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May we wish everyone Best Wishes

for Christmas and through all of 2008.

May we thank all of you that have viewed the site and including those that have taken the effort to write and sent such encouraging messages.

Take care in your year ahead.

We dedicate this page to all you good folk.

Roger and Ann

From Brazil :

Olá Ann e Roger,
Desejo a vocês e todos da família que o Natal seja repleto de felicidades, amor e paz e um Ano Novo com muita prosperidade.

Boas Festas

Brasil / dez./ 2007

Christmas Alegre Rosi ~ Roger and Ann.


A selection of photos from this last week, in and around Loweswater

Early morning sun and overnight frost from the cottage here in Loweswater.

Skiddaw - morning sun on the way to work.

There can be few better routes to work than the drive over Whinlatter Pass to Keswick me-thinks !

This is to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year, and to thank you for the super photos we have enjoyed so much over the last 12 months. How we envy you having all that on your doorstep !
Best wishes
Geraldine, Martin and Jon Scott
Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

The Moot Hall at lunchtime - not exactly busy
The Old Keswickian, still standing but not trading due to the chip pan fire.

These two guys provided a welcome background of music to entertain the shoppers and locals.

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@ 2007 Loweswatercam.co.uk

Hello to you both.

I just wanted to say thank you for your very interesting and helpful web site. We moved up to Gosforth, W.Cumbria about fifteen months ago so that my husband could semi-retire; from Paignton in S.Devon. We had spent holidays up here for many years and decided it was just the right place for us to spend our later years, and what a good choice it was! We walk as much as we can, although it is mostly at weekends at the moment due to my husbands' work commitments and I find your web site so useful for planning walks and also for grids on car parking. I also enjoy the photographs and the pictures of the dogs.

We have a fifteen year old bearded collie whose hill walking days are sadly over due to arthritis in her back legs but who is still up for a circuit of Loweswater through the woods or Crummock water or such like, as long it is level. We do miss her on our longer treks though as she has always been with us, and has walked many hills in her day, in the Lakes, Yorkshire, Wales and of course our "home turf" of Dartmoor.
So thank you once again for sharing your walks and family with us all, I expect it is nice to know that people appreciate the work you must put into it all. Have a very happy Christmas and a 2008 with plenty of good walking weather!

Cheers from Jenny & Howard Shore.


Early sunsets mean it's dark by the time I leave work today.

Here are a few of the sights this festive season . . .

" Welcome to Town "

The Moot Hall again with the lights lit.
Early evening before the pub crowds arrive.
The Skiddaw Hotel in the main square.
Their dramatic blue decorations.
The Friars Chocolate shop . . .
. . . and Father Christmas at the lighting shop.

Up the valley, the Lodore Hotel looks almost Alpine Swiss with it's festive icicle lights.

( Photo taken on the night of our Fisher's Staff do at the Borrowdale.)

First let me congratulate you on your beautiful web site.

The photography is spectacular and you choice of subjects to post is marvelous. Having visited the Lakes District just once and for far too brief a time, I have envied you residents of the area ever since. I was blown away by the scenery and the vegetation and the stonework, etc, etc. Your Rhododendron 'trees' astonished me as my 15 year old rhododendron is just 3 feet tall. It was a beautiful set of pictures and the frost just enhanced everything.

Here in southern Ontario, Canada with our flat land and straight road and lack of truly 'old' buildings, photographic opportunities are far more limited. Old here means 150 years old and we are rapidly losing most of our old barns and farmhouses. It is such a shame that we lack the appreciation for these beautiful old structures.

Enjoy what you have and keep supplying those us who can't be there with our Lakes District "fix". Thanks for another wonderful year of photos.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and your blond companions and a Happy and Successful 2008.

Ron Anderson.


Back in Loweswater there is a tradition of Carol Singing around the neighbourhood.

What is not usual is the -4 degree weather at the start of last week

People shall remain anonymous to protect the guilty.

Indoors on a cold night to sing carols for Laura and Chris.

Outside at Damson Ghyll
a song and a rattle of the collecting tin afterwards !

We called in at the Kirkstile to entertain the guests. In addition Roger and Helen treated us to a little something to keep out the chill.

Many thanks to them, and to those that placed contributions in the box.

Hello Roger and Ann.

What superb pictures you have taken - of course you have two superb models in Harry and Bethan! I loved the photos of the plants etc. with frost on them.

I can see the Scafells from my front room and they looked lovely with snow on them, but from Gosforth I couldn't guess how deep it was. Your models seemed quite happy sitting in the snow - still, I guess they have nice thick coats!

I was just glad I was in the warm looking at them and not outside! It looks beautiful but I hate this frost - it plays up my poor old arthritic bones something awful .I can no longer walk the fells but it is great to see so many places I used to visit, and some I either never got round to, or can hardly remember.

All the best, enjoy life while you are young !

Yours Doreen.

Gosforth in West Cumbria.


Both Keswick and Cockermouth traders make a real effort to decorate their shops at this time of year.

Cockermouth's Winner this year was Lily and Co. in Market Place.

Cockermouth Main Street, beautifully illuminated again.

( sorry - slight blur on the time exposure.)


Really enjoyed your latest pictures of Loweswater area and on Dale Head.

The latter ones really caught the beauty of the fells in Winter and also the penetrating cold of the tops as the sun sank down to the West. Often Winter photographs disguise the fact it is bitterly cold or there is a Force 10 northerly gale blowing when viewed in the comfort of one's home and seen on the computer screen! Unlike you, I have to travel 140 miles from East Yorkshire to get my walk on the fells but did come up on Monday 10th December and agree with you, it was nice to see the first proper snow of Winter. I climbed Seat Sandal from Grasmere, an easy and suitable climb for an 'ageing' walker, enjoying a nigh on perfect day.

Many thanks for your regular pictures on the Internet. It keeps us less fortunate souls sane in our exile from the fells. I have a walking pal who lives in Hampshire who can't get up in the Winter. You and the other stalwarts like Andrew Leaney, David Hall and Ann Bowker are his salvation, not forgetting Tony Richards, the Coniston Postman. One of the main reasons for possessing a Computer I remind myself when it starts 'playing Up'.


Robert Hardcastle


So it's Merry Christmas from them . . .

. . . and Best wishes to all of you from us too.

- - - o o o - - -

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This site best viewed with . . . your kind E.mails and Guest Book entries throughout the year.

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