- Mellbreak and Scale Force -

Date & Time: Wednesday 31st Oct 2007. 11 am start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Mellbreak, Scale Force, Low Ling Crag, and back.

Walk details : 6.2 mls, 1,900 ft of ascent , 4 hrs 55 mins

Highest point : Melbreak south summit 1,676ft ( 512m )

Walked with : Simon and Beth (Howard) Ann and our dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Overcast, with low clouds on the tops, slowly clearing.

The red pitched path at Scale Force Waterfall

( The iron outcrops locally also contributes to "Red Pike's" name )


Simon and Beth joined us for a walk today.

We suggested a number of options . . . the dramatic front climb up Mellbreak won the day.

Off along the lane past Kirkhead Farm and up towards the base of the fell.

The recent rain has topped up the muddy pool in the lane so we step carefully round it's edge.

The damp but mild conditions mean the cattle are still out in the fields

but the concentration of animals round the feeder is quickly turning the ground muddy.

Our route took us diagonally . . .
. . . rather than directly up the scree slope.

Beth really liked the view as we climbed.

Here we are about half way up with Whiteside and Grasmoor, their head in the clouds behind.

The mild, damp conditions are not benefiting the paths either.

The firm dry peat of recent weeks is now soft and muddy so more susceptible to damage.

One of Mellbreak's northern tops. Even the addition of Beth's stone couldn't make this cairn higher than the adjacent one.

Ann adds a layer or windproof clothing to cope with the increased breeze and the drop in temperature.

Fleetwith Pike and Buttermere are rather misty as we look along the length of the Mellbreak's eastern side.

Both the northern summits, even with their addition of their stone cairns, still don't quite reach the height of the southern end.

This, therefore, is the true summit of Mellbreak. Behind is Great Borne.

From this end the Buttermere Valley looks clearer, but it's not the closer proximity but better weather which has improved the view.

It's always intriguing to look down on familiar places from different angles.

This is Hawes Point on Rannerdale Knotts as the road edges it's way around towards Buttermere.

Floutern Pass - the footpath for some strange reason cuts across the middle of this flat boggy area rather than keeping to the higher ground at the side.

I bet it will be damp if you had to cross that today. Fortunately we don't, as we turn left after descending Mellbreak and make our way over to Scale Force.

The bridge crossing Scale Beck and the bottom part of the waterfall.
The lack of leaves allows us to see the full height of these falls today.

Caught mid-sandwich as we enjoy a lunch break next to the stream.

A bright Holly Tree as we head for the lake
It's branches are full of big red berries this year.

The shingle beach is at Low Ling Crag, which sticks out into the lake opposite Rannerdale.

Canada Geese drifting by the beach, with the tree lined Lanthwaite Hill behind.

Heading for home alongside Crummock Water.

Darling Fell and Low Fell form the backdrop to this lakeside view.

Confused or what ? Bethan looks at the stone steps that she climbed last week to get over the old wall stile.

Today there is a really nice wooden gate and the gap in the wall extends down to ground level. Now that's what I call a sensible improvement in access.

Back where we started . . .

but at four o'clock the camera had to add flash to illuminate Beth and her rather muddy trousers.

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