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28th December 2008 Middle Fell with Gareth

Chance to climb Middle Fell and show Ann's favourite view to Gareth. The TV viewers chose Wasdale with Great Gable, today's side on view will show the Scafells in their best light, and the light was certainly good today.

27th December 2008 Ling Fell with Gareth

A repeat of a recent walk but one that is a delight at any time. Gareth and I (Ann) take a late afternoon stroll up Ling Fell to give the dogs some exercise and enjoy the sunset while Roger is busy at work in Keswick.


The weather seems to have changed for the good as we get a second dry, sunny, cool but wonderful winter day. Ann and I take the dogs for a short local walk which we extend upward in view of the fine weather.


A Christmas Day walk with our son Gareth. As an alternative to that midday 'stuff-yourself-silly' feast we opted for a walk up Fleetwith Pike and ate later.


May we wish you all a Merry Christmas, and happy and fulfilling New Year, and we thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given us over the last twelve months. It's been a pleasure.


We had decided on Dodd as Jo was travelling home to York today. The forecast wasn't brilliant and we wanted a cup of tea and seasonal mince pies at the end of the walk !


Simon called this communal walk of the OFC and those of us in the area and free at the time, joined him at Whinlatter. The proposed walk was to Grisedale Pike but the weather failed to live up to the reasonable forecast. Still, we'll go anyway . . . it looked ok on the day.


A non-de script day but clearing towards the afternoon. We had some shopping to do but first the dogs needed a walk. Ling Fell would be just about right.


Following yesterday's glorious winter wonderland walk, today was never going to be the same. A cloudier and windier day was forecasted so warm and windproof clothing was top of the agenda when packing the rucksack.


This is more like it ! A winter high pressure, clear blue sky, a heavy overnight frost and plenty of snow on the high fells. Today was a perfect winter walking day so we chose a classic walk up Haystacks.


We seem to have missed the best wintery weather while we were away so I take a walk up onto Hen Comb to see what snow is still about. It's damp cold and decidedly grey, but we keep warm and enjoy the winter conditions.

28th Nov to 3rd Dec 2008 Pre Christmas Visits

As we are not planning to travel over Christmas, we've taken the opportunity to visit family in order see them and to exchange presents. Our first stop was Camberley where Cathy and Richard entertained us for a few days.

25th November 2008 Darling Fell with Hilton

Roger's at work today but the weather is sunny and beautifully clear. Hilton is up in the Lakes and was happy to do a local walk up Darling Fell. We pile the dogs into the back of the car for a short drive to the Mosser Road.

23rd November 2008 Rannerdale Knotts with Jo

Jo was planning to leave in the middle of the afternoon so a short walk was needed today. We choose a local favourite, Rannerdale Knotts. A small fell with great views up and down the valley.

22nd November 2008 Dale Head with Jo

Roger's at work today so Jo and I decide on a visit to Honister. The two objectives today are to do a little local shopping for Christmas gifts and to enjoy the late afternoon weather whilst giving the dogs a walk.

20th / 22nd Nov 2008 "A Secondary Cause of Death"

The Village Players hit the stage for three nights of comedy. A murder mystery weekend turns real as the occupants of the stately home suffer untimely deaths under the nose of the inept Police Inspector Pratt.


One of the delights of living in a valley community is that we feel there is much more of a sense of togetherness than when we used to live in the big city. . . . no more so than when organising Amateur Dramatics on a valley level.


Gummer How is a popular viewpoint overlooking the southern end of Windermere and deserves a blue sky and still reflections. Not today though as the clouds roll in, but we'd planned this walk for other reasons.

10th November 2008 Mellbreak and the Pinnacles

An unfrequented Wainwright route done in reverse compared to the book. Our descent rather than ascent followed a visit to both tops by Pete and myself. A shorter walk as he had to returned to London that evening.


Last year we walked up to the summit of Great Gable to join the Fell & Rock Club in their Act of Remembrance. The weather forecast this year was very poor so today we opt for an alternative walk to Castle Crag.

4th November 2008 Grasmoor via Dove Crags

Tuesday's not such a good day but it's dry and clear on the tops so Joan, Jeff and Rachel join us for a walk up and then down the steep slopes of Grasmoor including a view of Joan's house from the top - hurrah !

