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Day 6 of our Pembrokeshire / Swansea Holiday.

Date : Friday May 15th 2009.

Places visited : Swansea and The Gower Coast.

Walk details : Penmaen and across to see Tor Bay.

Distance travelled : 1.75 miles, 300 ft of ascent.

Weather : Deteriorating !

New Swansea Walks signs . . . a city council initiative presumably.


After our lovely stay in West Wales it was time to pack the bags and move on to Swansea.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse

but no bother as we were staying with friends and planning to meet up with Gareth again.

The view from the window . . . not encouraging us out today.

This was the part of the panorama that greeted us as we looked across Swansea Bay.

The Old Guildhall tower looks out across the bay at the lighthouse, islands and distant Mumbles Pier.

Swansea has changed since we moved north. There have been a lot of new development, especially in the centre and the east of the city

but across the bay, past the dock land wind generator, Port Talbot Harbour and the Steel Works look just the same.

A break in the weather and time for a walk.

We opt for a drive down Gower to Penmaen and a walk out to Tor Bay.

Rich fern lift greets us in the lane to the beach.
Red Campion, on the moor open grassland of the cliffs.

Old lime kilns stand on the cliffs above the beach. Limestone rock was mixed with coal and burned to produce lime

which was used as an agricultural fertiliser for the soil, here and in North Devon across the water.

Great Tor . . . the large cliff which gives Tor Bay its name.

The wide sweep of the bay . . . along with wind blown rain on the lens of the camera.

Across the bay we can just see Oxwich Head and another rain shower sweeping in.

Not a great day for a Gower walk.

Time to go home I think.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with with my Cannon G7 or Ann's Ixus 75 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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