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25th December 2014 - Rannerdale at Christmas

A dry morning if not actually a White Christmas (the snow would come on Boxing Day to the high fells).  We take a morning walk out onto Rannerdale Knotts with the dog as we had a lunchtime invitation to dinner.


24th December 2014 - Christmas Wishes 2014

May Ann and I wish you all the best Season's Greetings, have a great Christmas and we hope you all have a great year ahead.   Many thanks to all those that helped us raise money for Mountain Rescue again this year.


12th December 2014 - Pre Christmas Visits

More of a family and friends one this time as we take a trip around the country to meet up, deliver presents and be with some of the children and grandchildren before Christmas.


6th December 2014 - Spiraling up Knock Murton

After a beautiful few days, including that spectacular sunny Tuesday, the weather took a dive for the worse just as Jo arrived for a weekend in the Lakes.  Today we walk somewhere away from the cloud covered fells.


2nd December 2014 - Over to Grike for a Sunset

It was a beautiful day and a walk was crying out to be done. After an abortive drive towards Honister we returned home to collect the missing rucksack and sandwiches then headed instead to Grike on the west coast.


30th November 2014 - A Darling Holly Tree

Another trip to Darling Fell by Ann in search of that illusive holly tree.  She tried hard to find it last time, maybe today she will be more successful.


22nd November 2014 - Loweswater Fells with Paula

Paula and Al, our grandchildren Tom and Abi plus Paula's friends Sue and Mark are up for the weekend. The lads opt for a big cycle ride as I join the others on a traverse of the Loweswater Fells from Fangs Brow to home.


18 / 24th November 2014 - Darling Fell for Ann

Two local walks, the major one being Darling Fell for Ann on the 18th (while I was at work).  The second was after the weekend when I ventured out for a short dog walk and just had to add a few photos due to the weather.


17th November 2014 - Dubwath and Binsey

Today we needed a walk for ourselves and the dogs and we also needed a suitable birthday present for a member of the family. Where do we get those two things reasonably close together, well today at Dubwath and Binsey.


14th November 2014 - Tunnel vision with Gareth

Gareth was a bit tunnel-visioned when deciding on this walk.  He wanted to repeat and experience that he remembered from years back, that of walking through the rock cave on the Buttermere lakeside path.


10th November 2014 - Local and a Birthday

Our son Gareth is up for the week and after the Castle Crag walk on Sunday we had a relaxed week walking the dogs locally in and around Loweswater.  The variable weather made for interesting views.


9th November 2014 - Castle Crag Remembrance 2014

There are several memorial gatherings on the high fells of the Lake District this Sunday but we decide to repeat our last year's Remembrance visit to Castle Crag, starting this year from Trevor and Gill's home in Grange.


6th November 2014 - Three Days in a Week

It's been a mixed week of weather here.  Roger has been at work and when out and about locally I rarely take my camera.  However, our friend Mary said how much she and others enjoy just seeing what the Lakes are like whatever the weather ... so here goes


25th October 2014 - Ashness and Barrow Cascades

Strong winds and a heavy rain forecast meant the high fells were no place to be.  We met up with Jo at the Great Wood car park near keswick and headed up Cat Gill, heading for Walla Crag and Ashness Bridge, then who knows ?

13th - 18th October 2014 - Our Beadnell Holiday

You don't go on holiday for a while and then, like buses, two come along together.  We head for the sea again but keep our legs firmly on dry land as we re-visit old haunts and explore new areas of the Northumberland Coast.

1 - Arrival at Beadnell
2 - Walk around Craster
3 - Druridge Bay
4 - Berwick on Tweed
5 - Lindisfarne

6th October 2014 - Low Fell Backwards with Finlay

Trevor and Gill were over in Loweswater and with Finlay (of Borrowdale) we set out to walk Low Fell.  We have climbed it several times so today we reversed our normal route after first parking transport at Thackthwaite.

4th October 2014 - Laudable Lodore

Most of September's missing rain fell yesterday.  When Neil came over for a walk a visit one of the famous Lakes waterfalls seemed an obvious choice.  It turned out to be a brilliant day in many respects.


2nd October 2014 - Reflections of Angler's Crag

Ennerdale is basking in reflected glory on a mid week afternoon.  The general noise and hubbub of the Ben Ghyll river scheme fade as we climb Angler's Crag and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.


20th - 26th September 2014 - Zuza Hebridean Cruise

A six night, seven day cruise on a live-aboard sailing boat with Northern Light Cruises. Our two past holidays with them were great and this latest one promises to take us round many of the Inner Hebridean islands that surround Scotland's third biggest island, Mull.