3rd November 2008 Latrigg from Calvert Trust

Monday and Ann is off to help with Riding for the Disabled at The Calvert Trust in Keswick, so I take the chance of a walk up Latrigg while she's busy. It's Autumn and what leaves are left after the storms are turning colour.


Wednesday's walk was not without minor excitement when, at lunchtime, the strong winds whisked away my spare clothing bag and threw it over the edge. Today Ann and I go in search, starting in the valley below the crags.


David and Josie are staying in the valley and fancied a local walk. Simon and Beth expressed the desire to join us so with winter warmers at hand we set off to climb above the October snow line. This year's weather is weird !

28th October 2008 A Keswick Walkabout

It was a great day for weather today, but also a great day for turning out and fulfilling my work obligations . . . so my walk out today had to be delayed till lunch time !

24th October 2008 Sunny Friday with Ian

Today was the calm after the storm. Blue skies and warm sunshine so time to get out and enjoy a walk. It may turn out to be the calm between the storms however as tomorrow forecast promises to be very rough again.

23rd October 2008 A stormy Loweswater

Today's forecast was a belter of a low pressure bringing high winds and heavy rain. The Mountain Weather Information Service suggested walking the high fells would be impossible today ! The BBC, for the record, also got it right.

18th October 2008 A quick trip to Tickhill

There was a bit of a family get together planned for Saturday at our daughter's house so we decided to join them for the day. Gareth needed meeting from the station so we volunteered to meet him.

16th October 2008 Buttermere Round the Lake
Another classic walk, not up but along this time. A popular low level walk but with fewer people today due to the weather. A forced diversion adds to the height climbed on this more or less level walk.
15th October 2008 Helm Crag with the Leslie's
A classic Greenburn Round starts with an ascent of Steel Fell and ends with a descent of Helm Crag. We join David Leslie, Ros and Douglas on this fine but not so fine walk.
This walk started out with David, Ros, Gary and Sheena arranging to meet up for a walk. Someone told the OFC and loads of others turned up, including six friends for their two dogs, Rosie and Holly.
11th October 2008 High Spy via Nitting Haws
The weather was fine after a day of torrential rain the day before. Time to head up on to the fells. With Roger at work, it was just John, Jo, myself and the four dogs today.

It's a beautiful day but my diary says work, so I drive to Keswick only to realise that I had arranged to swap days and wasn't needed ! A quick phone call and I'm back home, packing a rucksack with lunch, and we drive over to Eskdale.

3rd October 2008 Great How at Thirlmere

A fine day was forecast but so was a certain amount of work. However we were able to get out before the light failed and consequentially enjoyed a delightful walk up Great How and great views of the Thirlmere Valley.

28th September 2008 Black Combe with Jo Hall

Jo has often mentioned that she would like to walk Black Combe, the most south western of the fells of Cumbria, so with sunshine and light breezes we drove south, hoping for some easy walking and nice views.

21st September 2008 Scafell Pike 3 Peaks Challenge

We had been asked to help out with marshalling another mountain challenge event on Scafell Pike. If we were going out at 4am then Jill, who was visiting for the weekend, had little chance to avoid an early morning walk too.

20th September 2008 White Oak Beck Walk
The morning had started cloudy but with the forecast for a sunny afternoon. So after a leisurely morning at home, Jill and I set off after lunch on a local walk.
18th September 2008 The Drop @ Keswick

If you go down to the woods today . . . you're sure of a big surprise !With a little spare time during lunch I walked down to the lakeside to see what it was all about.

17th September 2008 The Eskdale Fells from Boot
A longer walk today around the fells behind the delightful village of Boot. Two tarns on the map and a prominent bridge, seen but not crossed before, were on our itinerary as we took a rugged walk around the Eskdale Fells.
12th September 2008 Wedding of Sam and Lucy
An invitation to a family wedding found us in Cheshire for the marriage of my nephew Sam and his fiance Lucy. A great day out and chance to catch up with family news along the way.
11th September 2008 With Jo to High Nook Tarn
Jo and I waited until the weather improved to give us a sunny afternoon out. We walked up to the delightful High Nook Tarn, returning via Holme Woods to see the spectacular Holme Force, running well due to the recent wet weather.

