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"  Two local Easter walks - Friends and family.  "

Date & start time:    Friday 14th and Sunday 16th April 2017

Location of One :    The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :        Round trip to the lake and back via the gated road.

Walk details :            2 miles, 100 ft of ascent, an hour or so.

Location of Two :    Lanthwaite Green, Crummock, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 157 212 )

Places visited :        Lanthwaite Woods and Scale Hill.

Walk details :            1.75 miles, 325 ft of ascent,  again an hour or so.


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The first walk was with Pat and Mike who came over from their holiday chalet to see Catherine and Alexander. 

We all enjoyed a classic low level walk to Crummock Water and back without using the car at all.

The second walk was with Richard, this time on a damp Easter Sunday.

He was up in the Lakes for the weekend with Cathy and Alexander,

two days which included their Goddaughter's 21st birthday party held near Penrith on the Saturday night .

The weather over Easter has been changeable, with good days and bad.

Wild food is hard to come by at the end of winter and so our visiting squirrel has been making regular visits.

Our neighbour has been doing some serious gardening . . . with a JCB digger !

A recent change of ownership . . . Gillerthwaite will look a lot different in a few months time, inside and out.

Pat and Mike's walk started from our home.

New growth on the trees this spring . . . lost property . . . much to the disappointment of an unknown visiting youngster.

Mike thinks a group photo is in order . . . so tries to organise the crowd . . . would you like to join us Ann ?

" I had thought you might sit up and be in the picture "

That's better . . . Mike seems exhausted after all his hard work.

Ann taking advantage of a her favourite stone seat half way through the walk.

The weather looks bad but in fact it was only overcast and cool at this end of the lake . . . the other end was experiencing the rain.

On the way back the weather improved.    We were followed across the last field by a slightly different crowd.

Did they think we were the farmer who was bringing extra feed . . . or were they following our "Harry the sheep" ?

Back home . . . and the sun really has come out for the rest of the day.

With the Easter weekend underway it seems we were blessed with a new art installation in the valley.

If Tracy Emin can do it, why don't we try to sell tickets to see the new artwork ?

- - - o o o - - -

The squirrels showed themselves again each day so Cathy, Richard and Alexander got to see them too.

What's on the menu ?
Ahh . . . peanuts again.

Both photos are of our regular adult, but there was one day this week when we actually saw two different squirrels in the garden at the same time.

The second was a lot smaller and we take it that he or she is a new season youngster . . . a pleasing sight.

- - - o o o - - -

Unfortunately the weather took a dive when Richard joined us for the weekend.

We took a stroll, again locally, but this time a damp looking walk up onto Lanthwaite Hill.

It looks wet . . . but fortunately the heavy weather by-passed us once again.

The waterproofs ended up just providing protection against the cool and rather damp breeze.

Unfortunately the poor visibility meant that the tops of the high fells were missing from view.

Our panorama from the top of Lanthwaite Hill left a little to be desired.

Even the tops of the Loweswater Fells were missing !

However the generally mild weather of late has encouraged the blackthorn to bloom in the lane back to the car.

What we thought were more flowers turned out to be extensive lichen,

indicators of years of unpolluted air which has got to be a great environmental positive.

Time to be heading back . . . it's supper for five tonight.

- - - o o o - - -


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