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" Buttermere Round The Lake "

Date & start time:      13th October 2023.  2 pm start.

Location of Start :      N.Trust Car Park, Buttermere, Uk. ( NY 172 172 ).

Places visited :          Clockwise via Gatesgarth and back via Peggy's Bridge.

Walk details :              5 miles, 350 ft of undulating ascent, 2 hours 10 mins.

Highest point :           Getting round dry shod and being indoors when the rain arrived !

Walked with :              Loes and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Cloudy and some sun but always the threat of rain.



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Storm Babbet was threatening heavy rain and high winds to the east coast of the UK and especially Scotland.

We head out for an extended afternoon walk the day before it was due to reach its peak.

This week has been a very unsettled spell of weather . . . but this afternoon we have the potential for a dry walk round the lake.

Loes, Dylan and Dougal as we reached the tunnel under the cliffs near Hassness.

That brown log looks like the one that Dougal has carried for the last ten minutes.

The pebble beaches at the head of Buttermere and the first close up view of the pine trees.

Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks behind, mark the head of the valley.

Always an iconic picture and one I always seem to want to take whatever the weather.

From side-on they are a little less organised but efforts have been made in the past to plant more

so as to cover the loss of old or storm damaged trees.

A large flock of Gatesgarth Herdwicks sitting it out in the field alongside the path to Peggy's Bridge.

The dramatic bulk of Haystacks towers over this part of the valley.

The sun makes an appearance as we make our way down the far side, brightening the mountains beautifully.

Hassness House on the opposite shore is owned by the Holiday Fellowship Association.

In front of it is the pebble shore we walked earlier.

Loes stepping ahead and Dougal playing near if not in the water as we near Burtness Woods.

The fast moving clouds alter the light continually, just now Grasmoor was in bright sunshine.

Here shafts of light pass along Rannerdale Knotts and brighten the village for the briefest moment in time.

Back at Syke Farm . . . but Les is away and there's no ice cream on offer . . . we'll have to drink tea.

Outside there was a lovely old Riley car known as an Riley Alpine 14:6  (6 cylinders, 14 break horse power I believe)

We chatted to the owner who was up on holiday.  He was getting ready to motor home to the south coast of England.

His departure was delayed by a sudden downpour but as soon as it cleared through he was on his way.

It's gone 4pm and he's a long way to go, but the traffic will be light. He hoped to be home by midnight or soon after. 

We wished him a good journey.  His attitude reminded me of trips I did in my old 850cc Mini back in college days !

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