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" Rannerdale on Harry's Birthday "

Date & start time: Monday 13th January 2014, 12.45pm start.

Location of Start : The Hawes Point car park, Crummock, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 163 184 )

Places visited : Rannerdale Knotts and back via the valley.

Walk details :   2 mls,  800 ft of ascent, 1 hours  35 mins.

Highest point : Rannerdale Knotts 1,160ft - 355m

Walked with : Ann and our dog, Harry.

Weather : Clouding over after a reasonable morning.

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Another break in this damp weather finds Ann and myself climbing Rannerdale Knotts.

Normally we stay on the outside of the ridge for the descent

but with the lack of direct sun the inner valley route back is the choice for today.

Parking at Hause Point . . . we are not alone . . . but saying that we didn't see anyone else on the walk itself.

We pay attention to the notice and take Harry with us !

A short road walk takes us the hundred yards to the start of the path up the northern (steep) end of the fell.

There's actually some blue sky up there

as I pause to take a wider photo of Crummock and Mellbreak opposite.

There's a hint of white on the top of High Stile Ridge, but nothing significant.

Harry is ten today and is still going strong despite a life of minor injuries !

We are missing Bethan today, particularly as this was one of her regular fell walks.

The view up the valley is always a delight when it re-appears over the folds of the fell.

Dubbs Falls or Warnscale Beck falls to give it the correct name, is running fairly full and can be clearly seen today.

As we climb, Great Gable also starts to appear above the similarly shaped Haystacks at the head of the lake.

Ears blowing in the southerly breeze, Harry looks pleased to be out.

Taken for the different textures and colours of the fells.

The stones are the base of the small scree where we start the steep pitched path.

Looking back down to Ann on the steep climb, with Hause Point a long way below us now.

Did I say we were alone ?

No there's always a few locals about to watch our passing.

Nearly at the summit and the panorama of Grasmoor and Whiteless Pike is spread out before us.

A picture from June 2010

Bethan's favourite viewpoint on this fell.

She would often be up first to this rock and just sit here and look at the view.

Hold your cursor over the picture to look back in time.

Looking closer at the head of the valley

with the cloud swirling around Green Gable, Great Gable and Kirk Fell behind the proud Haystacks.

From our viewpoint it is just a short hop to the actual summit.

The bulk of Robinson Fell fills the background behind the cairn.

A view north from the summit includes Grasmoor and the sloping climb up Lad Hows ridge.

Time to be on our way . . . walking along to the ridge to the second set of summit rocks.

From Low Bank we turn left . . .
. . . and cut down carefully into the Squat Beck Valley.

We reach the valley path close to the top footbridge.

This takes the right of way over the beck and across the field opposite

but most folk follow the stream and take the main path down this side of the valley.

A study in wire and confusion . . . an old sheep enclosure at the corner of the field.

In the spring, this area is awash with colour as this is where the bluebells cover the slopes.

Harry seems to enjoy playing ball a lot more on our walks now that he has lost his playful companion.

Rannerdale Beck joined Squat Beck at the bridge

and we follow the combined waters down past the overhanging rock and out of the narrow valley.

A fine old Hawthorn tree with Whiteless Pike behind.

Just before the gate, the old crab apple tree and Whiteless again.

The winter winds have caused some damage but the tree is strong enough to cope.

- - - o o o - - -

Back home now and time to make a fuss of the birthday boy.

Two birthday cakes within three days . . . The last one for was Bet, this one is for Harry.

Count the candles.

" Wait . . . till they are all lit properly."

" Look there's ten candles, that's why it is so bright "

" Do us a favour.  Hurry up and blow the candles out so I can  eat it."

- - - o o o - - -


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