1 -Oban to Colonsay
2 - Colonsay to Gometra
3. - Gometra to Coll
4. - Coll to Tobermoray
5. Tobermory to Oban

13th September 2014 - The Invesco Lakes Challenge

Out on the fells early again, providing safety cover for about 120 challengers raising money for The Youth Adventure Trust. Dylan's first marshalling day starts with a 4.30am alarm and a drive to Patterdale.


7th September 2014 - The Loweswater Show 2014

The 138th Loweswater Show turns out to be another classic, with fine weather, more entries, more stalls and more people than ever before. A great day out in the valley but a very busy one for us this year.


2nd September 2014 - Ladyside Pike with Jo

A peak that failed to catch Wainwright's eye but one that is a great fell in itself and leads to one of the finest scrambles onto a high peak that doesn't involve a serious degree of exposure or risk, especially in dry weather.


30th August 2014 - The Ullock Pike Round with Neil

With the prospect of a reasonable day of improving weather, we set off to climb a small trio of fell tops, one of the best round walks that doesn't include a major summit despite one being so close at hand.


23rd August 2014 - Fellbarrow with Paula, Al and Abi

We have family staying and after three days walking the Cumbria Way, Paula decides on a shorter walk on this sunny August day.  Al is up for the Bank Holiday weekend and with Abi we set off to climb two local fells.


19th August 2014 - Hen Comb with Mark & Gill

Mark and Gill, who we have got to know through the website and meeting them in Fishers, have accepted an invite over to Loweswater for a walk.  Mark's suggestion was Hen Comb, as yet un-climbed by them.


12th August 2014 - Bowness Knott in Ennerdale

Jo is over and the weather is poor, hopefully no connection.  A lower level walk is needed and Ennerdale comes up trumps with brighter weather and no rain. A new summit for Jo, only the second time there for us too.


9th August 2014 - Sale Fell and Lothwaite

A relatively local walk today to exercise ourselves and the dogs. We regard it as  a walk we do quite often but looking back it has been over a year since we were last up here . . . time flies when you are enjoying yourself !


7th August 2014 - A Devoke Water Round

A fine weather forecast for the whole day finds us travelling down the west coast of the Lakes for a walk around Devoke Water.  No level stroll this one as it includes the six summits that surround the lake.


4th August 2014 - A Short Stroll up Gasgale Gill

Sometimes even a short "dog walk" which we do every day turns out to be a scenically beautiful trip out in the Lakeland countryside.  Three cheers for phone cameras this time as the sun shines on Gasgale Gill.


26th July 2014 - Whinlatter ~ Seldom Seen

With Ian and family in Cumbria and the boys wanting to mountain bike in Whinlatter we selected a two hour, two car excursion to fit in with taking and collecting them from the mountain bike centre. 


21st July 2014 - Cogra Moss with Double Dogs

Our friends Sophie and Chris also have two retrievers and we offer to take them for a walk as they do ours sometimes. We call in and collect them on the way to a walk at Cogra Moss reservoir.


17th July 2014 - Loweswater and High Nook

Loweswater lake is always beautiful on a nice day and we extend the walk up through the woods to visit High Nook Tarn, sheltering under the slopes of Gavel Fell. Ann and I take the dogs together on a slightly longer, local walk.


12th July 2014 - Seafarer's 24 Peaks Challenge

It is 11.30 am and I'm at the Old Dungeon Ghyll at the start of a long working day, but however long it will be for me, it has been heck of a lot longer for some of the people I will meet as they have been on the go since 6 am this morning. Welcome to the Seafarer's 24 Peaks Challenge.


10th July 2014 - Loweswater Ladies Summer Outing

The Loweswater Ladies social group who meet monthly here in the village enjoyed their 2014 Summer outing to the Museum of Costume in Kirkby Stephen . . . visits by appointment . . . but you are cordially invited to join.


7th July 2014 - Hopegill Valley with Amber

A shorter walk to match the fitness of one of the group.  Amber, Harry's elder sister is fifteen in November, a good age for a retriever but she is naturally looking for shorter walks.  This one is always a favourite for us.


28th June to 2nd July -  Pin Mill and Holbrook School

End of term at our grandson's school and his last day as Head Boy. We travel down to Suffolk to enjoy a weekend which starts with a visit to the School and ends having seen most of our other children and grand children too.

1 - Pin Mill and Holbrook
2 - Pin Mill and the Boats
3. - To Angie and David's
4. - To Jen and Paula's

23rd June 2014 - Crag Fell and Grike ~ Jill & Nigel

Jill and Nigel are up and the weather is fine.  They request a local walk but we encourage them a little further a-field, in fact we grab the car keys and drive round to Ennerdale for this classic five mile, twin summit walk.


