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" Loweswater Blue "

Date & start time:      21st May 2021.    2.20 pm start.

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :          Maggie's Bridge, Watergate, Holme Woods, Waterend, Crabtreebeck.

Walk details :              5.5 mls, 550 ft of ascent, 2 hours 15 mins.

Highest point :           At the waterfall in Holme Woods, 580 ft - 178 m.

Walked with :             Myself and the dogs, Dylan and Dougal.

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies.

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May's combination of fine weather and rain has encouraged the growth of all the local vegetation, both in the garden, the fields and the woodland.

  Consequently we are into the greens of summer, but inside Holme Woods we still have the blues and purples of late spring.

A lovely day in prospect and a walk through the woods and on round the lake seems like a good idea.

The dogs and I set off for an afternoon walk, passing the Loweswater Village Hall at the top of the hill.

From the brow we leave the main valley road and venture off towards Maggie's Bridge.

I'm not checking out the woodland pheasant this time, just seeing what is on the valley floor beneath his feet.

Stay-cation crowds are starting to fill the Lake District's car parks and Maggie's Bridge is no exception.

Saying that, there weren't too many people about today . . . and even less in my photos !

I headed out across the meadows, here looking back at Whiteside, Grasmoor and Mellbreak standing out above the valley floor.

Looking ahead and we have the prospect of Loweswater, with Askill Knott and Darling Fell on the other side.

Between myself and Askill Knott is a floatation of Greylag Geese

Thrushbank House . . . seen across the lake as I walk through the start of Holme Wood.

The colours of summer are here

and the woods exhibit a bold variety of greens in its new season growth.

The sounds of an Irish Whistle tune fill the air as I approach the bothy.

The lady was enjoying playing whistle and recorder tunes in her very relaxing location.

Had I practise my guitar more than once in the last twenty years, I may have taken up the offer of playing with her !

As it was I haven't . . . so I declined so as not to spoil the music.

On through the woods where the bluebells grow.

The display can be described as 'extensive' but not 'intensive', still they were delightful nevertheless.

This is the display just short of the beach where Holme Beck enters the lake.

On the other side of the bridge is the Goblin Tree . . . now complete with a little goblin !

A small fairy sits on a swing above the door . . . and a furry bug climbs the tree close to her.

Ooooh . . . scary monsters lurk in the woods today.

Fortunately all the monsters seem to be concentrated at the Goblin Tree

so the dogs and I are free to wander further along the lake shore path.

The dappled sunshine brightens the colour of many of the large groups of bluebells.

Woodland Fern and bluebells . . . seen through the zoom lens.

I diverted slightly to check out the waterfall after the recent rains.

The forest track climbs slightly to a bridge, from where there's a good view of the waterfalls.

The river cascades from high up on the fell.
This is the view from under the bridge.
Back down to the main woodland track now . . . .
. . . passing many fine trees along the way.

The track leads on to a gate where we can exit the woods.

The classic Loweswater view from the fields on the other side of Holme Woods.

Grasmoor once again fills the backdrop of this view of the lake.

Two people walk the path ahead of me.

The sheep seem to be crowding the gate but they move aside for us to pass.

They return once we go through so we have to shoo them away and quickly shut the gate.

At the top of the track is Hudson Place Farm.

- - - o o o - - -


An interesting plaque

gives a date of 1741 for the house being constructed.


The Land Enclosures Act that gave rise

to the building of many of the ancient stone walls

led to a period of farming prosperity, during which

many substantial houses like this one would have been built.


- - - o o o - - -

Next door is "The Place" which is now available as a self catering holiday let,

if you wish to experience all that Loweswater has to offer.

Heading back down to the lake once more.

I was hoping to take the short cut across the fields to the phone box . . .

Unfortunately the 'belties' would let me through but as they were taking just a bit too much interest in the dogs,

I passed in favour of the slightly longer road walk today.

Rather than at the phone box, we join the road at The Grange Hotel

and walk the extra few hundred yards to re-join our intended route home.

The return route around the opposite side of the lake involves a longer section of road walking.

From the silver phone box we continue on, passing the original Loweswater Hall along the way.

After a short while there is chance to drop down onto a lake shore path.

This gave us views across to Mellbreak and distant Red Pike,

though I don't know if the dogs particularly appreciate it.

High above Watergate Farm is Hen Comb,

looking a lot nicer today than on my walk there yesterday with my brothers.

Sunshine glistening on the lake as I look across to Burnbank Fell.

The lakeshore path starts or perhaps ends at The old Village Pound.

I wish I had received a pound from every visiting walker I've explained that one to !

Crabtree Beck emerges from under the road after being diverted through a long culvert

from the the stream bed alongside the roadside house ahead.

Mellbreak features in the view once again as the road rises on its approach to the Village Hall.

High Cross / Longhouse Farm to the left of the road.

This another self catering holiday let, but usually for larger groups of people.

The best village hall view in the country . . .

. . . means we're back where we started and therefore nearly home.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures generally taken with my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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