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" The Garden and a walk up Binsey "

Date & start time: Thursday 2nd August 2012, 4.30 pm start. ( NY 235 351)

Location of Start : The sheepfold gate at Binsey Cottage, Bassenthwaite, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : West Crag and Binsey Summit.

Walk details :   2.2 mls, 750 ft of ascent, 1.5 hours.

Highest point : Binsey summit 1,466ft - 447m

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies, fair weather clouds, after a wet start to the day !

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A fine afternoon in prospect yet plenty of work to do outdoors, however we still remember to get out for a walk ! 

We take a short ride over to the northern fells with Harry and Bethan for a walk up Binsey.

It seems very familiar ground but in fact we haven't been up here for over a year and a half, the cold November before last in fact.

Firstly there's work to do.

This summer has been quite warm but definitely short of sunshine.  The greenhouse is progressing reasonably well (for this beginner),

but this is one of the first days that the top automatic vent has opened of its own accord.  It must be warm.

The runner beans are at last taking off, flowering and getting to a reasonable height.

A change of position this year might mean shading the greenhouse slightly but lets hope the fresh location will work well for the beans.

The moist weather has allowed tremendous new growth of raspberry canes but they are shading last years fruiting canes.

Still I've had two full litre ice-cream style boxes of fruit so far and they taste really good . . . more sun please to help things along.

The rockery plants are in full bloom . . . please ignore the buttercups weeds . . . that's the next job !

Colour at last on the geraniums . . . even a second bloom on the yellow primulas to the right.

No hysteria about the Wisteria yet . . . but it is growing well.
Our local landmark has had a trim around to make it tidy too.

Despite the poor weather our local farmers, William and Richard, have still managed to cut and bail the field opposite for silage.

By wrapping the green round-bailed crop in plastic it excludes the air and preserves the goodness of the grass for use as a winter feed.

Job done . . . the patch in the middle cannot be cut as it is an old quarry area.

It is possible that the stone from there was used to build our cottage, Rose Cottage or the Old Smithy which used to be this side of the gate.

The wall opposite has burst into flower with a white Stonecrop flower.

An old plant on an equally old stone wall.

Still can't hang about all day working can we ?

It's time to take the dogs for a walk . . . grab the leads but leave the waterproofs behind . . . makes a change !

- - - o o o - - -

The gate replaced an old ladder stile as we start out on a walk up Binsey.

A gentle fell with a green swathe that leads up towards the distant summit about a mile away.

Binsey is a Wainwright summit but is set back from the main Skiddaw Massif.

As a result the views today should be really good as we will be able to look south across Bassenthwaite and north over to Scotland.

Ann turns to admire the first view of Overwater.

The grassy fells behind include Longlands and Meal Fell leading up to The Knott (out of picture).

The view south is opening up too.

The buildings are known as High Bewaldeth over the unnamed grassy high ground to the distant Central Fells.

Harry and Ann.

The changing patterns of light and shade are worth stopping to watch.

Harry's pretending to be a dog but with an 'fr' in front !

It is quite warm in the sunshine and both dogs took advantage of the cooling nature of the water in the end.

Zooming in on the high fells . . .

Looking at the tops (left to right) Esk Pike to Scafell Pike with Catbells in front, Great Gable above High Spy and the High Stile Ridge behind Dale Head.

The striated and instantly recognisable summit on the right is Causey Pike .

The full length of Bassenthwaite Lake has been home to the Ospreys again this year

and their one male offspring is fully fledged and flying from the nest close to Mirehouse and Dodd Wood.

Bethan takes in the wider scene and the wonderful summer skies.

I hope this weather will last at least a short while for the visitors and, lets face it, the locals too !

Big skies over Binsey Summit

We defer on the direct route to the top and instead take a circuitous route around the west facing high ground of the fell.

We will walk over to the West Crag, that area of rock outcrop overlooking the Solway Plain.

Bethan leading the way . . . a long way ahead . . . no great problem, she comes back when called (a second time !)

It is certainly an afternoon for big skies and fine clouds.

West Crag overlooking Caer Mote Hill.

There is an old Roman Fort over there, the remains of which can be found just beyond the small group of trees above Harry's Head.

The visibility is clear enough today to see Scotland in the distance.

Down below us a strange set of curved tracks marks the local, occasional venue for Cycle Motor Cross.

High Ireby seen below us now as we start the climb to the summit.

This is the lower cairn on the way back up to the top.

Summit reached . . . not a major achievement but what a nice walk this afternoon . . . it is a lovely day with great views as expected.

The Big Picture . . .

Click here or on the photo for a big value Loweswatercam 360 degree panorama from the top.

Time now to be heading down.

Our view includes Overwater once more . . . but this time without the need to turn around.

I'm walking slightly bow-legged towards Skiddaw it would seem !

. . . but fear not, I made the gate first time and as we reach the end of today's walk.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, my Canon G10 digital cameras.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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