Date & Time: Monday 1st October 2007.

Location : Druidston Haven, St Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire ( SM 862 168 )

Places visited : Roch Castle, Solva, Newgale and back to Druidston.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : It was a damp day with grey skies but it cleared for our walk and cleared even more later

The sign board outside the castle.

Day 6.



The road surface describes the morning weather today - damp and grey.

We've often passes Roch Village on the way to St David's and seen the castle in the background but today was the first time we had got this close.

Impressive isn't it ! - Anyone for a holiday let ?

Solva on a non-picture post card day, but the weather is clearing and after a little retail therapy we manage a walk up onto the headland.

Solva's lime kilns used to convert limestone into quick lime which subsequently made slaked lime.

This was used as a farm fertiliser as it neutralises acid soils, important before the days of man made alternatives.

Trinity Quay, built to help in the pre-assembly and subsequent delivery of the granite blocks out to the Bishop's Lighthouse.

It's now home to the yacht club. In the old days you could emigrate to America from here.

The open sea and America, once you've cleared the islands.
Solva's second valley and gorse covered Gribin

The coastal path crossed the shingle of the bay then climbs Gribin to reach Solva.

The green track up this valley leads to the uniquely named St Elvis Farm.

We regain the footpath and make our own way back down to Lower Solva.

Driving back, we pass through Newgale again. The name is somewhat appropriate as it's bowing a bit of a gale, but these guys don't mind.

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@ 2007

Fast moving . . . and that little bit different.

Back at Druidston, about an hour or so later

we decided on a walk along the beach before dinner.

Part way down, the sky started to clear

and I rushed back up for my camera . . .

The sun appears from beneath the cloud - I hope it will last till I get back down to the beach.

Zooming in on the boat with the sun fast dropping to the horizon.

Magical pattern with sun, sand and water . . .
. . . but our eyes are drawn out to sea again.

The stream leads inevitably out to sea.

Our approach scatters the birds, just as it did yesterday.

The Westerly Sunset.

Nearly gone . . . the sun colours the underside of the clouds.

Staying till the show is over.

St Brides Bay at the end of another day.

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