Date & Time: Sunday 13th April 2008.11.30 am start.

Location of Start : Stonethwaite Valley, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 260 139 )

Places visited : Eagle Crag and Sergeants Crag, returning via Greenup Gill to Stonethwaite.

Walk details : 6 mls, 1800 ft of ascent, 4 hrs 50mins.

Highest point : Sergeant's Crag 1,873ft ( 571m)

Walked with : Myself, Jo, John, and the dogs, Megan, Jodie, Polly, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Sunny with a cool breeze

Eagle Crag as seen from the hamlet of Stonethwaite


Roger was working today so I met up with John and Jo for a climb of two summits which head the valley beyond Stonethwaite in Borrowdale

Booting up - Polly and Bethan seem to be getting impatient to be off !

Our first objective, the shapely Eagle Crag as we walk alongside Stonethwaite Beck.

We shall ascend alongside the straight but broken wall which rises directly towards the summit crags.

Langstrath Beck and Greenup Gill meet at this plunge pool . . .
. . . Harry is already sampling the cool waters.

Jo at work, John making his way across the bridge.

Harry and Polly enjoying a good swim in the crystal clear waters.

The falls that mark the start of the Langstrath Valley.

We are getting close to the start of that steep climb alongside the wall.

Jo successfully overcomes an obstacle across the path !

John starts the climb . . .
and Jo . . . just a little further up.

The view back down the Stonethwaite valley.

Harry and Bethan wait for us to catch up.
John and Jo climbing the same gully.

Reaching the rock shelf leading eventually to the summit.

Skiddaw appears above the Watendlath fells.

Looking up the Langstrath towards Sticks Pass, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Esk Pike.

Bethan arrives at the summit ahead of us.
We join the dogs on the summit of Eagle Crag.

Stonethwaite valley and Borrowdale, looking down from the summit rocks.

He's found the treats box

Guess who had biscuits to share ! John is mobbed by the five dogs !

( Hold the cursor over the picture to see how many treats he has on offer.)


( Above )

Jo with Langstrath behind her and the ridge route to Sergeant's Crag,

our next objective, to her left.





( Left )

Here she climbs down the awkward step

between Eagle and Sergeants Crags

Nearly at Sergeant's Crag now, High Raise is in the distance.

Summit of Sergeant's Crag this time.

Honister Crag is the pointed peak in the distance. Dale Head (centre) is enjoying some sunshine.

John on our descent towards Greenup Gill.

Harry enjoying another swim, this time in Greenup Gill.

Walking beside Greenup Gill with Lining Crag behind.
Passing a series of lovely waterfalls on the way down.

Reaching flatter terrain - the slopes of Eagle Crag off to our left.

Myself looking back at our ascent route used earlier this morning.

The Herdwick sheep taking a great interest in us and our dogs !

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Technical note: Pictures taken with Ann's Ixus Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . Langstrath tea and cakes, this time for three.

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