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" Whin Ben with Harry "

Date & start time: Sunday 10th April 2016, 3.30 pm start. ( NY 159 207 )

Location of Start : The Lanthwaite Green car park, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Lanthwaite to Whin Ben summit and back down.

Walk details :    1.75 mls, 1000 feet of ascent,  2 hour 5  mins.

Highest point : Whin Ben (outlier to Whiteside)  1342ft - 413m

Walked with : Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies plus a nice sunset.

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A local afternoon walk on a beautiful day in the Lakes. 

It's a busy Sunday and the car parks are full but our garden is delightfully relaxing during the morning.

After lunch we take Harry and Dylan out with us and climb another local outlier summit.

It's a bit steep and a bit rocky in places so it was touch and go whether Harry could make it all the way up under his own steam.

The good weather of late has meant it is time for the first 'new season' cut of the lawn.

This picture is pre-mowing of course.  I didn't have the blades set that high !

Our bird table is a continuing delight

and our reward for daily stocking of the feeders

is the arrival of all sorts of birds and animals to the garden.


The last few days has seen a new visitor,

a lovely male pheasant,

who struts about under the feeder and pecks at

all the table top food that the other birds have dislodged.


We would put some food directly on the stones

but a certain young golden retriever

would hoover them up in no time.


On or about the table are 2 chaffinches, a greenfinch in flight

and a great tit.  There have been one, possibly two

red squirrels who have also visited this week.



Hello Roger and Ann

Great photos on your site as always. Re- your bird table shot, the bird on the table is a male Great Tit,

and the bird hovering on the right is a male Greenfinch, plus two chaffinch.

Trust you are both keeping well.

Best wishes,   Richard in Lincolnshire

Under the baking mid-day heat we drive the short distance to Lanthwaite Green car park,

in order to climb Whin Ben, the summit half-way up Whiteside.

Harry is getting rather stiff and arthritic, but then he is the equivalent of 86 years old.

( I'll be happy if I can still climb that sort of slope at that sort of age. )

A gentle start and chance to look back at Red Pike and Mellbreak.

An overnight wintery shower left a strong 'dusting of white' on the high fells this morning,

but the sunshine has seen it disappear through the day. Mellbreak is now clear and High Stile a shadow of its former winter beauty.

Just a touch showing on the back of Dove Crags as Dylan rushes off exploring.

The wide gravel bed of the Liza Beck . . . and two JCBs doing some work down at the farmer's crossing point.

Hopefully someone's making good use of the gravel that's been washed down.

It's more hassle than its worth once it finds its way into the main river.

Over to the new bridge and the start of the climb up Whin Ben.

Crystal clear water and scoured rocks overlaid with boulders.
Everyone turns for a photo on the bridge.

Ann takes the direct path, Harry the small zig-zags, but we all end up at the same place.

Looking down on a hardy ash tree . . . clinging onto life and the fellside high above the stream.

It is obvious where some of the gravel in the stream bed has come from.

Dylan looks ahead at the next part of the climb.

Climbing the rising spur means that occasionally you can look over the edge to the valley beyond.

The Gasgale Gill Valley, as it is known after the narrows, has Sand Hill at its head.

Looking down on a rather weather beaten holly tree.

Taking it slowly but steadily . . . and pausing to enjoy the view.

( Where have I heard that before ? )

Nearing the top and the slope steepens . . . check out the previous picture.

We look down the length of the Lorton Valley to the Solway and Criffel in Scotland beyond.

We've been meaning to try and climb that summit for the last fifteen years.  Haven't managed it yet !

A grassy turn offers respite from the rock outcrops as the going starts to get easier.

Almost there now . . . he looks happy enough but he's panting hard after the stiff climb.

I only had to help him once or twice on the biggest of the steps.

Harry relaxing in a patch of young heather on the summit of this lovely outlier . . . the hard work over.

There's more snow on the back of Grasmoor but it too has been melting away since this morning.

" Group summit photo. "

We'll pass on going any  higher today . . . but there's no reason why we can't look at the view.

Click here or on the photo above for the full Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama from the top of Whin Ben.

Time to head down and save the old man's strength . . . and Harry's as well !

The path seems to develop into a slight trough, curving down the fellside.

Harry picks his way down . . . but a lot faster than on the way up.

Up close and personal to the new bridge at the bottom.

The photo is a compilation of several tall vertical shots in order to include both stream and fellside.

Harry was a bit slow on the last leg . . . we thought he was tired . . . but no he was wallowing in the mud.

He's wanting to look like (and smell like) the sheep that were grazing on the lower slope of the fell behind him.

( After a lovely clean walk it will be out with the hosepipe and blow drier again . . . sigh !)

A lovely day deserves a lovely sunset and today was no exception.

This is the view later on as the sun's rays just touch the top of Haystacks and then give Green Gable a bright orange hue.

It also picked out the reds in the winter heather and bracken, on the fells whose company we had just enjoyed.

For a short walk and a nice day . . . Whin Ben offers a lot of character.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Canon 1100D Digital SLR.

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This site best viewed with . . .a clean dog by the fireside in the end.

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