20th June 2014 - Scafell Railway Children 2014

The superb weather continues and someone has asked me to do some work which involves climbing to the top of Scafell Pike . . . how could I refuse ? Welcome to the Railway Children's summer "Three Peaks by Rail".


19th June 2014 - Fellbarrow & Low Fell with Joan

Rachel and Geoff were over for the afternoon and asked for a local walk in order to exercise them and their dog.  Joan is a close friend too.  She joined us for the walk and prepared a lovely evening meal for everyone afterwards.


14th June 2014 - Yewbarrow for Jo's 428

A spur of the moment decision to climb Yewbarrow in Wasdale. Neil and Jo were over in reasonable time and, as the weather seems set fair for a reasonable day, a decision to complete Jo's 2nd Round seemed a good idea.


9th June 2014 - Loweswater Farmers 2014

Loweswater Discussion Group, known locally as the Loweswater Farmers, organise a day out each year which usually involves a bus trip, a farm visit, a meal out and a few beers ... so nothing different ... Carlisle here we come !


5th June 2014 - Muncaster Castle with Gareth

5th June 2014 - More Muncaster Owl pictures

Chance to visit a place we've passed many times and heard about often. Gareth joins us on a visit to Muncaster Castle on the west coast to see the gardens and the World Owl Trust conservation centre.


3rd June 2014 - Buttermere Long How

Time for the usual daily walk . . . where shall we go today ?     The nice weather of the last few days has suddenly got even better so we head off to Buttermere for a wonder round the head of Crummock Water.


1st June 2014 - Ling Fell with Gareth

Sun and skylarks, a great combination for this walk today with Gareth, Harry and Dylan. Ling Fell is one of my favourite local fells, close to home and always rewards with great views on a nice day.


31st May 2014 - Mellbreak and a Wedding

Jo is over for the weekend and joins Gareth and ourselves on a longer local walk.  She wanted to climb a mountain, so climb a mountain it is.  Mellbreak is 1,655 ft so that will do as not everyone is up to climbing much higher.


27th May 2014 - Hopegill's Dodd with Ian

On Tuesday, Ian came over and we chose a local walk but one that Ian had never done. After lunch we set off for a short car journey down the valley and parked on the High Swinside Road just eight minutes from home.


26th May 2014 - Mosser Track with Pat and Leo

A beautiful Bank Holiday weekend with more sunshine and less rain than forecast. Pat and Leo call round for a local walk and the flowers and views were so nice Ann repeated the walk, her camera in hand, the following day.


21st May 2014 - George Fishers ~ Catbells Litter Pick

A planned evening walk came up trumps as the date of the annual Catbells Litter pick organised by Carol at Fishers coincided with a superb evening of sunny weather. We set off, bags in hand, to spring clean this iconic summit.


17th May 2014 - Rannerdale Knotts and the Bluebells

Richard was over from Burnley with his new puppy, Molly.  She's two weeks older than Dylan and just as bouncy.  His suggestion for a walk was Rannerdale Knotts which would suit the puppies energy levels quite nicely.


15th May 2014 - Castle Crag with Finlay and Dylan

A combination of factors has meant that we've not met up with Trevor, Gill since early March but today is a great day for a nice walk. Finlay is now nine months old and reminds us that Dylan won't remain a puppy for very long.


13th May 2014 - Knott Rigg without a Hat

Ann takes advantage of the sunshine as she picks a local Buttermere fell for a walk today.  The weather is warm, the sun is out and three set off for the local summit of Knott Rigg . . . bar t'at as the old song says.


12th May 2014 - Gardening and an Early bath

Time spent in the garden brings rewards of a vegetarian kind but with a puppy it brings complications too.  Still the season moves on and with it the pleasures of life with a puppy.


9th May 2014 - Rannerdale Bluebells 2014

10 days on from our last visit and we have the prospect of a better display of flowers at Rannerdale.  The sun is shining as we have lunch and we set off up the valley . . . just as the clouds roll in . . . you can't win !


7th May 2014 - Arc'teryx and Walla Crag

Wednesday is often a training day in work but this time we have the opportunity to go out and try things for real.  Arc'teryx Clothing have offered to take us on a local walk to experience their gear ... out in the real world.


3rd May 2014 - Low Ling Crag and Visitors

On Saturday Jo was over and we all managed a local walk, shorter than some due to her elderly dog and our youngster. The weather was overcast and threatening rain . . . but that's no reason not to go out and enjoy the day.


