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" Harewood and Roundhay Park "

Date & start time:      14th February 2023.  1.30 pm start.

Location of Start :     Roadside within the urban area of north Leeds, Yorks. Uk. ( SE 329 388).

Places visited :          Roundhay Park in Leeds, Scotts Arms in Sicklinghall, Wharfdale.

Walk details :              2.7 miles, 200 ft of ascent, 1 hour 20 mins for the afternoon walk.

Highest point :           Exploring somewhere new (for me).

Walked with :              Loes, myself and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                     Sunshine and blue skies, but cool.


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Harewood Village is just a few miles north of Leeds, so it was only a short trip into the city for today's walk.

Roundhay Park is one of many green spaces within the city and it's also famous as a outdoor music venue for pop and classical concerts.

Loes knows it well from time she's spent living in Leeds many years ago, but it is all new to me today.

Our start was adjacent to Roundhay Golf Club.   The top path into the park runs parallel to fairways for a while.

The walk starts with a pathway . . .
. . . through a delightful Beech Wood.

It led us down to the Upper Lake in Roundhay Park.

Loes wanted to revisit 'the Ravine' . . .
. . . where the river has cut a reasonably deep gorge through the area.

The meandering stream winds its way down towards the lake

and a series of new bridges allows us a fairly easy walk down the valley.

She remembered a water fountain in a rocky nook . . .

this seemed the most likely place, though the grotto has lost its formal stonework.

Roundhay Park has a grand folly, but the stonework on this building is in much better condition.

It stands on the hill overlooking the lake . . .
. . . and we walk down through the arch onto the parkland below.

The large stretch of water is known as Waterloo Lake.

Plenty of paths to chose from, so we take the one that follows close to the water.

I think it was called the Carriage Drive.

There are a few waterfowl around, especially out in the centre but close to the shore, just these two swans.

The reason for that could be that around the corner near the cafe,

was the place where everyone bought bird food and fed the ducks, the geese and the rest of the swans.

This area of the Park, accessed from the streets to the south, provides good parking

and is obviously the go-to place for locals to access the lake (and the ice cream van) today.

Walking back uphill (north) once more, we leave the lake behind us and reach 'The Arena'.

The small building alongside probably had its origins as a cricket pavilion for Roundhay Mansion.

- - - o o o - - -



This natural amphitheatre has been the site of

many an outdoor concert over the years.


The likes of Michael Jackson, U2, Robbie Williams,

Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran

have all graced outdoor stages here.


The venue has held up to 100,000 people for the biggest events.


The Mansion is available to hire for smaller functions

like weddings and corporate dining events.


- - - o o o - - -


By way of correspondence . . .

Good evening Roger and Loes,

In my younger days I used to grass track race on fixed gear cycles on the Roundhay amphitheatre. I think it was always regarded as the cricket bowl when we were racing. It was often the venue for the men's 8 kilometre and 800m national grass track championships. The slight banking helped, although the back straight (opposite the pavilion) was always soggy if it had rained, and it added to the challenges of racing.

Grass track racing on a cycle is a skill in itself, as the bikes can drift outwards on the bends. The grass, depending on how well it had been cut, also added a degree of difficulty. All good fun!

The commentators ( usually a local cycling club who were hosting the event) would make us smile. Our cycling club was Ely & District cycling club (near Cambridge), and even though our entry forms clearly stated the title, we were referred to as 'Eli (as in the gents name) and district wheelers' in broad Yorkshire accent.

All good wishes, Julie R-J.    

(Ex-Cambridgeshire - now West Cumbria.)

We walked the avenue up to The Mansion House.

For a small fee we could have taken the Road Train, but then the dogs wouldn't have had so much exercise.

We pass on visiting many of the other features of the park and instead we headed across towards the Upper Lake

where a delightful fountain adds to the attraction of this woodland setting.

If you go down to the woods today . . .
. . . you're sure of a big surprise !

Someone has been busy decorating the woodland with simple yet playful artwork.

There was a hint of it on the way out, but this lower path takes you alongside the Fairy Village and a Pirate's Den.

Enter at your peril !
The Lego pirates might creep up on you unexpectedly.
. . . and add your skull to one they made earlier !
All is revealed . . .

The Fairy King has added enjoyment to the world it seems.

- - - o o o - - -

In the evening Loes had booked a meal out at the Scotts Arms in Sicklinghall near Harewood

but the mist descended once again and it was a slow journey getting there on the smaller roads of Wharfdale.

Inside however it was warm and welcoming.

Dinner for two posh people . . .
. . . they scrub up nicely when they try !

To share food photos on the internet draws people together.

On Valentine's night the 'meals for two menu' draws couples together too.

After you with the carrot stick and baked Camembert starters.

- - - o o o - - -

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This site best viewed with . . . a meal for two on Valentine's Night.

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