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Family in Cumbria this Christmas

Date & start time: 19th to 21st December 2010.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Here, there and Keswick.

Walk details : Several small walks and some winter fun.

Walked with : Paula and Al, Tom and Abi, Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Lovely winter sunshine and one slightly gloomy afternoon.

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Paula and Al and family are over in Loweswater visiting parents (us!) just prior to Christmas.

Fortunately the serious snow of the Midlands and the North East has failed to materialise here

so their journey over was straight forward and the weather was reasonable for their visit.

There was enough snow however for a little winter fun.

Al pulls Abi down our gentle garden slope.

Tom gives himself a good push off and manages a short ride under his own steam.

Mmmm . . . we can do better than this . . .

Across the way we have two rather nice sloping fields.

Abi takes her sledge down the slope . . . 'concentration' written large on her face.

Followed by pleasure . . . in the form of a big smile.

Tom's run was slightly more successful than his Dad's as Al ended up in the wall !

With the sun temporarily setting behind Mellbreak our field was rapidly becoming shaded.

Carling Knott and the old School House, now the Village Hall in front.

We moved to the next field to get back into the sunshine.

Looking round there were beautiful cloud effects as well as beautiful views.

Here the moist air rising up out of Ennerdale forms a cloud layer on Moses Trod and over Brandreth Fell.

Green Gable and Great Gable are clear, as is Haystacks in the middle distance.

Whiteside and Grasmoor from the top of the field.

Looking up the other way . . . we are off tobogganing again.

The happy family trio . . . looks like I'm relegated to the red sledge for the next run !


If fame is being on You-tube . . . then we're all a little more famous than before.

[ Hear and see the fun by clicking start on the photo above. ] 

One last run . . . from the top down.

It's time to stop if we want to get over to Keswick this afternoon.

- - - o o o - - -

More snow is the top of Whinlatter Pass as yesterday's walk suggested.

Lunch at George Fishers . . . Abraham's Cafe.

This young lady was enjoying looking at the Christmas Crib.

Raise your eyes to the hills and spot the reindeers.

Causey Pike through the glass of the velux window.

The "Santa's Cruise" was off because he was unable to sail his ice breaker launch down from the North Pole . . .

. . . So we bought some bird food and fed the ducks.

It was so cold that the ducks ran over, quickly sat down and tucked their feet in their feathers and ate whatever food they could reach without

moving further. Normally they waddle around after you . . . this was the first time I had ever noticed them do this . . . so it must be cold !

The Keswick Launches are iced in at the jetties . . . no sailings today.

We take a walk out to Friars Crag . . . the whole lake is frozen over.

Taking advantage of the seat to admire the winter panorama.

- - - o o o - - -

Next day the weather is sunny again and so we take a walk down to the lake on their last morning.

Myself, Paula and Al walk along the road towards the lake.

Tom entertains Harry by finding some ice to play with.

In the shaded light (from Mellbreak again) the flash shows up on Tom's coat.

Paula and Ann are well wrapped up against the low temperatures despite the warming effect of the sunshine.

Abi finds some ice in the shape of a fish.

Harry just finds some water . . .
. . . and both he and Bethan enjoy a quick dip !

Reflections on a rippled lake.

Family photos on the steps . . .
. . . . causes a traffic jam.

The sunshine on this side of the lake is warm enough to sit for a while.

Tom picks stones to throw for the dogs to chase after.

One the way back we met this sheep going "high level" in the other direction.

No wonder the walls fall down occasionally.

Walking back to the house which should be in sunshine once again.

- - - o o o - - -

The afternoon and evening continued fine, even after the family had left.

The moon makes a dramatic entrance over the slopes of Whiteside.

This was about 4.30 pm.

By midnight on the longest night (Dec 21st) the full moon was illuminating the valley to such an extent

that I was encouraged out with the camera. Grasmere from the bottom of our garden.

A rather blurred outliner of Great Gable taken with the camera propped on the bird table

I went into the house and fetched the tripod to do the job properly.

A clear view now of Mellbreak with Jupiter and the lower stars of Orion in the southern sky.

A vertical photo shows the full Orion constellation . . .
. . . and higher still includes the full moon.

Dr Who has landed the red phone box which comes alive in the ten second exposure.

Ten seconds again but all these shots were taken at minus ten degrees on the thermometer.

If I don't get in soon I'll be the one suffering over-exposure !

(This is the full set from those which I published earlier in the week.)

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a warm duvet jacket and a better pair of gloves.

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