2nd May 2014 - (May) Ling Fell in the Sunshine

Yesterday Roger took the dogs for a local walk down to Crummock Water. The visibility was reasonable, the sky overcast, the weather on the cool side. Today is different, the sun is out and the fells are bathed in sunshine.


28th April 2014 - " First Rannerdale Bluebells "

After seeing the first of the bluebells in Holme Wood over the weekend and noting the ones in our garden are growing a-pace,it was time for a quick evening walk over to Rannerdale to see how the wild variety were doing.


26th April 2014 - Loweswater Bothy with all four Dogs

Sunshine all the way as we arrange to meet with friends for a gentle walk which is more than suitable for old dogs, young puppies and folk awaiting a knee op.  No ups and downs but plenty to see and enjoy today.  


22nd April 2014 - Loweswatercam Counter Competition

Click here for the results.

Several folk have pointed out that our web-counter on the front of the Loweswatercam site is reaching a significant milestone.  Try your luck and see if you can be our 1 millionth Loweswatercam viewer ?


21st April 2014 - Causey Pike with Jen

Jenna is with us for the holiday weekend and though busy with her college work, she still wanted to get out and climb something high. An afternoon start and travelling light found us on the top of Causey Pike in an hour and a bit.


16th April 2014 - Dylan's First Walks.

After a week or so at home and then receiving his final puppy inoculations, it is time for Dylan to get out and see the big wild world.  We chose a quiet track above Lorton Valley for his first walk into the open countryside.


14th April 2014 - A local walk "under Mellbreak"

I hadn't planned to take photos of this regular local walk with Harry but as the weather today was so good I dug deep into the pocket and found my phone and took a few shots as we went round under Mellbreak.


10th April 2014 - Dylan and a Busy Week at home

 With a second week of holidays we are at home and catching up on all the jobs.  Cathy and Alexander are with us and there's lots of visitors to fill the days.  On Friday there's a birthday celebration and the candles are out again.


8th April 2014 - Great Gable with Alexander

Our daughter Cathy and her youngest son Alexander are staying with us for a few days.  Alexander wants to climb Great Gable ~ because his older brothers have ~ and now he's 9 yrs old there's no reason why not.


4th April 2014 - Dylan of Loweswater

Well ... he's arrived and life won't quite be the same. Dylan is a fluffy bundle of fun, as in the toilet paper advert, and running rings around Harry and us.  The task in hand is to show him who's boss ... in the nicest possible way.


28/29th March 2014 - Swansea Visit 1

Chance for us to visit our son and friends in Swansea. He has been promoted to "Stage Manager" for the Swansea Amateurs and they are performing at The Grand Theatre Arts wing. The tickets are in hand for next Tuesday night.

1 - Uplands and Pobbles
2 - Dynefwr Castle
3. - Mewslade & King Arthur
4. - Market, Tor Bay & Theatre

23rd March 2014 - Surprise View Geocache

Need a gentle walk, a bit of a challenge, a treasure hunt . . . try entering the George Fisher Geocache competition in the current issue of The Update.  It was my job to set out one evening after work to set up the cache for you.


22nd March 2014 - Muncaster Fell with Neil

Poor weather in the Central and Northern fells encourages us west to look for something a little lower yet interesting.  Neil had never traversed Muncaster Fell so we loaded up just one car and headed round toward Ravenglass.


15th March 2014 - A Tickhill Weekend

At the weekend we headed across the country to spend a weekend with our daughter and family in Tickhill. On the Saturday we enjoyed a sunny walk with hardly any feet of ascent . . . such are the canal systems of the UK.


10th March 2014 - Bowfell for our third 214

Walking the full "round of Wainwrights" is the challenge to summit each of the fells highlighted in Alfred Wainwright's Lakeland guides. Today the weather forecast is good which could allow us to complete another circuit.


9th March 2014 - Dylan of Gunnerdale

The other reason we were over on the east side of the Pennines was to meet our prospective new member of the family, young Dylan. Harry will soon have a friend to play with if all goes well ... and it looks like it is !


9th March 2014 - Hamsterley Forest Walk

A walk in Hampsterley Forest with Gary Richardson gives us and Harry an after lunch chance of exercise.  It is a long way to go for a forest walk but we had an ulterior motive this day.  All will be revealed.


8th March 2014 - Latrigg with Dee and John

Time for a short walk this afternoon. Dee and John are over from Durham and we meet for a walk up Latrigg, not too high or too long so as not to tire their elderly dog, Harry's 14 year old, half-sister Amber.


3rd / 6th March 2014 - Mosser Road and Finlay

Two days of total contrast but we manage an outing on both.  The first was too fine to stay in, the second was too wet to go out !  Still needs must and for the second walk we had the company of Finlay of Borrowdale again.


