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" High Rigg, Low Rigg N-Tewet-ivly "

Date & start time: Saturday 24 th January 2015, 2 pm start.

Location of Start : The Youth Centre, St Johns in the Vale, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 306 225 )

Places visited : High Rigg and Low Rigg summits via Tewet Tarn.

Walk details :   2.8 mls, 900 feet of ascent, 2 hours.

Highest point : High Rigg, 1,163ft - 357m.

Walked with : Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :  Overcast and rather grey but with a little hint of sunshine. A cold breeze.

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- - - o o o - - -

Ohh . . . before we start out there's the little matter of someone's birthday yesterday.

- - - o o o - - -

Young Dylan qualifies for a cake and a candle for his first birthday . . . hasn't time flown.

A brace of retriever photo cards . . . courtesy of Sherran and Bill . . . many thanks.

- - - o o o - - -

On with the walk (to tire him out hopefully) . . . 

" In-tui-tion" implies doing things naturally without planning ahead. 

This is what we had today as we climbed to the first summit of High Rigg and then retraced our steps,

heading for the tarn of the same name (see above) and then the first summit of Low Rigg . . . all "n-Tewet-ivly".

- - - o o o - - -

St Johns in the Vale Youth Centre and chance of some roadside parking.

Across the way the sun shines on Scales Fell, the far end of the snow and cloud covered Blencathra.

Climbing up to the flat area above the Centre where they have their camp fires.

There's a large slate boulder / seat next to the fireplace. 

The top of the rock has been inscribed with world-wide landmarks.

" For the Children " February 2009.

[ I believe it might have been placed there by the family of the late Charles and Sandra Crane who were actively involved with the Centre.]

From the stone viewpoint we head off up the fell,

taking the path that climbs steeply behind the old church.

Sunshine on Latrigg , as seen over Low Rigg summit.

That's better . . . perhaps we might get a little more sun ourselves.

[ Keen spotters will notice the Castlerigg Stone Circle in the large field seen above the summit rocks.]

We've done the steep bit and it is a more gradual ascent to the summit now.

Zooming in on Clough Head across the way.

Calfhow Pike stands out on the ridge, which continues on to the cloud-covered Great Dodd.

The slopes of Watson Dodd are still covered in a fair amount of snow.

The wider picture as Ann reaches the summit of High Rigg.

The view down the Thirlmere Valley today is more black and white than coloured.

That's Raven Crag on the right with the slopes of Ullscarf behind.

Bleaberry Fell still looks rather cold and damp today

even though a lot of the snow has been melted by the mild and damp weather.

Ann wrapped up warmly against the keen wind.

Time to head off to Tewet Tarn.

And she'll need to stay wrapped up

by the look of the weather that's approaching from the Bass lake direction.

By the time we reach the Youth Centre once again the rain has more or less stopped.

Fat Man's Agony . . . an awkward pinch-stile especially while the stone steps are as wet after the rain.

[ Note to self and others: walk another twenty yards down the road and there's an open gate ! ]

Looking back as we head across the slopes of Low Rigg.

The High Rigg summit is on the left despite the optical illusion.

Those four guys have passed us and are heading off to Tewet Tarn as I stop for this photo.

Tewet Tarn . . . full of water today but no ice . . . and no reflections due to the breeze.

Looking across to the Glenderaterra Valley and Lonscale Fell.
To the right, Blease Gill Valley and the slopes of Blencathra.

The wider view of Blencathra seen here from the side of the tarn.

Back-tracking . . . but mind the bog !

Rather than cross the wall we stayed this side in order to reach Low Rigg Summit (behind us).

Distant views of Causey Pike, always distinctive due to the crinkled end to its summit.

Summit number two . . . Low Rigg.

There's some light in the western sky but a lot of moisture in the air in between.

Dylan looks rather disgruntled at having to sit for the photo . . . but I needed a bit of colour and interest in the foreground.

Looking over to Bleaberry and down at Dale Bottom Farm

We have stayed on that site in our caravan holidays in the Lakes in the days before we moved to our present Lakeland home.

Intuition tells me to follow the wall on the left down to an old stile.

Back in 2009 we used a rickety ladder stile

at the corner of the wall.


Unfortunately when we got there today it has rotted away

and the farmer has erected a wire fence to stop people

crossing rather than rebuild the stile.


Be warned . . . no easy way through.

Oh well . . . back to Low Rigg summit, finding a gap in the big wall (as many have done) and picking up the well trodden path on the other side.

If ever there was a few bob spare for a stile or access gate then this place could do with one as the ancient wall is starting to suffer.

The walk drew to a close as we complete the circle and head back to the car.

Just next to the trees ahead is a nice gate to get off the fell . . . no more climbing through slippery wafer-thin stiles thank goodness.

- - - o o o - - -


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