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Date & start time: Friday 1st May 2009. 5.30 pm start.

Location of Start : The "grey" phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 118 225 )

Places visited : Waterend, Hudson Place, Holme Wood, Holme Force, Watergate Farm, Maggie's Bridge and home.

Walk details : 3.1 ml, 300 ft of ascent, 1 hours 20 mins.

Highest point : Holme Force Waterfall 520 ft ( 160m)

Walked with : Myself and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : A sunny evening after a nondescript day.

The alternative Loweswater Phone Box . . . ( not to be confused with the Red one )

It's been a busy afternoon and the dogs have not been out for a walk

so Ann dropped me at the other end of the lake in order that I could do a linear walk

back to the house via Loweswater ... the lake that is, not the village.

Mellbreak from a different direction as Ann drops me at the far end of the lake.

Taking the bridge and boardwalk across Dub Beck, the stream that feeds into the head of Loweswater.

A wide view of Loweswater looking south east towards the high fells.

There's a climb up to the farm known as "Hudson Place", and the house just known as "The Place".

Must be confusing for visitors . . . Do you know where the place is ?

- - - o o o - - -

This is sheep country . . .

A Border Leicester Sheep I believe.
A Rough Fell ewe with her lambs.

Down by the lakeside again, dark Mellbreak is seen over the sun lit trees of Holme Wood.

It's an interesting time to enjoy the contrasting light.

Looking towards the light . . .
. . . or away from it.

However Harry is just enjoying the water.

Across the lake is Myresyke Farm, one of the classic old farm buildings of the valley.

Behind it is Askill Knott leading up to the higher slopes of Darling Fell.

At the head of the lake, Waterend Farm and the Grange Hotel.

Into the wood, taking advantage of the old slate stile over the wall.

May is Bluebell time . . .

The cool, moist environment makes Holme Woods a good place for these evocative flowers.

I decide to take a slight diversion up the forest track to see the falls.

This is the old bridge over Holme Beck.

Above the bridge are the multiple cascades of Holme Force.
Back down following the beck through the dappled sunshine.

The beck flows into the lake here at the small beach.

Someone has built a small pile of balanced stones near the water's edge to balance the photo . . . no . . . it wasn't me !

The residual cloud from earlier in the day still hangs about on the top of Grasmoor.

On through the woodland and more Bluebells to enjoy.

An old tree by the lakeside. I think it is still alive.
Through the gap, High Thrushbank farm and Whiteside.

Like the subject of a fairy tale story, the bothy lies deep in the woods

and there's a fire burning in the hearth . . . watch out Grandma . . . make sure there's no wolves about !

The bothy is owned by the National Trust and can be hired for a holiday if you want.

The view from the window is included in the price !

Also down at the lakeside, rowing boats for hire.

Moored up at the end of the day.

Stone walls and distant hills.

High Thrushbank again from Watergate Meadows.

Sunlight catching the fence as I look across to Darling Fell again.

A large Sycamore tree by the track . . .
. . . and three older ones, a shadow of their former selves.

Looking back into the light . . . gives the same trees a silhouette this time.

Greylag Geese forage for an evening meal in the fields.
Close by the field wall, a beautiful Cowslip plant.

Back at the main road, this is High Cross Farm nestling below Low Fell this time.

As a regular viewer of your site I have often felt that I should say
"Thank You" to you for helping me enjoy the area even though I have not
been up there for many years. Seeing your photographs of Keswick on
Market Day has finally made me do so. Thank You for bringing back the
excitement I always felt when we stocked up with provisions for our
stays at The Long House, behind High Cross, Loweswater.

Please keep up the good work. Your site is a joy. John Gateshill.

It's a pleasure John. Thanks for your email. This photo is for you . . . Rmh


Down by the village Hall is a sign to a 3D relief map of Loweswater
The Church and Kirkstile Inn looking over to Buttermere.

Lifting my eyes to the hills . . . The Church and Kirkstile Inn looking over to Buttermere . . . in reality.

A short walk back now and we're home.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with with my Cannon G7 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . that special light that comes from the late afternoon sun.

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