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Date & start time: Wednesday 22nd July 2009. 11.30 am start. ( NY 443 199 )

Location of Start : Howtown Pier, Ullswater, Cumbria, Uk, after a boat trip from Glenridding.

Places visited : Glenridding Pier to Howtown Pier, then the lakeside path to Sandwick Bay, Silver Crag, Side Farm (cafe) and back to Patterdale.

Walk details : 6 mls, undulations totaling about 1100 ft, 4 hrs 15mins. for the walk incl lunch.

Highest point : The ferry trip and the views on the way back.

Walked with : Jill and Nigel, Jo, John, grandsons Sam and Tom, Ann and the dogs, Jodie, Amber, Polly, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Rain to start then showers never far away. The odd patch of sunlight but very windy.

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 Howtown and Back

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Not good weather for being out on the fells so we opt for a linear walk much lower down near the lake shore.

Chance to take the boys on the Ullswater Steamers and combine it with a good walk back to Patterdale.

Parking at Patterdale, we walked towards Glenridding and the lake in order to catch the steamer to Howtown.

Along the way we passed St Patrick's Boat Landings where you can hire rowing or motor boats, as we have done in the past.

A strong southerly breeze flies the flag on the jetty out straight.

We plan to travel by boat half way up the lake, in fact to the other side of Place Fell (seen here) and then walk back to the car.

The Hiley's are early for a change and we've time for refreshments from the steamer pier cafe before we leave.

Today we are joined by Jill and Nigel Bachelor, John, our grandsons and Jo who was the last to arrive . . . but she has travelled over from York this morning.

"All aboard" . . . Hey . . . just let me finish my coffee !

Everyone's boarded and we're off.

Tom is happy by the look of it.

This is the first of several photos taken by Tom.

This looks back along the boat as we manoeuvre away from the pier.

Ann catches Jill in animated mode . . . Nigel and I listen attentively as she explains.

Hoods up as the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Jo, safely on board, has time to relax.

The Lady of the Lake as she makes her way past Silver Point.

It is reputed to be the oldest working passenger vessel in the world. Another first for Cumbria.

Hallin Fell, our stop is just round the corner now.

Mind the step as we make an orderly disembarkation at Howtown.

Sam is in charge of Jodie for a change as they follow John and Polly off the boat.

A turn of the powerful propellers and our boat, The Raven, continues on her way to Pooley Bridge.

With Bonscale Pike behind us , we start our way around the lower paths of Hallin Fell.

There's a good path all the way back from here to Patterdale.

A quick turn around at Glenridding and 'Lady of the Lake' is passing us once again

The delightfully named Kailpot Crag just before we start into the Hallinhag woodlands on the lower slopes of Hallin Fell.

Sam and Jodie seem to get on well.

Lunch was decided upon a short while later . . . so we found a quiet beach and sat by the water.

These Canadians at Sandwick Bay seem to take the weather in their stride . . . like water off a duck's back perhaps ?

Beckside Cottages at Sandwick Bay.

We continue round the foot of Sleet Fell as we start the long part of the lakeside path towards Silver Point.

Scalehow Force . . . . The water here has drained from the northern flanks of Place Fell.

It cascades into the woods, taking full advantage of it's one chance for glory on it's short trip to the lake.

Tom's photo of the Raven and Lady Wakefield passing near Silver Point.

The wind surfers in the background were having a great time in the strong breeze today.

Despite the weather all around us, we seem to stay reasonably dry.

That's Glencoyne Woods and the Seldom Seen valley behind us on the opposite shore of the lake.

" Les Girls " . . . by Tom again.

Brief shafts of sunlight on Glenridding Dodd.
Turning the corner we get our first view of Glenridding again.

It must be about fifty years ago that . . . wait for it . . . I first set foot on that island.

As kids we sailed out in a small boat and lit a fire to cook marshmallows . . . Swallows and Amazons style . . . Happy days !

Approaching Side Farm we pass this old barn.

The moss growing on the roof is probably about the same vintage as me, if not older.

The sun appears as we walk the track behind the campsite.

So pleased to see it, both Ann and I took a photo !

Side Farm also has a small tea room

so we just had to stop and support this local venture . . . of course.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with with Ann's Cannon 75 or my Cannon G7 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . Hot Chocolate and delicious cakes from the Side Farm tearoom.

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