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" Make it the Two Million Competition " . . . Results.


Were you our 2 millionth

Loweswatercam viewer.

Did you win a super prize ?


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The first time any of you log onto the site each day adds just one point to our total, so the site counter really does reflect 2 million "people visits".

Consequently I'm am totally humbled by the fantastic response you've given to our site over the years.

2 million hits . . . literally " we couldn't have done it without you "

Now it is my turn to say thank you . . . and reveal the lucky winner.

Despite a slight technical hitch with my email system (for which I apologise)

Nigel and Tracy Shed from Norfolk did manage to send me an exact screen print

of that magical figure.

A complete set of Lake District 1:25k Ordnance Survey Maps are heading your way, compliments of Loweswatercam and George Fishers.

Well done to you both, and thanks to everyone who has followed the site over all these years.

A Big Thanks You

to the George Fisher Store in Keswick

who have sponsored the prize for this competition.

Click here for their website.


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