As if to make up for the poor weekend weather, the sun came out on Monday and a group of OFC friends had gathered at Oak Cottage. They all needed a dry walk and Low Fell was Liz and Barrie's preferred choice on the day.


In August I had a beautiful morning start to a marshalled event starting at Seathwaite with a pre-dawn cloud inversion and sunrise. Today it was the exact opposite. Low cloud from the top down, rain and high winds on the summits.


Today was a product testing day at Fishers. Unfortunately no one told the weatherman, so we were in for a splash. To keep the shop open, half the crew ventured out in the morning, the rest waited till the rain started and ventured out in the afternoon . . . I think I drew a short straw !

3rd September 2008 A local Crummock Water Walk

Ann takes the dogs on a local walk and manages to dodge the heavy showers that have plagued the recent weather. Even today, showers rolled round the fells on either side but for once her coat remained dry !


Jill and Nigel are up in the Lakes and wanted a walk but the weather is still poor. A mid level walk would stand the best chance of staying out of the cloud so we arranged to meet at Hartsop Village for a round trip to Angle Tarn Pikes.


My turn to walk the dogs today. They were really bouncing from not having a good walk so I decided to change boots for jogging trainers and try and tire them out. I think I lost that race !


Back from a brief holiday seeing the children and grandchildren, I'm straight back into work for the Bank Holiday. The weather is much better so I take my camera to work and take advantage of my lunch hour to see the sights.


15th to 21st August 2008 A few days with the family

( posted in two parts )

A brief holiday seeing the children and grandchildren. we travel to Suffolk via Stamford, enjoy some sailing and local walks and sample the delights of the local pub. Back via Peterborough and Tickhill to see the other daughters.


The Kapellan Day ... was rated a success despite the weather. We met up at the Animal Rescue Centre where eighteen members and friends saw around the newly refurbished Centre and present the cheque for £700 from the club.


We met at midday but sit round the kitchen table eating our sandwiches to give the weather time to improve. Dent and Flat fell straddle the western edge of the Park and would be a suitable walk for this afternoon.


No consistent summer this year as another band of rain is forecast for mid afternoon. John has offered to lead Fisher's Wife Rake. It won't be 'view dependant' so would be a good choice for our outing today.


A mini OFC Meet as a group of friends and webmasters who haven't walked together for far too long, meet up for a Saturday walk in the Southern Fells.


Today was another opportunity to be dragged out of bed at silly-o'clock and to be up before dawn. It was the day of another 3 Peaks Challenge, raising money on behalf of the Red Cross medical charity.

22nd July 2008 Sale Fell with Lily

Ben and Sarah, from the OFC, phoned up and suggested we might meet for a walk locally. Nothing to big as this will be the baby's first unofficial Wainwright summit. (They don't count unless you walk them yourself !)


Roger was at work today, so I met John and Jo at John's Fornside cottage in the valley of St John's in the Vale, just beyond Keswick, for a circular walk over High Rigg Fell.


We parked where the Racy Cottage track meets the road that goes between the Great and the Little Mell Fells. As we got out of the car Ann and Jo spotted a bit of litter by the car - say no more - but the old jokes are the best !


Recent forestry clearance surrounding Cogra Moss reservoir has opened up the area to the sun ( if we had any !) Same paths, different views, a great circular walk after morning rain had changed to a dry but overcast afternoon.


Jo is up for the week so John takes us on a new route for us, Bleaberry Fell from Bracken Rigg and along to High Seat before descending via the hidden valley of Shoulthwaite Gill.


I had a day of gainful employment again, but this time outdoors, helping with the Railway Children Charity on Scafell Pike. Meanwhile Ann was joined by Jayne for an afternoon walk up Melbreak, where I walked earlier in the week.

8th July 2008 Mellbreak Backwards

Time to walk the dogs but fortunately the dull weather was showing signs of improvement as I decided on a longer walk up Mosedale. As it happened I did more than I planned in the hour and a half's local run around.


