Date & Time: Tuesday 19th February 2008. 2.10 pm start.

Location of Start : Greendale Hamlet, Wasdale, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 144 156 )

Places visited : Greendale Gill, Greendale Tarn, Middle Fell, back to the car.

Walk details : 3.25 mls, 1675 ft of ascent, 3 hrs 30 mins.

Highest point : Middle Fell 1908 ft ( 582m )

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Another sunny afternoon.

The houses of Greendale Hamlet in Wasdale



An early lunch today meant that we could get down to Wasdale for an afternoon walk.

I wonder what today's sunset will bring?

Greendale Gill and our path up towards Middle Fell.

Grindlebeck House alongside our path . . . out of their back windows is a superb view of the Buckbarrow Crags.

The house is currently on the market - any offers ?

The Scafells rather dominate the view towards the top of the valley - and one we would be returning to at each turn.

Click here or on the photo for an wider annotated panorama

Higher now, looking down towards Wast Water.

Ann takes the lead up the path alongside the beck.

I was just about to be artistic - is that ok ?

After a picture of me please.
The waterfall - second best it seems.

The ascent gradually eases and we reach Greendale Tarn

nestling under the western slopes of Middle Fell.

The tarn is partially frozen despite the bright sunshine of the last few days.

Do I have permission to have a swim ?

Do you normally need to ask ?

Harry chooses the non-frozen section of the tarn.

Bethan chooses the ice.
Harry tried it but fell in.
That's enough surprises for me !

Bethan was a lot more confident though and ventured out a short distance after a chunk of ice.

I rather like the reflection.

She may have been out on the ice but you won't get me out there again.

Fun and games over - time to continue the walk.

That's Haycock Fell over the back of the tarn. We will be walking up towards it next.

Looking back, Ann in silhouette alongside the reflected sun.

Haycock again as we climb the northern end of Middle Fell.

Bethan taking to the high ground as we head for the summit.

Our first view as we reach the top of the ridge . . . Kirk Fell and the moon rising over Great Gable.


Lingmell, Broad Crag, Scafell Pike and Scafell.

Middle Fell has to be the best place to view the highest mountains of England.

Bowderdale Farm far below us catches the strong afternoon sun.

The classic view of the Scafells.

Looking for the Isle of Man, out there beyond the Sellafield Works . . . just the highest part of it's twin peaks visible above the tallest chimney.

Zooming in on the summit of Scafell Pike.

A wider view including Wast Water.

Wider again to include Gable and Illgill Head.


Panning out even wider towards the coast, the Wasdale Screes are now shown in full.

Great views in great weather.

Time to be heading back now as the sun starts to set.

Locals to our right watch us as we pass.

Late sun catching others on our left.

What's this ? . . . A Nasa mission to the moon ?

" Monarch of the Glen "

 . . . and the Nursery Rhyme came true !

Hey . . . did you hear the one about the cow jumping over the moon ? Do you think we could do it ?

[ Move your cursor over the photo to find out ]

The sun sets behind Buckbarrow and we continue down in the shade from here on.

The valley and Screes catch the last of the late sun.

Looking West.

Scafell summit catches the last of the sunlight.

A final silhouette back where we started

passing Grindlebeck House.


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Technical note: Pictures taken with my Canon G7 or Ann's Ixus Digital cameras.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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