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A busy day on Saturday as we saw more people in the village than normal.  There's a fell race on and it starts from the Village Hall.  Our daughter also arrived in the afternoon as she was spending a long weekend in Cumbria with friends.


We drive down to Suffolk to visit Cathy at Pin Mill, meet Jen and some of the boys and catch up on a few odd-jobs that really needed doing about that house.  A busy ten days but we still had time to walk and talk in between the work.


A busy month, noteable for the sunshine, the heat and the lack of rain. As well as working in the garden we have the pleasure to host loads of visitors but this set includes few of the walks, more of progress close to home.


The weather this early summer continues to impress . . . and our guests can take full advantage of it. A local walk to Crummock Water and a traverse of slopes of Darling Fell fill the weekend for our friends Hilton and Vanessa.


It's May and time for the summer excursion of our Loweswater Farmers Group. The format is similar again this year, with a technical visit in the morning, a farm visit in the afternoon and supper before returning home.


This walk from Cinderdale is a firm favourite and is different each time as the seasons and weather conditions change. Today I let Harry rest at home as he has walked this path hundreds of times, sadly he will not do so again.


On the following day the weather had improved, back to the blue skies and warmth of this 2018 summer. A liesurely morning including more work in the paddock and a bike race, followed by an afternoon stroll to Crummock.


'Tis May and the seasons move on.   In the garden we have seen the seasonal flowers change from snowdrops to daffodils to primroses. With May now well under way, the bluebell flowers at Rannerdale should in full bloom.


28th April - 5th May - Our Northumberland Holiday

We booked a week's self-catering holiday at Low Newton on Northumbria's North East. We've swapped mountains for seascapes, a west coast climate for an east coast one. I wonder what the forthcoming week will bring ?


5. Beadnell & Craster


25th April 2018 - Spring and a Bike Ride

A collection of pictures from this week as the April sunshine and showers are transforming the valley colours at last.  The grass is growing, the sun is out (in between the rain showers) and the gardening year comes round again.


18/19th April 2018 - Trevor & Gill, Lakes & Rivers

At last we see the back of the cold wet weather (for a while ?).  With the sunshine comes warm temperatures, well timed as today Trevor and Gill were due over for a local walk followed by supper.



15/16th April 2018 - Two Walks Within Sight

Two shorter walks with different friends, different directions and different times, but within sight of each other as they were both elderly-dog friendly outings in our local area. Welcome to Lanthwaite and Loweswater.



9th April 2018 - A Misty Crummock Morning

Some mornings you just wake up and feel that there's a great view to be seen outside ... opening the blinds today did not disappoint, as the April showers take a back seat and we experience the best weather in the country.



8th April 2018 - A walk to Matty Benn's Bridge

It was nice weather in Loweswater on Sunday but just a little further south it was not so clear for our walk. We drove south via Ennerdale Bridge to Cold Fell and then enjoyed a walk to an ancient bridge over the River Calder.



5th April 2018 - Sunshine and Easter Snow

After a heavy rain the day before, the Thursday of Easter week dawned cold and bright. The overnight rain cleared to a heavy morning frost and the valley was looking a delight.  Good job I protected some of the garden fruit.



2nd April 2018 - A Wet Bank Holiday Monday

It has been a grand day to be indoors ... but the dogs need a walk and if I'm right, the weather is easing as the afternoon progresses.  A walk down by the Cocker is always good, but is even better when you are after a bit of shelter.



27th March 2018 - Frosts, Gardens and the Paddock

A compilation of photos from recent weeks on the days of unusual weather or busy days in the garden. The heavy work is done, now it's the technical bits and then wait for nature to do it's thing . . . hope we've got it right !



24th March 2018 - Sunshine at Crummock, Dee & John

The weather, although still cool for springtime, is nevertheless showing signs of improvement with a period of sunshine and clear skies that make walking a delight.  Dee and John call over after lunch for a walk and supper.



22nd March 2018 - A Buttermere Ramble with Nicola

We've entered a period of kinder weather with the winter weather gone but the low temperatures still in evidence. Our niece Nicola is visiting for a few days and we explore some of the delights of Buttermere on a rather grey day.



17th March 2018 - Little Beasts and Crummock Icicles

The big weather warnings are out again as another Siberian high pressure system is pushing easterly winds, low temperatures and snow towards Britain. It has been dubbed the "mini-beast from the east"



9th- 12th March 2018 - A Long Weekend in Sheffield

We had an invitation from our daughter to visit her house in Sheffield.  Ann hasn't visited since Jenna moved in but this is my second visit and my second list of jobs that 'Dad needs to do' when he can.  Welcome to the family. 



3rd March 2018 - The Bothy after the Snow

The sunshine came out after lunch and the  temperature, whilst still cold, was hovering above freezing.  The fields are clearing and after a JCB snow plough, the roads through Loweswater are clear again. Time for a walk.



1st - 2nd March 2018 - The Beast from the East -2-

After yesterday's improvement in the weather, this morning saw Storm Emma (or whatever her name was) come blasting through bringing real wind chill and blowing the snow off the fields and into drifts on the roads.



