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" Make it a Million and a half " competition at Christmas 2017. . . now closed.


Were you our 1.5 millionth

Loweswatercam viewer.

Did you win a super prize ?


Read On . . .


The first time any of you log onto the site each day adds just one point to our total, so it really is a real 1.5 million "people visits".

That means we are totally humbled by the fantastic response you have all given to our site over the years.

Literally " we couldn't have done it without you "

Now it is our turn to say thank you . . . and pick a lucky winner.

A big thank you to eighteen of you who got close, eleven before and seven after the witching hour.

Those with the correct screen shot ( you must have been waiting a while or couldn't sleep) were:


Rose Tench, Ian and Carol Inglis, Colin Brett, Cat Stephens4,

William Moore, George and Carole Dunking, Mike Brown and Meshy Stone.


Sadly there was only one prize

so we numbered eight dog treats . . .  and the last one not to be devoured was . . . . number 2.


Therefore a copy of the " Excursion to Loweswater "

by Mary Hodgson and Lydia Lunt,

plus a 2018 Loweswatercam Calendar goes to . . .


Ian and Carole Inglis


Congratulations . . .

It will be in the post Wednesday.

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The last few copies . . . one could be yours for New Year . . .

The Loweswatercam Calendar 2018

For this 10th anniversary edition we have been looking

back at the year to bring you twelve months of

Loweswater pictures, Lakeland scenes

and your favourite mountain dogs.

£10 a copy (plus postage + packaging if required) Special offer available for two or more.

£1 of every calendar sold goes to support the Air Ambulance and local Mountain Rescue.

Click here to see the full details and to order your copy.