Date & Time: Thursday 4th October 2007.

Location : Druidston Haven, St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire ( SM 862 168 )

Places visited : The beach, and after breakfast, the cliff path.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : A beautiful morning.

Day 7 - Our last day and nearly time to go.

The 'Druidstone Wall' glass mural in the hotel porch.



After last night's red sky, the day weather stayed true to form and dawned bright and sunny - a real delight.

The bay from our window.
Is it really time to get up ?

With weather like this we must make a last visit to the beach.

The Roundhouse in the early morning sunshine.

Looking down on the beach, the tide is still low.

Full marks to the local council as a cleaner checks the beach for litter. He won't find much here, but it's worth doing all the same.

The Rickets Head Rock in the distance is a prominent landmark from wherever we seem to be.

Ann, casting a long shadow in the pre-breakfast light.

We are not the first to be walking the beach - these crab footprints were there before mine.

One last short walk after packing our bags.

The hotel's short cliff path leads across to a sheltered seat just round the corner.

Spanish Needles close to the garden wall.
Light and Shadows, looking towards Newgale.

Druidston Beach . . .

. . . and finally the view that has featured during the whole of our stay here.

All that remained now was that long road trip back to Cumbria.

Still . . . . at least the weather's nice for the drive.


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