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" Whiteside Climb in the Snow "

Date & start time: Thursday  5th February 2015, 11.30 am start.

Location of Start : Lanthwaite Green, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 159 208 )

Places visited : Whin Ben, Whiteside and back to Lanthwaite Green.

Walk details :   2.7 mls,  1900 feet of ascent, 2 hours.

Highest point : Whiteside 2,298 ft - 707m.

Walked with : Roger and our younger dog, Dylan.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies.


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After an extended snow walk yesterday over Kings How it was decided to give Harry a quieter day

so Dylan and I headed out for a local walk of our own.

The high fells were crying out . . . but we didn't need to go far provided we were prepared to climb steeply up to a summit.

A lovely morning and a fine view out of the window . . . Whiteside was calling.

Ann would take Harry for a shorter, lakeside walk so Dylan and I headed off in the other car.

This combined two new concepts in one go for Dylan. . . walking without Harry and a different car with no estate back to get into.

He was confused !

Still once we got out of the car and crossed the road, everything began to make sense and he was in his element.

The weather was perfect and the camera and I were in ours too.

The new bridge over the Lisa Beck which flows out of the Gasgale Valley.

Low winter sun highlights this tree at the foot of Grasmoor.

Climbing steadily now as we say goodbye to Red Pike for a short while.

Dylan is bouncing up . . . full of teenage energy . . . hey hang on for the old man !

We were not the first people up Whin Ben and ahead of us was a small surprise.

Dylan didn't know what to make of his first real snowman . . . he barked loudly and had to look twice !

Hold your cursor over the picture to see what I mean.  (Sorry no sound on this roll-over . . . please bark yourself)

A serious face . . . he's still not sure about this apparition next to him.

He may be alone on the fell once we left  but at least he had a nice view to look at.

I pointed out the snowman we made on Hen Comb a few days ago . . . across the way behind Mellbreak.

Snowman to Snowman.
The Dove Crag arête on Grasmoor looks cold today.

I was trying for a picture of Hopegill Head actually !

That's better . . . thanks Dylan.


The path up from the road

climbs steeply to Whin Ben

and then after a more gentle slope

it climbs again up through a few crags

heading relentlessly for the summit.


The grip underfoot was good however

and the climb was a steady one.

Where the snow lay nearer the summit

it was easy enough to kick steps

so the 'spikes' stayed in the smaller half-day sack

that I carried today.


- - - o o o - - -


This was the view looking down into Gasgale Gill valley.



Zooming in on Coledale Hause.

Beyond is Scar Crags and Causey Pike, with the run of the Helvellyn Range in the distance.

The dark triangle, like that sharks fin in a 'Jaws' movie (only stationary) is Catstycam.

Nearing the top now.

These frequent photo stops are a good way to relax and enjoy the view.

Up on the summit now and the views are superb.

" How green is my valley . . . but how white are the hills "

The snow highlights the rock structure here and the strong sunshine highlights the shadows on distant Hopegill Head.

Not too close to the edge please . . . Dylan was watching a lone Raven that was soaring between the crags.

Time to have a more organised look around.

Click here or on the photo above for a special Loweswatercam full 360 degree annotated panorama

Zooming in on Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike.

But the views close at hand were interesting too . . .
. . . here just looking at the snow filled gullies.

Looking carefully over the edge . . . the beck is over a thousand feet below.

Dylan is looking closer at hand.

Who Me ?

Thinking about turning for home . . . but it is so nice I stay a little longer.

I am not alone . . . did you spot this guy in the last photo ?

He and I enjoy a short chat about the weather . . . as you do on a day like this.

He was over from the South Lakes today and enjoying time out on the high fells.

- - - o o o - - -

Time to be heading back . . . we say goodbye and go our separate ways.

He heads back to Hopegill and I turn for home in the valley below.

The clarity from on high is wonderful today.

To my right as I leave the summit is the snow covered Criffel seen over Cockermouth and the Solway Firth.

No . . . the top line is not mountains . . . that's cloud.

The snow covered peaks of The Merrick and the Rhinns of Kells below the cloud line are some sixty miles away.

Close at hand are the Loweswater Fells plus Low Fell and Fellbarrow as I continue my descent.

I pass on a Whin Ben descent in favour of the grass slope to the right.

Unlike on the way up, I put my microspikes on for the descent and have had them on continuously all the way down . . . brilliant.

Dylan uses his built-in spikes to full effect as he enjoys the descent too.

" What do you mean it's not this way ? . . . See the notice ? . . . What's a notice ?"

- - - o o o - - -

Back home now and put the kettle on for a cuppa for Ann on her return.

- - - o o o - - -

I still have a few hours of daylight and a few jobs still needing to be done outside.

I finished planting thirty or so beech saplings along the fence line just as the sun was setting.

Our walk up Whiteside would have been be a pink one not white one now.

Time to burn off the brash, now that the smoke will not spoil anyone's view on such a superb day.

- - - o o o - - -


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