28th February 2018 - Beauty and The Beast

An abortive attempt at a Buttermere outing but after taking our friends home and enjoying a welcome cup of tea at their house, the weather had time to improve and a trip to Buttermere was back on the cards.



28th February 2018 - The Beast from the East

We woke up this morning to a drop of the white stuff.  Most of the snow has been falling on the eastern side of the country but today we've had a significant snowfall which has stayed because of the sub-zero temperatures.



February 2018 - Sherran and Bill's Low Fell

The second full day here in Loweswater for Sherran and Bill.  The weather is superb but Bill and I are eager to complete the paddock.  The format of the day is repeated with work in the morning and a walk in the afternoon.



24th February 2018 - Binsey with Sherran and Bill

It wasn't work all the time while Sherran and Bill were staying.The fine winter weather which made working on the paddock easier was also calling us to get out for a walk. Our first longer one was was requested to be Binsey.



20th - 26th February 2018 - The Paddock Transformed

Between our garden and next door is a small field separated by a rickety fence.  I had the opportunity to buy this small package of land as I fancied improving it with a little landscaping and a wildlife project.



21st February 2018 - Low Fell, Fellbarrow and a Run

One last walk for Lauren before being delivered to Penrith Station for her journey home. Low Fell and Fellbarrow should give them all the best chance of local views. The boys stayed an extra night so had a final run afterwards.



20th February 2018 - Dylan leads Great Gable

Our second grandson Matthew has arrived and together the four "youngsters" set off for a day on the high fells.  Their choice is Grey Knotts, Brandreth and Green Gable, with the chance to extend the walk if conditions permit.



19th February 2018 - Jack and Friends in Loweswater

Our eldest grandson Jack is up on a visit and has brought two of his colleagues on his trip to the Lakes. They arrived for lunch and would appreciate a local walk afterwards to see where they have landed.



13th February 2018 - Rannerdale with Harry

The weather is still cold and the tops decidedly snowy. Ann and I fancy a walk Buttermere direction and decide to test out Harry's walking skills now that he has got over his recent bouts of poor health.   Both dogs are in the car and a reasonably short walk is in prospect.



7-14 th February 2018 - A Mixed Week of Everything

The highs and lows of a real mixed bag of a week. Weather-wise we had snow and sunshine, wind and rain, then snow again. Jo was with us for the weekend for a walk and two local events . . . then she and the snow both left.



6th February 2018 - Winter Snow at Rannerdale

After lunch it was time to go out for a longer walk. For the afternoon photos we park at Cinderdale and walked the track towards the Rannerdale.



6th February 2018 - Winter Snow in Loweswater

It was one of those magical winter days that surprise even though we had heard a snowy weather forecast.  So many pictures from the day that I an presenting them in two halves. These are a few of the morning views.



3rd February 2018 - Blues and Greys, Yellows and Pinks

The suggestion of the title of a walk often comes to me part way around, based on who, when or where.  This time I looked at the selection of pictures afterwards and it was the variety of colours that stood out from the day.



2nd February 2018 - Crummock Water with Pat

Day two of the superb winter weather and our friend Pat is staying for a few days.  A morning working whilst waiting for her to arrive, then it was a lakeside walk for three of us, meeting up with a friend down by the lake.



1st February 2018 - A Buttermere Afternoon

As I sit and write on a lovely Cumbrian day, I'm able to look back to start of the beautiful clear skies. I ventured up the valley again for "food for home" and "pleasure for the eyes" this time taking Ann to see the spindly tree.



26th January 2018 - The Mosser Track above Askill

A beautiful dawn . . . and the day continued on in the same vein, with blue skies and minimum breeze. After we had taken Harry for a short walk, we then took ourselves out on a slightly longer local outing . . .



20th January 2018 - A Walk in the Dry Sunshine - 2 -

After lunch, with Harry fed, watered and walked we took the car a short distance up the valley to Cinderdale, in fact we went further but retraced our steps to stay in the sunshine, on a walk by the side of Crummock lake.



20th January 2018 - A Walk in the Dry Sunshine - 1 -

Harry has had a second bout of illness since Christmas, however he has responded well to antibiotics again and he never ceases to amaze. Today the sunshine flooded the valley and he needs a short walk to appreciate it.



18th January 2018 - A Walk in the Wet Snow

It has snowed during each of the last two nights but we've missed the cold temperatures and the heavy falls that other parts of the country have experienced.  There's plenty on the high fells and there it does look cold !



11th January 2018 - A Buttermere Milk Run

In a home of a one armed lady, the two armed man is  . . . busy . . . but I don't mind.  Doing the dog walk and fetching the eggs and milk, especially if the two jobs can be combined as on a day like today, is a pleasure not a chore.



7th January 2018 - Binsey Summit and Isel Church

The first outing of the new year, due to Ann's arm being fixed, Harry's illness and my man-flu.  Still, we'll put last week behind us as everyone is getting better, some quicker than others.


January 2018 - The 2018 Calendar Results

You had your chance to have your favourite web site pictures hanging on your wall all year round . . . and thereby support a good cause

. . . and support it you did !   A big thank-you from Ann and myself.


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