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"   Ann's  Final  Walk  "

Date &  time:      7th December 2020 . . . and the days leading up to it.

Location      :     Oak Cottage, by the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk.


~  In memory of Ann Hiley  ~

11th November 1946  -  7th December 2020

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Sadly, I have to let you know that the delay in the website is not due to the weather or Christmas, but the fact that Ann has passed away last week.

Struck down by cancer, she was diagnosed in the summer but suffered complications after her first session of chemotherapy.

She was awaiting an operation to try and alleviate some of the problems, but sadly the cancer was too aggressive and she passed quietly at home last week, literally in my arms and with our four children near.

With heavy heart I am posting a few pictures and ask you to remember her in your thoughts.

We were married in Swansea and moved to Loweswater in 2001.

This was our 40th anniversary picture, taken last year.

During the summer she was undergoing treatment and the family had chance to visit Loweswater to be with her.

The many visitors who were able to call included our grandson Jack . . .

. . . and daughter Cathy and another grandson, Sam.

I'm not aiming to post a picture of everyone . . . let these few images represent the many visitors during this year,

all of whom have shown such great concern and love at this time.

In between covid restrictions Ann managed to see many friends, including Peter Burgess, founder of the Online Fellwalking Club,

a group which played such an instrumental part in our fellwalking enjoyment this last twenty years.

Pat, who has a chalet home in Cockermouth, was able to visit.

She has known Ann longer than I . . . meeting Ann as a 17 year old and spending college days with her in Ilkley in Yorkshire.

Ann's final weekend coincided with a cold spell giving us snow on the high fells and clear weather in the valleys

which has always been Ann's favourite Lakeland weather conditions.

Ann however was unable to share the views this time

and in-between helping with her care the children were able to walk the dogs down by the lake.

Beautiful days that Ann would have loved.

The view across Crummock Water to Rannerdale Knotts.

The summit of this prominent yet lowly Wainwright Fell will be her final resting place.

We will announce a date, sometime next year once the covid problems ease, so that those that are able to

can come together to scatter her ashes alongside those of two of her beloved dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Ann's favourite stones by the lake.

One in the water for standing on . . . and one on the beach, shaped like a seat, for just sitting on and enjoying the view.

She used the summer to make memories, not to dwell on what might have been.

Jenna's picture of her on Middle Fell just last year . . .
. . . was the centrepiece of her Memorial Booklet at her cremation.

( Click the link or the picture of the booklet's cover to open the electronic version )

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"When the days come . . . "   [ author unknown ]

When the days come that I must live alone in my own thoughts, when my eyes are dimmed and cannot see the shadows on the hills, when I cannot hear the far off sounds of hurrying streams and sheep, then I will turn my mind to those great days we spent upon the hills, and I will count over, one by one and treasure them as jewels, no one can take from me.

Whilst I think of all those joyous days, of all those heights I’ve gained and hours I’ve loved, I will not envy those who take their turn in tramping manfully in storm or fine the hills I know, for those hills are a part of me, a heritage of beauty naught can spoil.

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Previous walk - 24/28th November 2020 - Good Morning Loweswater

Another previous walk - 29th October - Middle fell with Jenna

In lieu of flowers Ann requested donations to her favourite animal charities via

[ The appeal has now closed and the donations have been made to her favourite charities.  I thank you all for your kindness in remembrance.]

[ If the page has been hidden from sight I can let you know the charity donation details should you wish ]

Six months later (once covid regulations allowed a larger gatherings) - 19th July Farewell to Ann - Memorial Walk

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My first walk of the New Year - 6th January - Hen Comb in the Snow