After a morning sorting out the garden it was time to get out and exercise the legs and rest the back. Rannerdale Knotts is just ten minutes away so that would make a great two hour walk before the afternoon sunshine faded.


Ann and I meet up with John and Jo and get ourselves back on the fells. Not the best weather and as it turned out, not the best ending to a day out, but certainly a chance to stretch our legs and walk the Lake District fells again.


June 2008 North West Australia - The Kimberley

Start here or select specific days below

Ann and I planned a trip "down under" and set off to explore Australia's Kimberley wilderness region. There they only have two seasons there, the wet and the dry. We chose the latter for a great holiday full of adventure.


Lorraine, Les and Kev, who we met through the OFC, are staying on holiday in Keswick and have motored over Whinlatter to join us on a walk up Hopegill Head. A fine day with evening celebrations too.


The Loweswater Discussion Group, known locally as the Loweswater Farmers, have organised a day out to include a Heritage Mine Tour and Farm Visit. Though not a farmer myself, I was welcomed along and had a great day out.


The last day of Helmut's 2008 visit and chance for him to visit the Rannerdale Valley Bluebells before he leaves for home. We walked from Loweswater and combined the visit with a climb to Helmut's 38th AW top of the week.


Day Five of Helmut's walking tour of the lakes brings him back to Loweswater. Ann, Jo and John set off for Hen Comb to meet him on his last summit of the day. Hope their timing is ok.


A Saturday walk while Jo was up for the weekend. We needed a slightly shorter walk in order to go to an evening lecture given by Stephen Venables as part of the Keswick Mountain Festival Week.


Our Austrian friend Helmut is over in the Lakes for a five day walking holiday. He is staying with us for his first and last nights. Today we accompany him on the first part of his Lakeland journey towards Skiddaw.

12th May 2008 Lanthwaite Bluebells

A fine sunny spell has brought the bluebells out in force. After a day at work we get out for a short evening stroll to see how or local ones are progressing.

11th May 2008 Lords Seat and Broom

Ann, Jo and John venture out to enjoy the continuing sun, but the forecast did suggest possible isolated heavy showers over some fells. Two surprises, meeting Ben at the start of the walk, and a second surprise nearer the end.


Sunny weather, the desire not to travel abroad and the Wainwright phenomena have brought more people than ever to the Lakes this year. We go to a popular place but pass few people by choosing a slightly different route.


The sunny weather continues and we invite a neighbour to walk with us for the first time. Her dog, Watson, made a great companion for our dogs too. A great afternoon and the first slight sunburn of the summer !


The Bank Holiday weather breaks for the good and the girls are bathed in sunshine as they climb Mellbreak on their last morning. They continued the walk along the top to include Scale Force and then back by the lake.


The girls wanted one big fell walk while they were up here. The High Stile ridge walk typifies everything that is classic in the Lake District . . . Big views, a great climb and ridge walk, lakes, rivers, high tarns, classic rock plus lunch at the top.


Our daughter and her friend are up in the Lakes for a few days so while Roger is at work Ann and the girls ventured out on a faster than normal walk of Low Fell. Too much energy these youngsters after their drive up !


Before she left for her journey north, Frances and ourselves ventured round to Ennerdale for a shorter walk. Crag fell and Grike are a great way to pass three hours in the presence of fine views . . . normally.


Our visitor today was Frances from Linlithgow in Scotland. She wanted to climb some Lakeland fells for a change so we took her up Grasmoor via Gasgale Gill. The weather was clear enough to see Scotland, but not quite her home town !


Jill is on the home run for her final Wainwrights. The weather forecast was poor for the central fells so we headed south and west to Wasdale to climb the missing fell in her list of Western Fells.


Jane has escaped from her house moving boxes to start her new project to walk every fell seen from her front window. She starts with a phone call and ends with a three hour outing around Loweswater.


Roger's at work so it is just three of us on the walk in the Langstrath area today. Eagle Crag ahead of us is in sunshine as we look up the valley.


With a very poor forecast for the central and eastern fells we decided to head west. Muncaster Fell would do very nicely thank you. It was at 11am that Ann and I were waiting at the station car park - first ones there for a change !