1st March 2014 - Whinlatter via Honister

A strange title for a walk report as the two locations are in opposite directions from home, but the vagaries of the weather demand a change of plan even though we've loaded the car and driven quite a few miles.


28th February 2014 - Knott Rigg and Ard Crags

The wind has dropped, the sun shines . . . and we have the chance to get out to a local fell on Friday afternoon. It may not be the highest of the summits around the valley but the view today should be spectacular.


24th February 2014 - Buttermere Round the Lake

Sherran and Bill stayed over for a third night which allowed us another walk on Monday.  The weather seemed to be clearing, so we chanced a stroll around the lake at Buttermere, clockwise, but without watching the clock.


23rd February 2014 - Whinlatter Walks ~ Sherran & Bill

Sherran and Bill are over for the weekend but the weather didn't realise it had to behave.   Much of the same with passing low pressure systems bringing low cloud, wind and rain at times.


16th February 2014 - Out and Back on Low Fell

Ann takes the dogs out for a walk but as the weather is better and time is not of the essence, a stroll along the ridge of Low fell is the preferred option. Afterwards she retraces her steps to get back to the car at Thackthwaite.


13th February 2014 - Crummock and Sue's Birthday

Two local walks combined up from a period of very variable weather.  In the Thursday evening we had an invite from two Loweswatercam Viewers to join them for a celebratory birthday meal at The Chalet in Portinscale.


10th February 2014 - Darling Fell Walk

Shoe-horned between a morning swim in Calvert and an afternoon visit to town, was a short but very pleasant dog walk which included a summit, and a sunny one at that.  It has not always been wet and windy in the Lakes.


9th February 2014 - Knock Murton Sunshine

In between the wet days there are dry ones, the trick is to get out when this occurs.  One of our closest, local fells open to the low afternoon sun would be Knock Murton, so a short journey took us round towards Ennerdale.


7th February 2014 - February Ling Fell

Making miles while the sun shines, Ann and Harry take a walk up Ling Fell on a sunny Friday afternoon.  There's snow on the high fells and strong sunshine warms the way to the top of this little classic.


3rd February 2014 - Mill Beck, Buttermere

The need to visit friends in Buttermere gave purpose to this next walk, but it wasn't as planned due to the offer of a cup of tea first .... but a second objective was decided upon, a walk down the Mill Beck through the village.


30th January 2014 - Sunshine on The Cockups

The predicted fine weather has come true, but the sunshine is very localised as the strong and cold easterly wind brings cloud and gloom to the Central fells.  We opt for a walk a little further out and enjoy a great little walk.


29th January 2014 - Mellbreak Pinnacles View

Morning work done and the weather is looking brighter.  Harry needs a walk so we stay local but extend the walk slightly to ring the changes. Hopefully there will be a new picture or two on this favourite walk of mine.


25th January 2014 - Local and Locals

It has been a week of very indifferent weather and with that sort of outlook, work and other commitments, we are strangers to full days out on the fells.  Still life goes on and the dogs need and enjoy their walks.


14th January 2014 - Whiteout on Whiteside

What started out as an idea to climb Whin Ben to give Harry a walk, ended up with a quick ascent of Whiteside to check out the overnight snow. A small pack with extra gloves and microspikes was all that was needed.


13th January 2014 - Rannerdale on Harry's Birthday

Another break in this damp weather finds Ann and myself climbing Rannerdale Knotts. Normally we stay on the outside for the descent but with the lack of direct sun, the valley route back is the choice for today.


12th January 2014 - Bradgate Park with Hilton

For Bet's weekend, we stayed at Hilton's house in Thringstone and on Sunday we had a walk with him in the Bradgate Country Park, famed for its Old John Tower and the views across the Leicestershire countryside.


11th January 2014 - Bet's 90th Birthday Bash

My aunt has reached another big-0 birthday so all the family met up near Bristol to celebrate.  41 brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces and partners graced the tables for a "big birthday bash" meal.


9th January 2014 - Calmer Seas at Whitheaven

After a rough series of winter storms the calmer weather provides a welcome respite.  There are grey skies in the fells today but it was brighter for a brief visit to Whitheaven where I had the chance to walk along the seafront.


2nd January 2014 - Cogra Moss and MRT

A New Year walk on the first fine day of the year.  This season of blustery storms then quieter days has a certain rhythm about it.  Today, Ann and I pick a one of those quieter days for a walk up to Cogra Moss reservoir.  On Monday we visited the Cockermouth Rescue Centre to present a large cheque !


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