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High Rigg and Tewet Tarn

Date & start time: Saturday 30rd January 2010, 1.45 pm start.

Location of Start : The Youth Centre, St Johns in the Vale, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 205 224 )

Places visited : High Rigg, Low Rigg (almost) and Tewet Tarn

Walk details : 3.1 mls, 875 ft, 2 hrs 15 mins.

Highest point : High Rigg 1,163ft ( 357m)

Walked with : Myself (Ann) and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Blue sky and sunny, clear but a cold breeze when away from shelter.


High Rigg and Tewet Tarn

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Roger is busy today with the Tethera Players stage set so I venture off in search of quiet fells and restful places.

High Rigg was calling but it was Tewet Tarn that was so tranquil and peaceful this lovely day.

The dogs and I set off up the slopes of High Rigg behind the St John's Youth Centre.

Across the way, Skiddaw to the left, Blencathra to the right.

The gullies below Clough Head with the snowy summit of Great Dodd peeping out on the right.

Golden Harry waits for me to ascend the last few rocks on to High Rigg summit.

Bethan and Harry on the summit.

Lonscale Fell on the flanks of the Skiddaw massif, Great Calva is the pointed peak in the gap behind

and Blease Fell, part of the Blencathra ridge to the right.

Tewet Tarn, my final objective of the walk, is the blue jewel mid centre.

Turning around on the summit I have this lovely view of Helvellyn above the blue waters of Thirlmere

Bethan and Harry find a spot of un-melted snow . . .
. . .and proceed to eat it !

Instead of walking the ridge of High Rigg towards Thirlmere,

we set off west towards a number of unnamed high points on this undulating section of High Rigg.

Looking down on Dale Bottom Farm caravan site.

Behind the near ridge of Bleaberry Fell are the slopes of Barrow, Outerside. Causey Pike and the snow covered Eel Crag towering above.

A close up of a snowy Helvellyn above the brown coloured High Rigg ridge.

As I took the photo, presumably Harry's tail passed close by, hence the golden streaks in the foreground !

Harry and Bethan continue to enjoy the freedom of the empty fells.

Looking back towards the summit of High Rigg with a backdrop of Clough Head and Great Dodd with the snow.

I will be using the path below to lead the way off this part of the fell.

We descend from High Rigg and climb up towards Low Rigg.

Harry looks as if he could walk straight on to the Blease fell ridge and across to the summit of Blencathra !

Looking back towards the tops we have walked on High Rigg.

The white building below is the Youth Centre.

Oh dear, we have come against a large obstacle between us and Low Rigg summit.

Harry and Bethan are really keen to reach the summit and bark and whine for help from me to get them up and over.

Sorry Harry, Dad ( who's a foot taller than me) isn't here today.
We walk further down the wall and take the proper crossing.

This leads us to the path to Tewet Tarn which has just come back in to view.

The dogs are off at a great pace !

Closer now and the going is 'firm' in the freezing conditions.

Normally this area is very muddy.

This is what I was searching for today.

I sit awhile and drink in this view of Lonscale Fell across a partially frozen Tewet Tarn.

Alone with my thoughts in this perfect spot with the majestic Skiddaw ahead

Time to return via the hole in the wall and make our way back to the car

The delightful Church of St John's in the Vale, adjacent to the Youth Centre and the car.

A final photo of a sunlit Clough Head through the trees in the graveyard.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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