5th to 9th April 2008 Local Pictures from this week

This has been a turbulent week for weather, the contrasts being greatest of course between the high fells and the valleys. Here are a few extra photos to tie the week together. Confused ... so was the weather !


This has been my second visit to lakeland, it seemed to me that Scafell Pike was a "must be climbed" mountain considering the incredible conditions of the day . . . great visibility, some snow and crisp winter conditions.


Andrew Mason is on the home run for his Wainwright Round, John, Paul, Nick, Ann and myself were invited to join him. Six people, three dogs, but only five pairs of boots between us. Ooops ! What a Cockup !


Today they predicted sunshine and wintery showers as a cold blast of northerly air would bring wintery conditions back to northern Britain. The sun is out, it's cold and the air is clear for the start of our walk up Robinson Fell.


The forecast was for a dull day clearing in the afternoon. They were spot on for a change. We ventured out of the valley a short distance for our walk today. It felt almost like spring !

30th / 31st March 2008 Mosser Road and Hopegill walks

After a snowy period of weather over Easter, the sun has returned, the temperatures have warmed and green fells are once again in evidence. The dogs and I walk one of our favourite tracks, which climbs steadily up the old road towards Mosser on the other side of Low Fell.


While the boys climbed the Iron Way, we walked the mine road and met them at the top. From Black Star we continued on to Fleetwith Pike and enjoyed the sunshine and some fine views in between the snow showers.


The boys were really keen to go scrambling this holiday so today we booked in for the Via Ferrata on Honister Crags. Ann, Jo, John and the dogs would be walking up the mine road and would meet us at the top.

26th March 2008 Misty Helm Crag

The Greenburn Round is a walk that includes four Wainwright Fells. The boys wanted a fell with a scramble at the top so Helm Crag it is.


The snow has been hanging on on the tops of the fells so the boys wanted to go and see. Up there it's a different world, far apart from the mellow green of the valleys below. Get your warm gear on for this one.

23rd/24th March 2008 Mosedale and Darling Fell

Due to the differences in school holidays, Cathy and Richard had to return home with the two youngest boys, so on Monday, and while Roger was at work, Ann took the two older boys up Darling Fell.

24th March 2008 Latrigg at lunchtime

It was a brilliant day and the recent snow was looking delightful. Unfortunately I was at work today, but with a fast turn around I was able to get out at lunchtime and drive to the road end at Latrigg.

23rd March 2008 Hen Comb with the boys

The Easter weather, far from being disastrous as the forecast had suggested, turns even more beautiful with overnight snow and extensive sunshine. That breeze was cold though.

22nd March 2008 Anglers Crag at Easter

With a free day at last coinciding with good weather, and with the grandchildren up for Easter, we pick a simple route for an afternoon walk that suits the needs of some and the ability of others.

21st March 2008 A local Scale Hill Walk

The family have arrived for Easter and we enjoy a local walk that featured as a " Walk of the Month " in a recent edition of Cumbria Magazine.

14th March 2008 Going Ape at Whinlatter

There's a new log cabin in the woods that leads to a new adventure centre in the forest, the new Go Ape Centre. Today was the opening day and five of us from Fishers were invited to try it out.


A poor day weather wise improved after lunch so we managed a not so local Wainwright top as an extended dog walk. Sale Fell is not the biggest, but it certainly is worth a mention in the league of best little fells.

4th March 2008 Hen Comb in the snow

An email from a desk bound correspondent was the catalyst that made me cast aside all my "urgent" house jobs and get out for a morning walk with the dogs. Three hours later we were back home after a magical winter's outing.


Angie and David are in the Lake District on holiday and they were able to get over to Loweswater. Jo, whose car is temporarily incapacitated, stayed on (she had no option) so a local walk is in order this afternoon.


A poor forecast encouraged us to stay off the high fells. Jill needed these two tops to reduce her fast diminishing list of summits that still remain un-climbed. Looks like we'll have to buy a bottle of bubbly for later this year not next !


We motored to the South Lakes today to meet up with Dave Dimmock of the OFC who was on holiday in Skelwith Bridge. Our walking route was only decided over a cup of tea before the start . . . Wetherlam from Tilberthwaite.

