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" Hen Comb with Richard and Hilary "

Date & start time: Thursday 20th August 2015,   2.15 pm start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Kirkhead, Harry's Pool, Hen Comb and back, ending in the Kirkstile Inn later.

Walk details :  4.8 mls, 1400 feet of ascent, a leisurely 3 hours.

Highest point : Hen Comb, 1,669ft - 509m

Walked with : Richard and Hilary, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Overcast, a strong breeze but a warm one.

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Richard and Hilary are caravanning in the Lakes and have found time to visit us in Loweswater.

Chance for a leisurely walk ( they have no specific agenda) but we do have to be back for an evening appointment . . .

the first of what turned out to be three evening visits to the Kirkstile over the next 10 days.

Richard and Hilary with Ann

who is trying to settle Dylan for a first photo . . . the other photo attempts were even worse by the way.

Mellbreak over an agricultural landscape.

Our summit of the day was not Mellbreak itself but its next door neighbour Hen Comb, behind the trees to the right.

That's the top in fact . . . with the bump of Little Dodd on the way up the ridge.

The track continues on towards Mosedale and Ennerdale, the girls are diverting right to . . .

. . . Harry's Pool.

In for a swim so early in the day . . . but it was reasonably warm . . . the air that is, not the water.

Mid-summer now and the bracken is at its height.

The EU in the last few years has banned the chemical spray that is occasionally used to control this pernicious weed.

It covers the lower slopes, smothering the grass, denying the grazing to the sheep and cattle

so forcing them out onto the higher fell where the grazing is poorer.

Gradually we will climb above the height where the bracken can't grow.

Here, on the way up to Dodd, the moorland grass is starting to win out.

After crossing the fence Richard and I divert onto Dodd

but the girls stay on the slight quad bike track which climbs more gently towards the ridge.

The vegetation changes from bracken and moorland grass to heather and bilberry.

With the cold spring and a reasonably low rainfall summer, the heather is having an exceptionally good year this year.

The view down from Dodd.

Below is an old sheepfold and across the White Oak Beck are the workings of the old lead mine.

Hilary and I lead the middle order . . . Richard, Ann and Harry are the tail-enders.

Who's the lead batsman ?   . . . .  why Dylan of course he's already been to the top of the next rise and back !

With coats done up against the wind (and a spot of rain on the lens it seems)

we gather the party for a summit photograph.

Ann and I swap positions . . . for a second photo on the top of Hen Comb.

Rather than descend by the back of the fell into Mosedale, Ann strides out on the return route

following our outward path back down . . . so as to enjoy the views ahead of Loweswater and the Lorton Valley.

The weather hasn't changed much all afternoon.

Here we look across at the heather clad, northern end of Mellbreak and distant Whiteside.

In the woods near Harry's Pool they have been doing a little thinning.

The trees have been cut to three metre lengths and will go to make wood chip for paper or bio-mass burning.

I wouldn't mind a five metre length or two to cross the Mosedale stream occasionally.

Down in the shelter of the valley the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.

We walk down past the pub . . . but don't panic, we'll walk back up to it later !

Looking back at another walk completed, another summit climbed.

Warm enough now for tea and cake in Oak Cottage garden after the walk.

" I've been good today . . . do I get any cake ? "

- - - o o o - - -

For supper we all adjourned, with camera, to the pub.

I think we were all talking so much that we clean forgot the picture of our delicious evening meal . . . sorry about that.

- - - o o o - - -

A busy weekend is planned next weekend

as it is the Loweswater Show weekend.


Richard and Hilary will still be in the Lakes

so we'll see them at The Show

along with any of you who are in the area.

Sunday 9.30 am till 5pm.

( We'll hopefully be there for the majority of the day)



We've printed the latest edition of the

2016 Loweswatercam Calendar

in time for the local show.

Copies will be available to buy,

and £1 from each calendar sold will be jointly donated to local

Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance charities.

Order your calendar here by email

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