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Crummock in the Rain

Date & start time: Wednesday 3rd November 2010, 3.55 pm start.

Location of Start : The Scale Bridge car park, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 149 214 )

Places visited : Lanthwaite Woods and Crummock, a short local stroll in the rain.

Walk details : 1.5 mls, negligible ascent, 1hr 20 mins.

Highest point : The beach at Crummock Water.

Walked with : John and Dee and their dog Amber, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Very wet and very windy.

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We've had several of inches of rain in the last 36 hours and the water levels have risen in the area.

Having delayed all day before going for a walk, we decide it wasn't getting any better

so we go for a stroll in the protection of Lanthwaite Woods

and give ourselves and the dogs at least some exercise today.

The weir and the water monitoring walls are almost lost below the water.

The river is a couple of feet above normal and has started to flood over its banks onto the fields.

We are joined today by our friends John and Dee.

As you can see from the white spots, it's raining and the light is so poor that the flash is highlighting the raindrops.

Also the long exposure times and dampness give the pictures a soft, artistic, out-of-focus look beloved of some landscape artists ;o)

During the floods of last year the monitoring station, high on a five foot mound which made it about

seven or eight feet above the normal river level, was swamped and ceased to work.

Recently they have installed a temporary box to continue to monitor the river but mounted it lower down, right alongside the river.

So . . . my Utilities money has gone to pay for a temporary system which is rapidly being wiped out by the first slight rise in river level.

I bet Bart Simpson would have a word to say about that water engineer's decision . . . . Dooh !

I hope it is watertight . . . though I doubt it.

The bend in the river is no place to swim today.

Nearly at the lake now and the beech grove has turned temperate rain forest.

Even out here the camera is still using its flash setting to cope with the poor light.

It won't be snow as the temperature, despite the rain and wind, is still in double figures.

Harry and Amber enjoy a swim . . . well you can only get so wet.

[ Regular viewers may remember that Amber is half sister to Harry and Bethan ]

It's not often we use umbrellas on a walk . . .
. . . but today they seem like a good idea.

The lake level is really up too.

Bethan returns from walking over the bridge.

We called her back half way across because of the speed of the water on the other side.

Amber and Bethan can't understand why the walk is cut short . . .
. . . but are happy to return to the beach for another swim.

Two dogs but the object of their desire " a thrown stick " is out of picture. ( This photo and the next one by John ... many thanks )

What a difference a day made ....

The outflow with Mellbreak beyond . . . it all looks a little bleak today.

[ Move your cursor over the photo to check out what it looked like on the 11th of October.]

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Technical note: Pictures taken with Ann's Canon 75 or John's Canon G7 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a wide brimmed hat in lieu of a fourth umbrella.

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