25th Feb 2008 Mellbreak with Sean

We started this walk in windproof gear but packed the waterproofs in view of the forecast.We certainly needed them by the end, and sometimes an anchor would have helped.


An early lunch today meant that we could get down to Wasdale for an afternoon walk. I wonder what today's sunset will bring?


The brilliant winter sunshine continues and we join David again, or did he join us, for a walk around the classic Langdale Pikes.


David and Ros chose High Rigg as one of their planned walks during their Lakes visit and we were kindly invited along. Someone said we knew the way. If the truth be known, we left all that to John ! We're joined by Terry as well.


Steady on . . . This fine weather is getting predictable and we were able to plan a walk the day before and what 's more, complete it exactly as expected ! That plan was to walk Red Screes and Middle Dodd


After yesterdays big car journey we chose not use the car at all today. The fine weather is getting repetitive . . . we didn't take waterproof coats either !


After visiting the fort and museum we pile in the car and travel a mile north for a walk along the Roman Wall itself. "Wall to Wall" sunshine still, through till sunset.


With family visiting, we all decided to drive to see Hadrian's Wall. An hour's drive north from our part of Cumbria, and inland a bit, found us in the heart of Roman Wall country.


Ann, Jo, Jayne and Max set out on a walk that was full of anticipation. The day was planned before the weather forecast was known, but we woke to find a cold misty morning. Hopefully the weather will improve.


Jo was staying for the weekend and the forecast was for fine weather at last. We decided to walk in Ennerdale today and take advantage of the almost spring-like sunshine.

6th February 2008 Harter Fell in the sunshine

A good weather forecast at last so we drive south to Eskdale for a walk up Harter Fell. Feeling a little stiff from the lack of long walks recently, today would be a good chance to get back into better fell walking fitness.


The fine weather continues to evade the Lake District but we get out for a slightly protected walk in Whinlatter forest, climbing to Whinlatter's summit in the strong breeze, and then back to the relative calm of the woodland tracks.


The walk up from Binsey Cottage to the summit is always good for an hour's walk and today we almost didn't take the camera as it had been a grey sort of day in Loweswater.

31st January 2008 Low Rigg but a high wind

The forecast was for exceptionally high winds, cold weather and possible wintery showers. Not a good day for the high fells so we go for Low Rigg today.

30th January 2008 Allonby by the Sea

We had to call over to Gilcrux, north of Cockermouth, so for a change we continued on to the Solway coastal village of Allonby for a walk on the beach .

27th January 2008 Four go to Crag Fell

With Roger at work today, I met up with John and Jayne for a walk in Ennerdale. Jo stayed with us in Loweswater last night and made up the "Four that went to Crag Fell"

26th January 2008 Windy Rannerdale with Jo

The forecast was for high winds and extreme buffeting on the high fells, so we chose a lower one for today's walk. The rain was gone but not forgotten.


Amidst all the inclement weather, it has not been all doom and gloom. Today there was a better forecast for the afternoon so the walk was delayed accordingly.

21st January 2008 A wet Holme Woods Walk

You can sit in the house all day waiting for the weather to break. Sometimes it does, and we get out for a great little walk, today it didn't and I drew the wet straw.

16th January 2008 Local from Lanthwaite Green

After a cold damp start to the day we were despairing of the forecasted sunny weather. Suddenly after lunch the clouds disappear and the sun is out shining on the overnight snow.

12th January 2008 Catbells with Jenna

It was after a leisurely lunch that Jenna and I set out for a walk on Dodd at the side of Skiddaw, but the view of Catbells as we drove out of Braithwaite made us change direction . . . Catbells it was !

9th/10th January 2008 Two local walks avoiding the rain

A particularly active period of Atlantic weather has brought rain and hill snow to the Lakes and Scotland. Yesterday we managed a local Crummock walk after the rain stopped, and today Ann walked the dogs as I splashed my way to work.

3rd/4th January 2008 New Year Snow in the Lakes

A blast of cold air from the continent meeting some Atlantic weather brought a significant, if rather short lasting snowfall to parts of the the Uk. It made my drive to work even more interesting and picturesque than it usually is.


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