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" Mellbreak and a Cool Dip "

Date & start time: Monday 7th Sept 2015, 11.15 am start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Kirkhead Farm, Mellbreak (Nth) down to the Mosedale track and Harry's pool.

Walk details :   4.3 mls, 1650 feet of ascent, 2 hour 30 mins.

Highest point : Mellbreak north top.  1654 ft - 509 m.

Walked with : Myself and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Summer sunshine ... very warm.

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A local fell today as there is much to do at home.  I try for some different photos, the heather being an obvious choice. 

The forecast is for a fine week and the last few days have certainly seen

an improvement in the weather ... we're back to nice warm summer temperatures at last.

Loweswater Church and Hen Comb looking fine in the distance.

I've a couple of hours to spare whilst Ann is doing the shopping, so I take the dogs on a walk up the front of Mellbreak.

The Village Hall at the top of the hill.

The view through the churchyard to the Kirkstile Inn.

Mid-morning and though the pub is open, the beer garden is still waiting for visitors.

Looking back at the summer view of my 'screen saver' on our computer at home.

More leaves on the trees and our cottage is hidden by the summer foliage.

Kirkhead Farm has several fine flower pots with beautiful geraniums in bloom.

The cattle are relaxing in the warmth of the day . . . the bull seemingly claiming the shadow cast by the tree.

The last of the early summer foxgloves.
The bracken in the lane is starting to die back.

The trees at the foot of Mellbreak are being slowly thinned.

Summer clouds brush the summit of Grasmoor but the other fells are clear.

Already the dogs are feeling the heat

so they divert to a small spring at the break of slope in order to cool off.

One and a half golden retrievers.

Loweswater . . . the floating solar panels have gone.

Reducing phosphates will hopefully work better than killing off the blue-green algae with microwaves.

It's all in the Loweswater Action Plan

Halfway up the front of the north top and we enter the area where the heather thrives.

Looking down on Low Park and the Lorton Valley.
Dropping Crag and views over Crummock Water.

Lovely blooms on one of the more horizontal areas on the way up the fell.


Harry is going well today

as another small cut on his pad is healing nicely

(helped by his green gortex sock).


He's not getting any younger

and so any larger step up,

as with getting into the car at home,

is made simpler with a bit of a hand

under the back legs.


Here on the way up to the next level

he climbed up the rock himself

as it was nicely stepped.


Dylan is further ahead

as befits the youngest of the three of us.



Looking down on the path we had just climbed.

It seems an impossible route but it is in fact easier as the path twists and turns on its way up through the crags.

The dogs enjoy Wainwright's 'view round the corner'.

The hard work done . . . and soon after they are relaxing at the summit cairn.

In this sunny weather the views were superb.

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama.

Time to head off down to the middle of the fell.

Dylan is intrigued by the water-boatmen (insects) swimming on 'Tom's Pool'.

On the flat top of the fell the heather is as vibrant as it was on Ard Crags.

Close up of the 2015 summer blooms.

Heading down to the valley of Mosedale.
The sheep searching for food amongst the heather.

Dylan searching for something amongst the heather too . . . probably an old sheep bone !

Here on the south facing side the fell the extra sun means the heather is already past its best.

A lonesome tree . . . the Mosedale Holly.

Old gate posts alongside the valley track.

Often I traverse across the side of Mellbreak but this time I took the steep central route down.

Nearly completing the circle as we reach the woods again.

One last objective before we go home . . . a quick trip to 'Harry's Pool' to clean the dogs and give them a cooling swim.

An old wall leads down to the pool.
The start of an old water leat to Bargate Farm.

I was reading in the Derwent Fells Local History Society's newsletter about an old dam and two water leats that used to flow from this point.

What's left of the wall marks the remains of the dam with Harry's (over deep) plunge pool below the dam, maybe this explains it's unusual depth (?).

The rush grass here and in the photo below marks the passage of the old mill stream as it set off down the gentle slope to the farm.

A second leat apparently set off down the other side through the woods, heading for Mill Hill farm . . . bit of a clue when you think about it.

Two cleaner dogs and in the heat I thought I might take a dip too.

Let's say that the recent rains and the cooler weather last week have not done anything to enhance the water temperatures.

It was a short dip me !

Looking down the valley to the cottage.
Back down the long and winding road to home.

A few more cars have parked on the gravel down by the Church Bridge.

The beer garden is full of folk enjoying lunch at the Kirkstile . . . a change from the photo just a couple of hours ago.

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