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" Dad's 60th Celebrations "

Date & start time: Whit Sunday afternoon 29th May 2011.

Location of event : Oak Cottage, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : The kitchen, the lounge, the sitting room, the garden . . . wherever !

Walk details : Some sitting, some standing, lots of talking.

Highest point : Meeting everyone and the Birthday Video.

With : Ann and our family, my brothers and sister and loads of friends (and several dogs)

Weather : Wet & windy morning thankfully changing to sunny and calm by mid afternoon.

A birthday slab of Chocolate giving the game away about the late birthday celebration.

Thanks to David and Jennifer for the gift.


Not a walk this time, more an event . . . as the family have organise a celebration for my big-0 birthday.

They wanted to have a summer barbecue and a family get together but as Christmas and summer barbecues don't go together unless you are in Australia (or similar) they delayed the party till we had the prospect of warm sunshine and a free weekend in everyone's diary.

Whit Sunday seemed a good time . . . everyone has arrived . . . it's now up to the weather to do the honours and stop raining !

Raining outside but bright inside as preparations are going ahead for an afternoon party for 60 at Oak Cottage.

You could call today my " 60 at 60 " perhaps ?

Pat put a lot of work in bringing salads

but here she is admiring the rather nice spread of puddings produced by my friend and colleague, Audrey, from Fishers.

Mmmm . . . Yummy (Jenna) !

Time to look reasonably well dressed as people start to arrive.

Myself and Kathryn, Gareth's girlfriend.

The boy himself !
Claire arrives and is talking to Abi

Our two youngest grand children, Abi and Alexander.

Conversely our eldest grandson Jack and his girlfriend Sarah.

- - - o o o - - -

With the wind blowing hard outside and the prospects of another strong rain shower on the way

we opted for a family photo inside before everyone arrived.

While we were gathering everyone together there was a suggestion for a

" checkout whether Jack and Matthew are taller than Ann " photo.

The Hiley family (circa 2011)

- - - o o o - - -

Time to start as people arrive . . .

Jas serves Dee with some light alcoholic beverage.

Meeting up for a chat . . . David and Jennifer, Ann and Andrew, Ian and myself.

Lakeland friends and fellow web masters.

Ann in the lobby with Angie, Pat and John.

Angie, glad to be in the Lakes again.
Jo arrives and talks to Sherran.

Pam (my sister), myself and John.

It's stopped raining and the skies are clearing nicely . . . time to be outside.

The youngsters are able to enjoy the garden too.

Richard and Al are in charge of the barbecues as Cathy brings out some extra supplies.

I didn't manage to finish the greenhouse in time for the party so put a blue tarpaulin over the top as a shelter.

It made an idea place to site the barbecues on this slightly windy lunchtime.

Chefs at work, helped by Claire and James.

More space was needed so two of the trays were brought outside.

That looks like kebabs to me.

New posters seem to adorn the fridge door behind Jas.

Peter helping himself to puddings . . . Paul behind, talking to Lynn, Gordon and myself.

Hilton looking serious . . . " Have I managed to eat each and every dessert ? "

He has now . . .

Richard deep in conversation with Claire.

Likewise Paula and Lynn.

The weather has improved dramatically since this morning so the garden chairs are out.

Lunch continues . . . al fresco.

David . . . who should know a thing or two about cameras . . . is put in charge of the tripod for the family photo.

- - - o o o - - -

Three generations making up all of the family.

Seated are my brothers and sister and myself, behind are our wives, husbands, son and daughters plus our grand children and partners.

There were a lot less little ones to sit in front than in previous years (Sam had to kneel down to fill the gap).

- - - o o o - - -

The big photo done and dusted then we all get called inside by Jenna.

The curtains are drawn and a projector and screen are in place.

Find yourself a seat if you can.

Fitting nearly sixty people in the kitchen / sitting room was a challenge in itself.

Jen becomes master of ceremonies for a short while . . .
. . . my first surprise, a large birthday cake.

The cake was based on photos of our garden and transported up from Swansea in Gareth's car (thanks to Roschanne who made and decorated the cake)

Technically correct . . . except I don't remember ever relaxing on the garden bench long enough to have my image recorded !

The shed and greenhouse look great too.

Jen had put together a wonderful 10 minute slide show . . .
. . . which we enjoyed along with a glass of Champagne.

- - - o o o - - -

Click here or on my baby photo for your viewing of the movie.

It's a big file and so will take relatively ages to download and play in your media player so set it going and return to this page.

Make sure your speakers are turned on and you'll know when it available to view.

- - - o o o - - -

Party poppers round off an excellent video.

Thanks to Jen for compiling the video and to all the members of the family who contributed photos in response to her emails.

Time for candles.

Me and the Missus.
The cake with what's left of the candles.

No room for 60 candles so just nine which spelt out " You're old " . . . thanks Jen !

Back out into the sunshine . . . Louisa and Colin.

" Lazing on a sunny afternoon . . . in the summertime."

Dee and Maggie.

Sophie and Chris . . . Cheers Chris (He was 60 a few days after me !)
A real pensioner on the bench alongside.

Gary and his new dog Chloe . . . a rescue dog, still rather nervous of big crowds.

Rare footage of three web masters David, Gary and Andrew all together at one time!

David and our dog Harry.

The dog in the background is Harry's older half-sister, Amber.

Down by the wood store . . . full of kids not logs.

We'll attempt to correct that in a few days by gathering logs from the tree we passed in the meadow yesterday.

His cousin Sam with Abi.

Mike (on the right) and I met as kids and he was also Best Man at our wedding.

He's talking with Stephen and Elaine, Richard and Sam.

View from the 1st floor.

Note the split level garden, shed and Puffins . . . just like the cake.

Mum and daughter . . . Ann and Catherine.

Mum and daughter . . . my sister Pan and Nicola.

My big brother Peter being a big kid at the bird feeder.

Little brother Steve with Jen.

Dave, Barbara and Chris in the middle showing off his new green credit card . . . or is he saying they've started cutting the cake ?

Abi and Jen in the afternoon sun.

Alexander and Abi round the back of the blackcurrant bushes.

Al referees the game from the seating area.

The five girls including Pat.

Work over . . . it's time to relax.
Cathy and her god-mother !

A close up of Paula and Pat completes the trio.



Boys will be boys.


It's jammed on they said . . .

. . . Stephen being remarkably slow in turning it off.

The gang . . . after drying off a little.

Let's hold the camera at arms length . . .

'Cheese' says Grommit.

As the afternoon progresses the sunshine fades a little but it is still warm.

Tucking in to thirds . . . or is it left-overs.

David getting down to Angie's level.

Ian, Jo and John with Sherran and Bill.

Indoors, Pam brings out my Dad's old photo albums.
Peter and Mary do a bit of people spotting.

Towards the end of a really nice, laid-back afternoon.

Peter, Paul and Claire.

All over and most things cleared up.

Time for a quick re-run of the birthday video . . . hope you were able to enjoy it too.

You're old . . . but don't lose your head . . . you're only half a year older.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with a combination of cameras in a combination of hands.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a piece of big birthday cake.

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