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Date & start time: Thursday 2nd July 2009. 12.30 pm start.

Location of Start : By the red phone box, Stonethwaite , Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 262 138 )

Places visited : Stonethwaite, Galleny Falls, Johnny House, Black Moss Pot, Blea Rock and back.

Walk details : 4.1 mls, 250 ft, 4 hrs 30 mins including lunch and a swim.

Highest point : Blea Crag by Black Moss Pot. 650 ft ( 200 m )

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Blue skies and sunshine. One of the hottest days so far.

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 Langstrath Walk to Black Moss Pot

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Stonethwaite has a red phone box too and this was our parking spot for today's walk up the Langstrath Valley.

The warmth of our unusual summer continues so we pack the swimming costumes as well as lunch.

It was so hot that it was a great day NOT to be climbing the fells.

Stonethwaite Village as we start the walk.

We opted for the track across the fields rather than the stoney roadway to the campsite.

These lambs are getting a bit big for that sort of thing !
The others shelter behind the wall to keep cool.

The campsite is deserted.

There are a few tents about but everyone is out and about on this predictably fine day.

An explanation of the new earthworks on the campsite.
A rather dry looking reed bed filtration system.

Eagle Crag stands proud in the centre where the valley splits into two.

The left hand valley is Greenup Gill, leading to Greenup Edge and the path over to Grasmere village. The right hand valley is Langstrath.

Before the river splits there's the first of a series of really nice bathing pools.

Harry has found the first one already.

Bethan also contemplates a swim as Harry retrieves a small stick . . . well he is a retriever !

The right hand of the falls at Galleny Force leads up into Langstrath Valley . . .

Langstrath is basically a norse translation of Long Valley which really starts here at the bridge.

Walking up we pass an old building, a ruin called on the map Johnny House.

Now the full extent of the valley becomes clear.

That's Bowfell in the distance, but the real head of the valley is Esk Hause, out of sight round the corner.

Sergeant Crag opposite, and something on the boulder catches my eye.
Heavy iron bolts must have secured a fence or even a bridge at this point.

This must be the way to the swimming 'pool' as the people coming the other way have wet hair and are carrying bathing towels.

Harry and Bethan run ahead to say hello . . . . nothing different there then.

Black Moss Pot, a deep and narrow cleft in the valley floor . . .
. . . with a reasonable waterfall at it's head as the river cascades into it.

The valley looks just as long as it did a mile back when we first turned the corner at the bridge.

No wonder it is called Langstrath.

Still this is as far as we go.

Time for a little relaxation . . . did I tell you it was hot today ?

Partially hidden by the fence, Ann relaxes after our lunch.

Deep water reflects the sky and an overhanging tree.
Ann takes to the beautifully clear, warm water.

Limited rain recently means low water levels and a slow moving river. A long valley full of warm stones has warmed the water beautifully.

It is a delight to take a dip . . . almost as warm as the proverbial bath water.

Down at water level, Harry passes, heading south at a fast rate of knotts.

Heading for the narrows . . .

A change of plan . . .

Heading north again . . .

Looking and behaving like an Atlantic 'golden' Seal, complete with the whiskers.

Ann relaxing . . . her hands on a mid stream boulder.
Are we happy to be here ?

She wasn't the only one in the water of course.

All good things must come to an end . . . Time Please . . . everybody out !

Bags packed, an extra dab of sun cream and we must make our way back.

Contemplating the day.

Blea Rock.

The highest part of today's valley path crosses below this unusual boulder.

Presumably this large chunk of rock has tumbled from high

and landed on the lower slopes of the fell

many millennia ago.


The relatively level top has first trapped some dust,

then seeds and eventually plant debris.


Now a complete fell garden has grown safely

out of the way of the woolly maggots below.


Without any grazing animals, presumably the whole of the valley

would be covered in similar vegetation.


Who called me a woolly maggot !

Working our way back down the valley we return to Johnny House, but on the opposite side of the river.

We cross the bridge seen earlier and return by the valley track, passing the waterfalls again.

The gravel track takes us back past the campsite and back to the start of the walk.

Two unplanned events then followed . . . first we decided we had enough time to enjoy a little re-hydration courtesy of the Langstrath Hotel.

Fortunately too, we had remembered some money, which pleased both us and the Landlord.

The second was that we were greeted by a lady in flip flops !

Teresa is a regular viewer of Loweswatercam. She recognised us and the dogs, so introduced herself.

She and her husband Jason hail from Bury St Edmunds, and are up in the Lakes on a walking holiday with their two terriers, Stan and Ernie.

We had a great chat for a few minutes and were introduced to their friends too. Great to meet you all and thanks for saying hello.

Their friends Denise and Stephen, pictured earlier on Catbells (by Teresa)
It says it all !

To put the record straight, Teresa does walk in boots. . . but she had just changed out of them in order to go for a beer . . . at least that's her story !

Jason confirms that with a "thumbs up" !

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Technical note: Pictures taken with with Ann's Cannon 75 or my G7 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a significant rise in water temperature.

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