the winter left-overs.  The pond has been cleared of a large quantity of small-leafed pond weed, the paddock of surplus grass and the garden raised beds dug.


27th February - Mockerkin Mob's Fellbarrow

An outing with my local fellwalking group the Mockerkin Mob. Ann and I used to bump into them occasionally when we were out walking, but today I formally joined with the group for the first time. Their walk this week is more local than some so I know the fells well, but even so I walked some paths today I've never walked before !


25th February - Back and forth over Low Fell

Just a dog walk today, but my local dog walks aren't normally this long.  I set off thinking it was cold and damp and came home some time later thinking that it wasn't such a bad day after all. My route was decided as I went along.


23rd February - Stormy Buttermere

The forecast before we left home was for a misty start, a windy middle and a rainy end to the day.  What would be the best time for a walk ?  There's no such thing as bad weather .... so we kit up accordingly and head out for a walk before lunch.


17th February - Maryport Town Walk

Storm Eunice blew through well to the south of Cumbria and the snow that followed also fell a fair way away from Loweswater.  The forecast for today however was for a brighter afternoon so Loes and I decided to leave little to chance and head to the coast to enjoy a low level walk with loads of interest.


17th February - Hen Comb between the Storms

What started out as a dog walk in a dry spell between Storms Dudley and Eunice was extended as the weather really wasn't that bad.  The winds up top were strong as expected but the temperature was mild and even the sun came out, as did my foot from my boot.


6th February - Stormy St Bees

It wasn't actually a named storm, more of forecasted high winds and blustery, winter showers. After a domestic morning full of gardening and some wildlife views, I headed over to St Bees for an afternoon walk with Loes and to enjoy the wild seaside !


2nd February - To Wet and Windy to Climb

To climb or not to climb ... that was the question.  Stephen wanted to re-start his hobby  on his first holiday in the Lakes for many years, so I offered to climb Mellbreak with him.  However the weather had other ideas, so we opted for a low level circuit of the fell.


27th January - Blake Fell from Felldyke

We drive round to the western side of the fells to enjoy an afternoon walk up Blake Fell.  An early lunch should give us sufficient hours of sunshine as the sunset is noticeably later now. Loes and I park at Felldyke and head up towards Cogra Moss.


23rd January -  Irton Fell with Ian and Loes

Chance to catch up with my fellwalking club friend Ian Smith as he is up in the Lakes at present. Loes and I head over to Eskdale and meet him on the road beneath Irton Fell.  Another linear walk to save the road walk and because we had two cars anyway.


A linear walk today with Loes and a friend I've known for years, Diana. She moved over from Sheffield after holidaying in the Lakes for many years.  Today she joined myself and Loes on a walk to visit St Bega's Church on the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake.


The Ratti Railway was closed for winter maintenance but that doesn't stop us enjoying an extended circular walk around the village of Boot in Eskdale.  Loes and I pick a low level walk on the map but who knows if we'll stick to it in this area she knows so well.


Another fine walk with my ex-colleague and friend Julie as we venture up the Borrowdale Valley to circumnavigate Castle Crag. Julie is progressively extending her walking after recent surgery so we pass on a summit climb in favour of a more reasonable route today.


5th January -  Mellbreak the Steep Way

What set out as a dog walk down to Crummock Water became extended due to the beautiful winter weather.  On reaching Low Ling Crag I could either backtrack to home or become more adventurous and head up onto High Ling and who knows where after that !


A big thanks all who bought a copy from us, to Lee and Arwen of Lorton Village Shop and to the Kirkstile, the local hotels and the guest houses who also kindly stocked the calendars on the run up to Christmas this year. 


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