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" Local and Low Fell "

Date & start time: Thursday 5th April 2012, 2.40 pm start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Foulsyke, Whinney Riding Woods, The Pine Tree, Low Fell south top and back

Walk details : 2.5 mls, 1075 ft of ascent, 1 hr  40 mins.

Highest point : Low Fell Southern viewpoint, 1340 ft - 412 m.

Walked with : Alexander and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : A beautiful, blue sky day.


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Plenty to do as we visit a local farm and then take a walk up Low Fell. 

Alexander wanted to climb this one too as he has looked out of the bedroom window at it for the last few days.

First a few photos from the other events of the day.

A regularly stocked bird table and squirrel feeder

encouraged our red squirrel visitors to appear every day.

LBJ . . . 'little brown jobby' . . . a female House Sparrow

She kindly turned her head away as I pressed the shutter and it wasn't till later that I noticed that she appears to have lost her beak.

In the local field, a colourful male Pheasant.

- - - o o o - - -

Work to do this morning . . . we must go down and buy some eggs.

We drive the short distance down to Lisa at the farm in Lorton.

She showed us round the small barn where she is rearing some ducklings

and let Alexander (and myself) hold one of the chicks . . . after all it is Easter Week !

Huddled in the corner to get away from the (7 year old) giant.

Hold it gently but don't drop it Alexander.

We also went across to see the orphaned lambs.

They were warming themselves under the heat lamp.

All her little charges were orphaned, unwell or the third lamb of a sets of triplets.

Lisa has a small flock of her own but takes in these youngsters

for another local farmer who is unable to spend the time to look after them.



She is able to provide an intensive care environment

whilst the other farmer is busy lambing

the rest of his 1500 strong flock of sheep

back at his own farm.



Hopefully her efforts result in strong little lambs

like the ones in the next pens.


Before we left I showed Alexander  the waterwheel that Lisa has at the back of their farm.

The elevated mill stream has gone as it blocked the back entrance to the barns, but the water still reaches the overshoot trough through the black pipe.

Although it is in need of re-boarding, the wheel is fully capable and has turned recently.  The mill system inside the barn has also long gone

but Lisa and Steve have ideas to attach a generator someday and generate their own power.

- - - o o o - - -

In the afternoon, Alexander and I took the dogs for a walk . . . "Where to Alexander . . . up Low Fell, Pop. "

It's another lovely weather day today . . . makes up for some of those wet ones we suffered last year !

Our path took us across the two fields and up towards Foulsyke House.



Joan seems to have the chimney sweep in !
Overhead, a fine buzzard circles above us.

Above the Old Pine Tree, the three horses were out grazing.

Alexander climbs up to the tree . . .
. . . but Bethan is there first.

Looking down on Foulsyke, Wood End, and our cottage in the distance.

It's blue skies all the way up the Buttermere Valley to Great Gable.

Across the way, Grasmoor . . . making Scale Hill Cottages look small in comparison.

Up near the old sheep fold we catch up with the horses.

Alexander picks some grass to feed them . . . keep those fingers out of the way now !

Not satisfied with our meagre offering, they continue on their way, grazing as they go.

We find a last remnant of snow up by the sheep fold.
From here it is a rather steep climb up by the fence.

Summit ridge achieved, we get a fine view north across the Solway.

At the Southern Viewpoint we meet up with neighbours, Todd and Sheila and their retriever

so Alexander takes the camera for a great summit photo.

We had arranged to wave to Ann who was back at the cottage waiting for visitors.

In return she would flash our "million candle power" torch when she saw us . . . that's her by the blue car.

[ photo zoomed in both optically and electronically . . . to near bursting point]

From the cottage, Ann manages to catch a similar photo of us.

Zooming back out to show our vantage point on the top of Low Fell.

The view is superb . . . one of the best in the Lakes . . . but it is time to go.

We  head off down to slope on the Loweswater (lake) side.

Always one for a photo . . . is Harry !

Steeply down the end . . .
. . . and across the stile at the bottom of the fell.

No need for a description I feel.

Just those two fields to cross again . . . just follow the sign post.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with my Canon 1100D camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a local fell for a lad to climb.

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